Working with the same routine can be boring. The pressure, and the stress that adds to the health issues and what not. In order to take a break from the ongoing monotony, soothing drinks can be helpful. So, here is a list of few desi drinks to “chill out” the tension and to kick freshness into you. Drinks are something that does not want our complete attention, but it can be happily enjoyed to remove work pressure and problems from our lives while carrying out our problematic and stressful daily chores.

Suppose one is cooking, or the other one busy with office files or someone hooked to the computer for hours, drinks are the ultimate solution for all the monotony in their lives.  


It is a Goanese drink, and you would love to have it too. We are offered with a choice between two flavours: the Coconut Feni and the Cashew Feni. They are basically juices of coconut and cashew fruits, and you can mix a bit of lemon juice or cola with it, but the raw one tastes equally good.



Nothing too new about Lassi, an original Punjabi drink and is both healthy and refreshing. The lassi comes with great varieties, and each of them tastes beautiful. It is simply a delicious mixture of yoghurt and water, fruits and spices. It is simple enough and avery common drink.



From the cuisine of Rajasthan, we are provided with this drink. For people concerned with fat, they should feel happy as this drink is simply skimmed buttermilk from Rajasthan that won’t make you gain lots of fat as the butter is churned out of the milk and easy to digest. Some salt and spices are added with cool herbs like mint.



It is well known in Delhi, Haryana, and Punjab. Falooda is a healthy, sweet beverage and is made from milk, rose syrup, and jelly or ice-cream. This refreshing drink will taste better if you take it after a hot and spicy main course.


5Sattu Sharbat

Now Bihar and Jharkhand can be the best consumers of this drink, but it is also liked in the states of UP and MP. The nutritional benefits of sattu are that it keeps our body cool in hot weather and good for our gut and provides energy.



This drink can be enjoyed in Himachal Pradesh like the local people of the region does during any celebrations. This drink is made from red and green grapes.


7Nun Chai

A special tea from Kashmir, the state which is known for its flavours and aroma, so by now you know that its cuisine is unique and seductive too. This drink is a salty variation of regular tea, the green tea is boiled, and later milk is added along with salt, and the drink has a particular pink colour.


8Sol Kad

Another drink from Goa, made from coconut milk, this drink serves the purpose of an appetiser. It is also very known and liked in Maharashtra. A very refreshing drink after a hectic day.



This is wine, from the states of Jharkhand, Odisha, and Karnataka and is helpful for quenching your thirst during the extremely hot summer days. This alcohol is prepared from rice.


10Kokum Sherbet

This drink from Maharashtra is for the hot summer season and also used to bring sourness in other preparations. As the name suggests, this drink mainly has Kokum in it.



If you are in Madhya Pradesh, then you can taste this drink made using the flowers of Mahua. This drink is popular among the people of MP due to its characteristic smell and also the taste.



This drink is made from fermented rice, and every bar of Meghalaya has this. It is the basic drink of Meghalaya, and no celebration is complete without this.



This alcoholic drink is made using sugarcane and is consumed by the poor in many regions including Haryana, Bihar, UP.



It is a traditional chai from the valleys of Kashmir has medicinal values that help to ease a headache and is healthy during cold. The colour of this tea is light brown; lemon and dry fruits juice are added for both taste and colour. So next time you are there, don’t forget to taste it.



Thandai is a tasty drink prepared using milk, spices, dry fruits, and rose water as a chilled beverage for summers from the state of Rajasthan. This drink is especially consumed on the festivals like Shivratri and Holi.


16Rose Sherbet

Rajasthani Rose Sherbet or ‘Gulab Sharbat’ is a delicious drink made using lemon juice, rose water and petals, sugar, and cardamom seeds. Another summertime beverage but you should take it whenever you need to chill out your stress and kick in refreshment.



This is an alcoholic drink made from palm plants; this beverage is white in colour and has little alcohol, but the quantity may vary. If you are in MP, you can get this drink.



This Sikkimese beverage is a winter drink, and an awesome beer that carries the true essence of Sikkim like other traditional foods from the region. This should be in your list else you might miss a chance of experiencing Sikkim in its natural way.



A herbal rice beer from Tripura, also known as ‘Chowk’ is consumed by both the locals and tourists. This is said to have medicinal values. One should taste this during their stay in the state.


20Mandia Pej

A popular drink of the tribes from Odisha, made by fermenting ragi powder and stale water of boiled rice. This drink is consumed by all age groups of the tribes.


There are many more drinks which are not in this list like aam panna, shikanje, sugarcane juice, etc. Also, there are varieties of artificial mixtures available which can equally taste like the beverages but tasting the original one is always a different experience. So, from now on, if you are hitched to monotony and also do not want a pinch in the pocket, the ultimate refreshment is offered by the beverage section.