10 Food That Help You Feel Full for the Whole Day


We have all faced that time when we have cravings for food in between our meals. Though we would have had our breakfast, we feel hungry within 2 hours. Have you realized that there are certain foods that don’t pave the way to such in-between hunger cravings(https://riceselect.com/product/orzo). The key is in the nourishing factor with every bit we consume which eventually stops overeating. Now let’s see 10 foods that are not only tasty but also keep your uninvited/unwanted hunger in check. Here we go.


Oatmeal has low-calorie content but offers a lot of filling fiber. You can add a splash of healthiness to it by topping it with honey and fresh berries. Even some flaxseeds will do the trick! Rest assured that you will not crave for the ever-tempting snack at forenoon. The highlight of oatmeal is that it is a great, balanced breakfast. Besides, though they are mostly sweet, they can be savory too; you can have this delicacy with your preferred veggie or any good food that is leftover from the previous night.



Lentils also make their presence felt in this filling list. They are not only healthy but they are also highly satiating. These tiny legumes can be the savior when you want a meatless delicious meal. These healthy powerhouses are a favorite in most of the cuisines in the world and are easy to digest. The vegetarian dishes are notorious for being boring sometimes, and these lentils have the capacity to turn such meals into a hearty one. It is not without any reason that these tiny legumes have sustained their popularity for so long.



Looking out for a food item that gives the needed nutritional enhancement to your meal? Then avocado can be the right choice. Whether you season it with a pinch of salt or lemon juice or fill a small avocado with one egg and bake or add salad along with it, you can enjoy this delectable dish.

 You would thank us when we say that there is a dish that is an excellent healthy option for lots of your food cravings. Eliminate that fats and calories and add some really great nutrients with cauliflower recipes. The internet is alive with cauliflower recipes, and you can choose one that is better for you. This low-carb alternative is highly adaptable, and you can prepare mouth-watering and healthy cauliflower meals.


5Dark leafy greens

The world is full of glorious tales about these stupendous leaves! In fact, they have caught the fancy of health-conscious eaters for quite some time. Only notable food items get the tag of powerhouse, and dark leafy greens are the proud owners of this tag. These food items can also do the work of keeping you satiated for a long time. Their nutritional factor is amazing, and they can be used in juices, salads, soups, etc. Why don’t you indulge in some greens like kale and add them in an omelette? The key is in getting the best benefit out of this is to eat it lightly steamed.



Now you would have been used to the saying an apple a day and would have shifted your attention to other healthy and filling dishes. However, the health benefit of apple still remains the same. In fact, starting a day with an apple is indeed a great idea, especially for those who prefer fruits in the morning. Since they are loaded with fibre, apples will help you in feeling full for a long time.



Want to spice up your morning regimen? Then eating quinoa is the secret to it. This plant-based superhero is loaded with protein, minerals, antioxidants, and fibre. It is also turning out to be the current happening way, and taking its role as an excellent breakfast recipe too. If you are bored with the traditional oatmeal or the scrambled eggs, then quinoa is the way to go. Don’t confine its ability only to being a side dish or a salad! A small seed has innumerous benefits!


8Full-fat Greek yogurt

Well, are you are concerned with the word full-fat? Research has found that although this yogurt consists of more calories compared to simple low-fat yogurt, it doesn’t give up on it being a healthy contender. For those who are interested in dairy, full-fat Greek yogurt is a quick and filling snack that don’t make you go to the kitchen often during the day. While some may not like the taste of this yogurt, it can be enhanced by adding honey to it.



Eggs are rich in proteins, and proteins keep you satiated for a long time. Eating one egg for breakfast will give you sufficient proteins. These versatile stars can supercharge your morning with the perfect brunch too. Yes, it would be so filling! There are several creative ways through which you can prepare these superfoods including the perfectly poached eggs to one that has bacon, potatoes, spinach and fresh vegetables.



Eating popcorn is one of the healthiest snack choices you can make. You would have associated popcorn with movies, and from nowhere the thought of it being unhealthy would have cropped. But the good news is that popcorn is indeed healthy, and you can even make it at home. Being loaded with fibre, though it can’t replace vegetables and fruits in diet, popcorn is indeed a filling diet to curb your forenoon cravings.