Top 20 Bengali Non-Veg Dishes That Are Famous Worldwide

Top 20 Bengali Non Veg Dishes That Are Famous Worldwide
Top 20 Bengali Non Veg Dishes That Are Famous Worldwide

1.Daab Chingri

Bengali people cannot think of their days without fishes. Daab Chingri is one of the favourite dishes that can leave anyone licking their fingers. Not only in Bengal but also in the whole world it is gratifying the taste buds of the foodies. One must have this delicious Bengali dish to know what a Bengali dish can do. If you are upset or worried about anything then go and have plate of Daab Chingri. I can assure you that your mind and hunger both will be satisfied.


2.Chingri Maachher Malaikari

Now again it is a yummy preparation. This is a dish that will surely make you crave for Bengali dishes. The interesting fact is that any ordinary person can make this dish at home for an extra-ordinary lunch or dinner with his or her close ones. This is no doubt a dish that is making Bengali proud in the food sector.


3.Doi Ilish

Ilish (Hilsa) is a fish that can give you a heavenly feeling. Delicious Doi Ilish is one of the most popular Bengali dishes that is famous worldwide. All top Bengali restaurants prepare this special dish with great care due to public demand. This dish can beat any international preparation. So, my suggestion is not to waste any more time. If you have not tasted it yet go and have it.


4.Ilish Bhapa

Bengali people can show you how beautifully they can use one fish in different varieties. Ilish Bhapa is another famous Bengali dish that is satisfying the tongues of food lover’s generation after generation. This is a must have dish when you are in Kolkata. One can get this dish in any Bengali restaurant throughout the world.


5.Kochi Pathar Jhol

This is the dish which can make you say “Wah!”. Well, I know you cannot resist your desire for having a bowl of Kochi Pathar Jhol right now while reading this article. You can reach any nearby Bengali restaurant for it. Even you can cook it yourself at home.

kochi-pathar-jhol6.Chuno Maachher Chorchori

This is a tasty and healthy dish as well. This dish can be used as a regular. It can help you to keep your eyesight strong. This dish contains less fat. Easy to cook. Even it is very helpful dish for recovery from weakness. You can add vegetables like Beans,Brinjal, Parsley to make it more healthy and delicious.


7.Katla Kalia

Katla Kalia is one of the most famous typical Bengali dish.. This is so tasty that if you cook it for your husband in lunch he will be so much satisfied that he will take you for shopping in the afternoon for sure. Well, I know now you are quite happy and surely will make it for lunch very soon.


8.Daal with Maachher Matha

Bengali people know how to make a simple dish superb. That is why they have invented this particular dish. Now you can make the simple Daal with Maachher Matha that will make it fabulous. The most necessary part of cooking Bengali foods is innovation. This dish is really innovative and tasty as well.


9.Chicken Chaap

This is another dish for you which will again make you say ‘Wow!”. This is also very easy to cook and you need so little time to make it. You can make it for your guests in any occasion. Your guests will surely praise you. It is a very popular dish among both the grown-ups and children.


10.Jumbo Aar Kalia

This is one of the most delicious dishes. This is available in any restaurant that makes Bengali cuisine. Now if you are a very lazy person then this is the dish for you. The fish has no thorns. It is a smooth tasty fish. And when it is poured in the Curry it is awesome undoubtedly.

jumbo11.Large Kakra Jhal

This is a Crab based dish. It is one of the tastiest spicy and tangy dishes that are made by Bengalis. One must taste it if he loves to have dishes with different taste. This is cheap also. Top Bengali restaurants prepare it throughout this world due to the increasing demand.


12.Chingri Alu Phulkopi

This dish is so tasty that you will leave eating any other dishes except Bengali dishes. The delicious taste of this preparation will make you crave for more innovative dishes like this. One can easily serve it with both Rice and Bread. Foodies must have it. Everybody will be interested in all Bengali dishes once he gets the taste of it.


13.Dimer Dalna

Now it is time to keep your thumbs up for a healthy dish like this. Dimer Dalna is a very tasty dish that will make you want for more dishes like this. Egg is a very healthy food and it becomes very yummy too when it is used in such a nice way. It can also be served with Bread or Rice or both.

Dimer-Dalna14.Bhetki Maachher Paturi

Paturi is a very popular dish among Bengalis. It is served in any grand occasion to make every one’s taste bud happy. Bhetki Maachher Paturi is a must have dish when you are in Kolkata. It is superb.


15.Echor Chingri

Echor Chingri will leave you licking your fingers until you get tired as it always does. Bengali mothers and grandmothers are too much skilled in preparing this dish. Anyone who is interested in different kinds of foods should taste it once.


16.Tel Koi

Do you love spicy foods? Do you love to taste a different kind of fish preparations? Do not think so much. This is the dish which will provide you a good taste. Tel Koi is undoubtedly one of the tastiest foods among all. This is so good that you will want it every day in your menu.


17.Aachari Murgh

I know that I do not need to say much about this dish. This is a very popular dish not only among Bengalis but also among all the foodies. This dish will leave you saying “Yum”. Oh! Haven’t you tasted it yet? Go and have a plate of Tangy Aachari Murgh.


18.Tangra Jhal

This is a dish which is sometimes neglected among others except Bengalis. But trust me, you will be surprised when you will have it. This will make you love Bengali foods. This dish is also very helpful in keeping your eyesight strong.


19.Talapia Shorshe

This is a very renowned and one of the most wanted dishes in any grand Bengali occasion. It is a simple but tasty dish. Bengali women are expert in cooking it. It is very easy to cook. It can be served with plain Rice.


20.Topshe Fry

This is hot favourite item among all Bengali cuisine lovers. It is mainly served as snacks. With Tea or Coffee, you will have a great time if you just take a Topshe Fry with it. This is available in all Bengali restaurants that are famous worldwide.