1Hajoori’s Kulfi

The cheapest food joint to eat at in Surat is Hajoori’s Kulfi. The rate of Kulfi here is as low as Rs. 10 and goes as high as Rs. 25 only. Well, that is a rate tag which you would not have heard in a long time, isn’t it?


2Giza bakery

The rates of bakery products here too are unbelievable, with pastries being as cheap as Rs. 10 and going as high as Rs. 30. Yes, you read it right. And it does not compromise on the taste too, where the pastries are tasty as well as cheap.



Now, let us shift from sweet delights to some other type of foods. Welcome is a food joint which serves street food as cheap as Rs. 20 for the people. I can bet that it is the cheapest rates of street food that you will hear of in present times.


4Mor n Rich

Although, having “rich” in its name, the place is the complete opposite to its price tags. With the prices of items on the menu being as low as Rs. 20 and on an average staying at Rs. 25, this place surely leaves you with minimum charges and rich after taste in your mouth.


5Raju Chacha Vadapav

Now, this next location is famous as well as cheap. Having advantage of making a food item that is known to be of minimum cost, this place let your wallet stay at ease with maximum price of Vada Pav not exceeding Rs. 50.


6Maakhan Bhog

Another famous entry to the list, this place is famous for its street food as well as its sweet delights. The price range of this place also never exceeds Rs. 50.



A very famous place among the people of Surat as this has earned its name from providing street food at a very cheap rate, with average cost per person being only Rs. 60.



Here, you can get all the North Indian food that there is with the prices that are as cheap as Rs. 20. I can bet that at no other place can you get North Indian food for such cheap rates, that is why perhaps this place is so popular among the people of Surat.


9Patel Golaz

This place is famous for 2 things: Its ice gola, and its juices. The rates of both are in quite a pleasing range with none exceeding Rs. 40-50 and being as cheap as Rs. 10, making this place as popular as it is among the people of Surat.


10Shree Sai Fast Food Center

This place is famous for its Pav Bhaji, but it is no way only limited to Pav Bhaji. Shree Sai Fast Food Center serves all types of popular street food items at a very cheap and nominal rates, making no compromise in its taste and quality. Here, you can enjoy a very wide variety of street food at a very nominal rate.


1124 Carat Mithaiwala

Now, this one here is the most impressive entry to this list. If you know the current rates of sweets in a regular sweet shop these days, then you must knew that you should not be expecting any sweet shop in this list at all! To your surprise, and to the surprise of all the people in Surat, we have the entry of 24 Carat Mithaiwala to the list. Although being a sweet shop, the average cost of sweets here never exceeds Rs. 50-60! And although one would expect a decline in quality, it is nowhere a compromise of taste!



The first entry of a café in the list, this place is a very cheap café, and that is why is always full of people. They provide food at a very nominal rate and also provide you with a great café environment at such cheap rates.


13Jani Locha House

To its advantage, Locha is a very cheap food item to make. But considering the fact that it is the most popular place to have Locha in Surat, and considering the overall popularity of this dish, it is still a commendable choice to keep the prices so low!


14Mahesh Pav Bhaji

This place serves the cheapest Pav Bhaji in Surat. And it is extremely tasty as well. If you are a fan of cheap tasty delights and do not care much about the ambiance, then this one is definitely for you.


15G Dada

This place serves the best Gujarati snacks that you would get in Surat, from Dhokla to Thepla to Fafda, all at one place, that too at such cheap rates that you would not even believe it at first!



Another street food joint that serves good, cheap street food. The popularity here is understandable due to the taste it provides at this price range.


17Atul Bakery

This bakery serves good pastries and provides sweet delights for that sweet tooth in your mouth craving for delicious sweet delights. What makes this bakery different from others is its price, with an average cost of Rs. 75 per person to get his/her stomach full with delicious food, this is a very cheap bakery to eat at.


18Mama Bhanja

This place was opened by the pair of Mama-Bhanja. Now, very popular in Surat for two things: its food quality, and its low prices. This place provides budget quality desserts.


19Bombay Juice Corner

Another juice shop in the list, Bombay Juice Corner serves good juice at nominal rates. Even the prices of juice being as low as Rs. 20, you get pure fruit juices that satisfy both, your taste buds and your wallet.


20Cookie Man

The final entry on the list is Cookie Man. It is a bakery that serves cheap food products to please the tongue and satisfy the stomach. The average cost here for two comes to be around Rs. 150. Can you ask for anything better?