Top 20 Cafes In Kota That Are Easy On The Pocket


Kota, well-known as one of India’s coaching hubs, is now taking a step forward and advancing to provide exceptional and tasty food along with scenic beauty and Kota Sarees and Kachoris. Being the attractive city of Rajasthan, it represents colorful culture on your plate every day. The educational town has renowned high-end restaurants and cafes, but for whom price matters as much as quality, here are some cafes to fill your bellies with your heart.

1. Chaibeats

A carbon-themed cafe that gives you all aesthetic and cozy vibes. With its Cooperative staff, Chaibeats serve 30 plus varieties of chai that will make you groove to its beats of aroma and unique flavors. Zafrani Chai is a must-try, which is their best seller. The environment here will turn your workaholic mode on while munching some snacks. The owner’s passion made this cafe splendid, and he is prepared to introduce something exceptional to his menu without fail.

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2. Cafe Mellow

The café, with all Mellow and pastel-colored interiors, gives calm vibes. Book Lovers can read in a nook while sipping their hot coffee, while sporty ones can head toward the games section. Pasta and Lasagna are delicious delicacies you must go for. The gates to this cafe will instantly slide you into a world away from all hustle and bustle. This place even has a rooftop where warm and yellow bulbs will light up your evenings like no other café, giving you the best sunset to accompany your delicacies.

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3.Badnaam Bawarchi

‘Exercise? I thought you said EXTRA FRIES. If you are feeling down, eat a brownie. You must visit this food place if you wonder what is behind these lines. A Rooftop Cafe that combines its customers’ festive vibes with delicious food. This café will make you feel lively and relaxed with its nature-themed interior. An excellent cafe that is unique and serves delightful dishes with small flag tags that will surely make you dwell on its savoriness.

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4 . Cafe Chocolicious

With a modest little setting, Café Chocolicious has an attractive interior. Serving sweetness at affordable prices and satiating the craving for sweet-toothed make this a go-to place. Offering a wide range from Frappuccino to Kaffe, you will surely love this place. Yes, you can buy love in the form of heavenly desserts you cannot afford to miss.

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5. MRF Food Garage

Another place crafted in such an attractive manner, with ‘Garage’ being their theme is worth the money. They offer every dish you can think of in North-Indian cuisine and alluring snacks and drinks at very reasonable prices. The whole place is built considering the design of vehicles and garages placed in such an extraordinary way, instantly transporting you to modern Punjab. Getting your hands on their Chole Kulche and Paneer Tikka will do justice to this fantastic place.

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6. Chai Sutta Bar

Your hunt to have good food to cheer your mood will end here. Indulging in gunships over Kulhad Chai and Coffee and gossip sessions while munching savories is what they have to offer. The sitting here, along with its small rustic interior and Kulhads placed all over the shelf, give you the feel of a countryside coffee shop. Their coffee with chocolate flavor is a must-try. From Beer Cold Coffee to Paan Chai, they have pretty intriguing flavors.

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7. Food Mohalla

The café has a creative and vibrant interior and serves different flavorsome food, from Calzones and Tacos to Nachos and delicious food combos at fair prices. It even provides a separate comfy corner if you are there to celebrate your special days. Undoubtedly, its ambiance will motivate you to go even on a solo date if you like to spend time with yourself occasionally.

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8.Trippin Cafe

Just going through the menu of this remarkable place will make you drool. A food joint with a bright ambiance and white walls, with the touch of a colorful interior, will give you a homely feel. Quesadilla and Footlong are sure to catch your eye. But, a warning for those who will dare to go for their Jumbo House of Cheese Burger that will make sure to trip you on every bite you take.

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9. MBA Chai Wala

With portraits of people representing our Indian culture all over the wall, this place will transport you back to 90s food joints. Think of those days when we used to go to our favorite spots and hang out with friends at some chai ki Tapri gossiping and sharing laughter. The exact feeling you will get from this lovely place. Popular among coaching students of Kota, this cafe serves deliciousness that is budget friendly for students. Chit-chat over Maska Bun and MBA Special Chai are everyday evening scenes here.

