Food Your Guests Will Love during a Casino Themed Party

Food Your Guests Will Love during a Casino Themed Party
Food Your Guests Will Love during a Casino Themed Party

With a party season upon us, not one has gotten their minds occupied with ideas on how to throw a party to remember. 2021 has been a challenging year across the world, but as the holiday season arrives, people will be looking forward to a celebration – though in a different way than in recent years.

Gatherings will undoubtedly be smaller and more muted, but the benefit of having something to look forward to cannot be underestimated. So why not choose a theme and turn a simple festive gathering into something more creative? There are plenty of decisions to make when organizing a holiday party, but one of the most essential is often one of the first: the theme. Could it be a casino-themed party this year?

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Getting Ready

Poker chips, dice, flashing lights, and anything red and black are simple decorations for a casino party. However, the menu may be a little more challenging to navigate. After all, what exactly qualifies as “casino food”? Although there are world-class restaurants in nearly every cuisine possible in Las Vegas, there are various food items that would be suitable for a casino-themed party.

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Do Your Research

What are the foods actually served in casinos around the world? Before you start your research, you have to make the first decision. Do you want to go general and focus more on western cuisine, thinking of sliders and sandwiches, or specialize in European, American, or Asian foods?


The lunch that revolutionized dining forever was developed in 1762 by John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. According to the tale, he was playing cards and didn’t want to leave the game table to eat. He asked for a slice of roast meat to be wedged between two slices of bread so that he could eat it with his hands. As a result, the Sandwich was created.

Sandwich is a good choice for casino party food exactly for the reason that your guests involved in an exciting poker round never have to stop to get some food – you play and snack. No wonder sandwich is a street food favorite – your daily chores are never stopped by having lunch.

Korean Street Sandwich

Let’s say you want to serve something quick and simple like a sandwich, but still, have your guests remember your party as sophisticated and unusual. There is a solution – think Korean. Gilgeori toast is a famous salty-sweet egg sandwich sold by various Korean street vendors. For many people who grew up in South Korea, it’s a sentimental snack that brings back their childhood memories. It’s quick and easy. If you don’t have any cabbage on hand, simply throw in any crunchy and flavorful vegetables you have, such as sliced green onions or julienned zucchini.

Try substituting different jam flavors for the sugar, or dress up the Sandwich with your best-loved toppings and sandwich fixings for a modern twist. You will also find gilgeori on menus of casinos in Korea because of the same reason regular Sandwich is so common in western style places – the uninterrupted pleasure of the game while snacking.

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Casino-Themed Drinks

You can not forget about the beverages while preparing your casino party menu! Drinks are the soul of every get-together. And by drinks, we don’t mean only alcoholic beverages. Though some may disagree, non-alcoholic beverages may add just as much enjoyment. However, if to go into the details, a little booze does brighten the atmosphere.

Lady Luck (blue curacao, dry gin, orange juice), Poker Face (tequila, pineapple juice, triple sec, twist of lemon), Snake Eyes (apple martini), Wild Card (kamikaze shots), and Face Card are some of the most popular casino-themed drinks.

Party for One

But what if you are in a festive mood, like gambling, love good food, but do not want to spend your energy socializing with different people? No problem, pick one or several foods usually served in casinos and go for one of the most popular online casinos.

Think – what can be better than an uninterrupted online gambling experience while indulging with popcorn shrimp, mini baked potatoes, shrimp cocktail, or Domino brownies. Or just take inspiration from fruit-themed slot machines and munch on cherries, strawberries, lemons, watermelons, and other healthy snacks, which could come in handy if you are either preparing for or already trying to get rid of holiday weight. They will be a mindful choice or a colorful addition to your social or solitary casino party.


As our expert An Jung-Su suggests – just be creative. Try all flavors and textures as long as it feels festive, add some themed decorations, and you will be enjoying the fun and unusual casino party you deserve this season.