Ten Foods That Are Best When Playing Cards


Playing cards is a tradition in some households. Now the game is available online with different playing modes. Sites like luckydice.in bring interesting card games to choose from different providers. While playing card games, everyone wants to have some snacks to munch. Here are some interesting snack suggestions to have while playing cards.


t2sandwichesSandwiches are one of the tasty and easy snacks to make at home. People love to have different-shaped sandwiches to match the playing card theme. Small sandwiches in different shapes would be easy to have in a single hand while playing cards.

Biscuits and Cookies

t2cookiesWhether it is homemade or bought, biscuits and cookies had always been the best snack while playing cards. The no-oil food helps the players to have a mess-free play.


t2popcornPopcorn is a good snack that goes with all games. Whether it is popped in microwave or oil, popcorn doesn’t give the sticky feel and it is one of the best snacks that is loved by almost all.


t2dippersA one-handed snack is always preferred while playing card games. Chicken fingers with jalapeno dip or tomato sauce are one of the best combinations.

Potato chips

t2pcPotato chips with pepper are one of the tasty snacks while playing card games. No need to use two hands to have this snack. The spicy and flavored snack will definitely be everyone’s choice.

Fruits and Vegetables

t2vegsaladPeople who want to avoid oily food can go with fresh fruits and vegetables. Finely cut cucumber and carrot or thin-sliced apples or strawberries are a good choice. It would be even better if the fruits and vegetables are mixed as a salad in a bowl.

Dry Sweets

t2dryjamoonMany people won’t prefer sweets with sugar syrup that would spoil the game. But, they wouldn’t say no to the same sweets without the sugar syrup. Yes, dry Jamoons and dry sugar-coated raspberries are tasty and go well with card games.

Dry Fruits

t2dryWhether it is food or snack, a healthy diet is important. While playing cards the players want to have a one-hand snack and at the same time, it should be tasty. Then the dry fruits are the best choice. Almonds, cashews, Pistachios, and even dry grapes could make the playtime better.


t2MacaronMacarons are tasty and oil-free. So, they are also one of the best card-time snacks. Available in different shapes and flavors, macarons would make the game interesting with their delicious taste.


t2candiesThose who don’t want to have biscuits, nuts, and veggies, candies will be of a great choice, while playing the card games. Color candies in different flavors will be an interesting and tasty snack.