Best Tips on How to Write a Simple Recipe

Recipe writing tips

A good opportunity to make money on the Internet is by writing various recipes for sale. It’s no secret that millions of homemakers have already abandoned their grandmothers’ old recipes and are looking for something new (or improved old recipes) on the Internet every day. Therefore, if you also often like to experiment in the kitchen, you can also earn additional income on the Internet by selling your recipes.

Do not think that you only need to write recipes for delicious dishes, such as bouillabaisse soup or rabbit confit. With great success, you can gain thousands of views and make good money on standard chicken soup.

When getting serious about writing recipes, you have to keep in mind that it can be time-consuming. This can be tricky, especially if you combine the activity with study, for example. But you can save your time if you ask for help with your homework on special services. For example, you can ask to write an essay online. This way, you will save yourself a lot of time and be sure that the paper is well written.

How are recipes written?

Writing recipes from scratch is much more difficult than rewriting. The author’s task is not just to outline the essence and general procedure of cooking a particular dish. You have to write it so that the reader does not have any questions. In other words, you need to present it clearly and more simply, trying to eliminate all possible inaccuracies along the way.

It all starts with collecting the necessary materials. For example, the corresponding photo or video materials of the cooking process. A “history” of the recipe is collected, and numerous sources are studied in the form of Internet sites, cookbooks, and video instructions. In addition, various forums are studied in detail. Here, in addition to official information, you can read the advice of those who have already tried to prepare the appropriate dishes and have some experience.

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Then, if there is such a need, a list of ingredients is drawn up with exact weights or certain well-known ratios. For example, two medium handfuls of flour, one pinch of salt. This section is in the first part of the recipe and will act as an introduction.

After that, the climax unfolds. Here the author gives himself or herself the freedom of speech. Literally, everything is told; how and in what sequence you need to use the ingredients, what you need to pay special attention to, and how to act if certain difficulties arise during the cooking process.

While writing a recipe, you need to follow some tips.

  1. Make photos

To profitably sell a culinary recipe, you need to remember one important rule. People first make their choice with their eyes, and then, they rely on the mind and physical emotions. Therefore, any dish should be photographed at all stages of preparation:

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  • The collection of products
  • The entire cooking process
  • The final result (preferably from all angles; for example: if it is meat, then cut it in half so that people can see the resulting dish not only outside but also inside)
  1. Stick to uniqueness and conciseness

Your recipe must be unique (both text and photos). Do not abbreviate anything in the text, but also beware of unnecessary information. Superfluous information is not needed, but there is no need to remove the necessary information. The finished recipe should be about 100-150 words long, depending on the complexity of the dish.

  1. Avoid mistakes

The text should have no spelling or grammatical errors. Always check the text not only for uniqueness but also for spelling, such as in the online service Grammarly. Correct mistakes so that people are not horrified by seeing “hearing” instead of herring or “sourcepan” instead of a saucepan in the recipe.

  1. Include important information

Be sure to include in the recipe all products and all kitchen utensils that you used in preparing the dish.

There seems to be nothing more fun and exciting than writing your own recipes. It is in them that you put your whole soul, trying not only to write well but also to cook with high quality. Follow our advice to write recipes quickly and efficiently.