20 Vegan Dishes Will Make You Switch to Vegan

20 Vegan Dishes Will Make You Switch to Vegan

The ongoing trend of being a vegan has taken so many people with a storm. There are two types of people who are vegan, the real vegans who purely follow the rules, and there are the fake vegans who call themselves vegan after two or three days of not eating non-vegetarian. I won’t go deep into the vegan trend, but let’s see what are the ingredients that are not allowed in the vegan community. The ingredients include all the products made from dairy or anything related to animals. So say goodbye to your chicken, steak, and cheese. Being a vegan is hard for the people who are hardcore meat lovers. Being a meat lover, I can say that leaving meat forever is a big step, more than moving in with your boyfriend/ girlfriend. Let’s list down some vegan dishes that will make your moving into vegan a lot easier.

1 Vegetarian Biryani

Indian dishes have contributed to the vegan community since it wasn’t even invented. India has a majority of population leaning towards vegetarian food. Some of the vegetarian dishes include more of vegetables and less of animal products. Vegetarian Biryani is one of the foods which you can include in your vegan diet.  All the nutrients you need are packed in this dish, and flavors will spice up your diet.


2 Black Bean, Avocado And Kale bowl

We don’t like to eat fresh veggies and greens every day or maybe never, but this dish includes marinated kale with flavored beans and avocado which no one can resist. It’s hard to gulp those veggies under your throat. But this dish made it easier for you. So from now onwards, saying no to veggies is out of style.


3 Butternut Squash Linguine With Fried Sage

This creamy delight will make your journey of becoming vegan more and more easier. This dish is made using the butternut puree and cooked pasta mixed together to form this amazing artwork. The creaminess is because of the butternut squash and not because of the added cream. This vegan dish can surely convert you to a vegan.


4 Tofu Masala

A little update on paneer masala. This dish originated in South Asia and is famous all over the world. Many people from western countries like to try Indian vegetarian dishes and when they try, they can’t forget the taste. The majority of the western countries contain meat so when vegetarians want to try something new, paneer masala is the one. Instead of that, paneer tofu is used.


5 Roasted Cauliflower With Coconut Quinoa

Season the cauliflower with pepper, coconut oil, salt, and roast. Mix it with quinoa and some other steps and you get your dish that you will make again and again. The crunch of cauliflower will give you a great experience with the vegan dishes. The coconut milk will give you the steady taste, and it will never leave your tongue.


6 Thai Peanut Sauce Over Roasted Potatoes

Sweet potatoes when roasted give you the crunch with the flavors you add to it. This dish is going to give you all the Thai feel and  spicyness you want in your food. The peanut and bell pepper when formed into a sauce and drizzled over the potatoes and served with some rice, that we call a perfect meal.


7 Pesto Pasta

Vegan, quick, rich with proteins and a lot healthy. This can be the description for pea pesto pasta that will fill you up with flavors. This is a mixture of peas, garlic, greens, and other spices if you want to include with the pasta. The blending of flavors increases the taste of pasta.


8 Spring Rolls

Spring rolls include different vegetables, and tofu can also be added to this dish. Appetizers or midnight snacks or even a drunk snack. The bite from that spring roll will be tasty on a high level, but apart from it, it is healthy on another level. Keep reminding yourself that and eat a lot.


9 Chick Pea Omelet

We’ve seen many varieties of omelet and may have tasted it. You must have also tried some not so good omelet and wanted to spit it out, but then you realize, that it was made by your girlfriend. Or that might be the reason you’re turning into a vegan. Bless you!


10 Vegan Burgers

Use all the nutrient carrying ingredients and form it into a patty. After eating those cheese burgers, you regret eating or your stomach regrets eating it. It won’t happen to you after eating this vegan patty with a whole wheat bun with tomato, lettuce, mushrooms, and hummus. That one bite will never make you think about those calories.


11 Apple Spiced Oatmeal

Soybean milk or any other plant based milk with oatmeal and cinnamon after adding apple slices will help you to keep your vegan diet on track. You also know it is hard, but step by step and dish by dish will help you a long way. Drizzle it with Hershey’s chocolate liquid and if you didn’t know, it is vegan.

Oatmeal with apples and cinnamon in a white bowl

12 Mixed Veggies and Rice

A very simple dish to make when you’re out of town and your source for vegan ingredients is out of order, but normal daily ingredients will help you survive those hard days. A mixture of veggies and boiled rice with hot vegan sauce on top. If you’ve come a long way now you’ll hate to stop your diet.


13 Baked Potatoes

When you’re tired of all those boring dishes you’ve been eating these days, a healthy but a different turn will help you. Baked potatoes seasoned with spices served with hydrating veggies and vegan ketchup and sauce will help you keep your dedication to vegan food on the wheel. You can also use a banana as well.


14 Mash Bowl

This dish will keep your vegan profile low key. Steamed sweet potatoes and carrots with roasted lentils served with greens and garnished with pepper. Now that’s a dish worth leaving unhealthy lifestyle. You say it’s not! Fine by me, but when you’ll be high in cholesterol and I’ll be walking up the hill. We’ll see that time.


15 Cream Lentil Pasta

The sauce we’ll use today to make this pasta is really easy and can be made in your kitchen. Roasted garlic, cloves, cashew, yeast, apple cider vinegar, and water are used to prepare the sauce. Grind all in and use that sauce to toss the noodles in and garnish it with boiled lentils. You can totally see yourself eating this with your remote in your hand and watching The Voice.


16 Vegan Vermicelli

Healthy, light and topped with caramelized tofu, herbs, vegetables seasoned with hot sauce or zingy sauce, that’s how they serve this in Vietnamese. I won’t say they are the healthiest people in the world. But the dishes they make might be unique and flavorful. If you mix all this and serve it with a bowl, guess what you’re never going back to meat.


17 Vegan Pizza

Pizza dough or ready-made pizza base and sauce with mushrooms, garlic, onion powder, zucchini, tomatoesare used. Bake it and garnish it with salad and avocados. It will make your body feel good after a long time and make your body healthy. Your body has gone through a lot so this is a treat to that.


18 Crispy Sweet Chilli Tofu

Tofu is added to many dishes and adding them has also increased the taste. But giving the tofu a new twist is something scientists have been trying a lot. They got a plan which includes sweet chilli sauce with crispy tofu garnished with onions and soya sauce with daikon. Sesame seeds can be also used to garnish the tofu.


19 Jerk Tofu

This dish is Jamaican Jerk tofu. The tofu helps to absorb all the jerk sauce and intensify the flavors. When you’ve guests over and you want to make an impression and also make your point that vegan food is not bad, this will save you.  The tofu is corn starch breaded and jerk fry sauce mixed together. Habaneros pepper is the choice of pepper but jalapeno is less spicy.


20 Tofu Lettuce

Savory tofu lettuce wraps are going to make your vegan diet more interesting after all the dishes. If you’ve tried all the dishes listed above and you’re more interested in trying something new, here is another one. Stir tofu, water chestnuts, mint, greens, and onions are used. Hoisin sauce will help you make this dish more interesting. Wrap that mixture in lettuce leaves and squeeze lime over it. Enjoy your dinner!


Even though this article is about being vegan and eating vegan, I don’t want you to leave what you eat just because everyone is eating it. Food is the only thing which makes you happy and if you keep restrictions on that, you’ll start hating it, which no one likes. Vegan food will help you detoxify your body, but other ingredients are also important as well. So here is a plan, instead of hating what you eat, drink a lot of water to detoxify your body and eat whatever you want. No rule says that only vegan people can eat vegan. Everyone can! So let the food win and stop dividing food.

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