Most Romantic Ways To Celebrate Your Golden Wedding Anniversary

Most Romantic Ways To Celebrate Your Golden Wedding Anniversary
Most Romantic Ways To Celebrate Your Golden Wedding Anniversary

A golden anniversary to mark 50 years of togetherness deserves a celebration. This is a celebration that often includes friends and family. When it is your own golden wedding anniversary, you can choose how you want to celebrate. You could have one vast party to which everyone is involved, or you may choose to have a series of smaller gatherings that allow you more time to meet with your guests and personally thank them for their love, support, and friendship throughout your marriage.

1. A Gift

After fifty years of togetherness, choosing a gift for your beloved may be a challenge if you have all that you need. However, whilst love and affection have more importance than material gifts as you get older, a gift will be appreciated as it shows you have taken time to find something special.

2. Gold

The traditional 50th-anniversary gift is gold, symbolic of love, compassion, courage, passion, and wisdom, all of which would have played a part in your impressive half-century marriage. You can find more ideas for golden wedding anniversary gifts here. You can combine any gift with gold so that it could be rose-covered in 24 karat gold. For a rose that will never lose its shine, or a natural deep yellow ‘gold’ rose such as Gold Symphonie for the aptly named Golden Anniversary.


3. A Large Party

Perfect for those who love to draw people together for good food, dancing, and fun, a large party, is the chance to both take part in and witness the festivities. This is a party that is a unique event putting together family and friends who you have cherished over your half-century marriage. You can choose to have your celebration on a weekend that falls close to the exact anniversary date so that more people are likely to be free to attend.
With a large party, make sure your venue is easy to travel to and offers a range of accommodation for those who wish to stay overnight. Since large parties will not allow much time for having long conversations with people, having your celebrations spread over a couple of days provides more opportunities to catch up. This will all take a lot of planning, so set the date and send out invitations well in advance.

A Large Party

A romantic touch would be to decorate the venue with a gold color scheme to emphasize this is your 50th wedding anniversary. This could include gold-trimmed plates, glasses, napkins, flowers, and tablecloths. At the entrance to your event, have copies of photographs from your wedding day or have a rolling film of scanned photos from this day. Add the same flowers on the tables as you had at your wedding reception.

4. Plan A Romantic Vacation

Take a trip back in time to the place where you spent your honeymoon as a chance to reminisce about old times. If you prefer, take a trip to your favorite city and enjoy seeing the sights and relaxing at good cafes and restaurants. For the trip of a lifetime, ask your family and friends to help towards a holiday fund when they ask what gift you would like to mark such an auspicious date.


You can have a romantic vacation from home if travel proves difficult. Plan several days out, gifting your spouse with tickets and gift certificates for their favorite galleries, museums, theatres, and concert halls. Make sure to take many photographs of your travels to enjoy later.