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10.The Nukkad Restro Cafe

If you are tired from your mundane routine, you will love to devote your leisure hours to this exciting space that will take you on a short trip of funkiness and a little rusticness. This café makes you experience a blend of modernism and traditional culture. It presents the whole of India through its North Indian, South Indian, and Italian cuisine and treasured street food. All dishes they offer are worth trying, Italiano Pasta being one of the bestsellers.

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11. FPF Coffee Wale Bhaiya

Though the name serves coffee, the place brews other delicious food stories. Nothing fancy yet classy, the well-lighted ambiance of this white-themed cafe is very charming, just as the coffee shops tend to be. The cafeteria that serves happiness at an economical price is perfect for rewarding you with an incredible and heart-warming experience.

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12. The Hungry Reader

Whether hungry for palatable food or books, this is an inexpensive food spot. With a pretty book corner, you can enjoy food while reading or posing with books. The food there is low-priced, and the wallpaper with books carved on it has a retro feel. Chilli Potato Rolls, Gravy Manchurian, and OTC pizza loaded with cheese can be grabbed from their menu.

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13. Chai Aashram

Chai Aashram is a nice-looking local that serves delicious and yummy snacks with kulhad chai. Special Ashram Chai and Rose Tea will amaze you. The fragrance of rose in rose tea will compel you to take the heavenly ride of a medley of flavors. Though set up in the boisterous area of Kota, the ambiance of this café will make you feel pleasant.

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14. The Crush Coffee

The fascinating thing about this cafe is its menu, which offers exquisite food items at specific fixed rates. The scent of coffee beans in a coffee shop or that tempting fragrance of hot melting cheese from Cheese Jalapeno Pockets will never make you regret visiting this place. The elegant interior and welcoming aura will make you want to revisit this food spot.

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15. Chaiistic

A cafe that will fulfill all your food cravings without compromising your budget. This place in Kota serves delicacies at very economical rates and can be tried at least once. This place’s open, colorful setup will give you the highway dhaba feel. Kulhad Maggie, topped with lots of cheese from their menu, is a must-try, and not to miss the musical evening here occasionally.

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16. Haweli Rooftop Restaurant And Cafe

Unlike other cafes that give friendly and aesthetic vibes, this cafe is crafted to take you on a Halloween party ride with its dim and dark lights interior. But for all those planning their dates or birthdays, this café has got you covered. Along with offering yummy food that is easy on the pocket, it has a beautiful and well-lighted rooftop making the atmosphere delightful and pretty.

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The pretty simple yet enjoyable ambiance is what makes this place worth visiting. The wooden interior and greenery add to the joy of savoring kulhad chai. Mainly popular among the coaching crowd and youth, you will relish your par-tea with the TEAlogy. Break from studies, or scheduled rant sessions with your friend, bonding over tea is cared for by this decent little cafe.

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18. The London Shakes

Their menu has many flavorful surprises, from Vintage and ‘Fantastic’ shakes to Crunch Pizza Bite and food that will make you indulge in cheese affair. The small yet delicate place with interesting dish names, The London Shakes serves over 40 varieties of shakes and different cuisines like Italian, Indian, American, and many more. Make sure to visit this place if you are a hearty eater (and, of course, fond of collecting those adorable glass bottles :))

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19. Nothing Before Coffee (NBC)

Brewing stories over coffee is enough to fix a chaotic day, right? The well-known and popular spot for a coffeeholic has assorted coffee and shakes to offer that is worth the price. It has a very wholesome atmosphere with small outdoor seating. Coffee accompanied by books on the other side of your table is the cherry on the cake.

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20. Divi Cafe

A cafe with a White and Brown theme for its aesthetics with a bit of wooden interior and dim golden lights on its ceiling, this place will surely make way to your heart. Though the price runs higher, considering some food items for the coaching crowd, this is a good place for families in Kota. Ruling the hearts of Kotaites by serving great experiences with excellent taste, this cafe has improved itself in the past few months.

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