Food in London: What to Eat in the Capital of England?

london food
london food

Forget the Michelin stars – take a gastronomic tour through the streets of London. What kind of street food do the British prefer, and what can you get for a quick bite in the British capital?

Like many cities of global importance, London has long since come to terms with the mixture of culinary traditions of different countries, primarily India, Italy, the USA, and Turkey. So, of course, you won’t find Russian pancakes on the streets of the British capital yet, but falafel, hamburger, pizza, and pasta can be found literally at every turn. And if you are interested in the Teen Patti game, follow this link.

However, street food in London is not confined to the food listed above. There are some unique dishes that you can hardly try in other countries.

London has the most delicious:

  • Doughnuts;
  • French fries;
  • Hot dogs.


You’ve probably heard of such a variety of street food in London as Fish&Chips, one of the traditional dishes of English cuisine. But few people know that the British also adore potatoes on their own, especially since they have reached an unprecedented level of skill in their preparation.

Grated cheddar, parmesan, other kinds of cheese, and a variety of delicious sauces with herbs and spices (paprika, curry, rosemary, thyme) are used as toppings for Fries. The famous street food is served in traditional paper cones (food costs an average of £3.20-£4.20). You can ask for extra ketchup, garlic mayonnaise, or another topping (+£0.49-£0.99 to the price).


BurgersMany street foods in London are burgers, but you should see the burgers! Multi-tiered, with juicy and hearty toppings that can barely fit inside.

And look at all the toppings the ingenious British don’t have: Irish black pudding, crispy, juicy chicken with hot sauce, bacon, and, of course, cutlets of pork or lamb – to list all the options is incredibly difficult. But you can try and sample at least a few of them (you start at £6.50 for them on the streets).

Grilled cheese sandwich

If you’ve had enough of meat burgers in London, you might be in for a surprise at street food. Has anyone ever tried a grilled cheese sandwich? Imagine finding dozens of varieties of this kind of street food in the city!

Sometimes mustard or barbecue sauce is also added to the Grilled cheese sandwich – but there are more than enough variations. You can buy it on the street for £5.

Scotch eggs

This eye-catching street food in London is nothing more than scrambled eggs baked in minced meat and breadcrumbs. The food looks original, but it also comes out quite hearty and tasty.

In addition to Scotch eggs, they offer fries and ketchup and a variety of sauces—street food costs from £4.50 to £7. However, you can try it on the streets and even in many restaurants in London.

Rib meat rolls

The name of this street food is challenging to translate into Russian. “Rib” actually looks like a giant bun that only a few starving people can handle. You cut it in the middle and put inside a massive amount of juicy and soft meat, generously topping it with hot and spicy sauce. It costs about £7.

We must say that the British are real fans of street food. Meatballs, Meat wraps, Dumplings, Chine wings, Firebread, Pork buns – you can find a lot more delicious street food in Britain.

The street desserts deserve special attention: aromatic brownies, lush Doughnuts, original Ice cream sandwiches, sweet Bronuts (Bruvnuts) – to try these desserts.

Food shouldn’t cost too much. Ideally, it should be no more than £10, as this guide to the best budget restaurants and cafes in Britain’s capital proves.

Here’s a little cheat sheet for anyone looking for great value for money.

The Lounge Cafe

The Lounge Cafe is a cozy little eatery that was once opened by two best friends, Maria and Zina. Surprisingly, visitors rate this restaurant higher than the world-famous London Ritz, The Wolseley, and the famous chef Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant Maze.

According to popular reviews, The Lounge Cafe is the No. 1 of all existing budget eateries in London. Its popularity is stipulated by its convenient location (15 minutes walk from Wembley Stadium, where England holds its matches), relaxed atmosphere, delicious food, and low prices. All meals here cost no more than £5.

The Golden Chippy

One of London’s most talked-about places to eat, The Golden Chippy is an affordable eatery. From its interior to its menu, there’s nothing extra about the place – and that’s one of the keys to its success. But the beauty is that the curious tourist can get acquainted with the leading national dishes of England without spending too much.

As a “chip,” you can choose delicious cod, sea bass, and shrimp, or if you pay a little extra, flounder, haddock, or stingray. “Chips” are not chips but large slices of fries for £1.8 or £3, depending on size. And be sure to try the local pies: beef and kidney, chicken and mushroom, the famous Cornish Pasty, and others. A must-visit!


Were you looking for a tasty, cheap meal in central London? Pop into this cute cafe next to the Transport Museum and Somerset Palace for a Pound or two, and you’ll find great salads, seasonal juices, and hearty toasts (avocado, smoked salmon, grilled halloumi, Barford brown egg).

It serves Rwandan solid coffee and porridge in the morning, voted the best in London by The Time Out. The interior of Lundenwic was inspired by Scandinavian tradition, although it needed a few extra touches to make it more appealing to Britain’s fastidious youth! Besides the atmosphere, the food is also photogenic – a real boon for a food blogger.

Fishers Fish and Chips

If you’re in the Fulham area, famous for its luxurious historic residences and two huge soccer stadiums, don’t deny yourself the pleasure of visiting Fishers Fish and Chips. This reasonably priced London restaurant has held steady for more than 35 years – the staff seems to know exactly how to feed and welcome guests so that they return.

Unlike many cafes, fish and chips are not only deep-fried (as is the norm) but also grilled or steamed. In addition, the menu is not limited to fish: guests are offered chicken and beef burgers, vegetarian sausages, pies, and more.


The Potato Project

There’s no better place to eat for those looking for something simple and hearty to eat in London than The Potato Project. As the name suggests, the Potato Project offers the beloved jacket potato with the most amazing toppings.

Bellotti beans, tomatoes and mature cheddar, Malaysian curry, sour cream and sesame seeds, black beans, guacamole and corn salsa, and dozens of other unusual options complement potatoes. If you’re not ready for that kind of experimentation, opt for simple buttered potatoes for 4 pounds.