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Top 20 Dishes From Meghalaya – The Land Of Clouds.




Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you the most popular dish from the land of the hills, Jadoh rice. Make it with rice and pork mixed with the best spices, chopped vegetables and garnished with eggs or fried fish. Don’t miss it if you are in the state. Don’t forget to get the recipe for your home!


Nakham Bitchi

It is a unique dish from the Garo Hills of Meghalaya. This dish is made from dry fish with vegetables. Make it with boiling vegetables and fish. Do not add water in it. It is really nutritious and delicious. Now you know the beauty secret of Garo maidens. It is a must-try, and an easy-to-prepare dish.



It is a Pork Salad! Nothing can be more awesome to eat which is so easy to make. Yes, this dish of the Khasis is that simple. Just boil the pork pieces in a pot or pressure cooker and once it is fluffy, drain the water or keep the stock for some other tangy recipe. So just mix the pork with lots of Onions, Chillies, Spices and Salt, and you have Dohkhlieh ready to enlighten your plate.



So what to have with Dohkhlieh? Ah! Pumaloi is the best choice. Make this cake with steamed rice. The Khasi people eat it with much enthusiasm and happiness. They love to have it at any time, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is something simple devoured with something very spicy. Nice combination, isn’t it?


Bamboo Shoots

You can have it in many styles with different things but our Khasi friends like it with thin chunks of pork. If you are not a pork fan, then you can make it with chicken or tuna fish. Firstly, marinate the pork with soy sauce then fry the marinated pork. When it gets little brown in color, add veggies. After some time add bamboo shoots. Pour sliced onions and spices, not forgetting the salt. Cook till you like the color and aroma. And here you are! A perfect dish to adorn your table.



Ah! It is my favorite item on the list. You might have had Momos in other places but let me tell you that the best Momos in India are only made here at Meghalaya. You will get it almost at any food stall in the state that too in same big round shape, texture and size. As for the filling, they do substantial stuffing with whatever you like, boiled Vegetables, Pork or Chicken. You can have them fried or steamed. Let us caution you that once you taste Meghalaya’s Momos; you might not like it anywhere else.


Doh Jem

A renowned dish in the abode of clouds is the Doh Jem. It is an exotic pork dish. It is so easy to make. Cut pork in thin layers; hold it up on the flame to make it smoky. Now fry onion which is finely chopped till they are slightly brown, add chili powder and turmeric. Slightly fry bay leaf beforehand and add it with our fried onions and then sesame seeds and ginger garlic paste. Now put the lovely pork slices and salt into the same. Spill some water on it and be careful not to pour too much. The pork has a lot of water in it already. Cook for some time and there you go. Enjoy it with Jadoh or Pumaloi.


Tung Rymbai

This dish is finger licking good. Tung Rymbai is soy bean which is fermented and added with pork. Well, just grind soy beans and boil it for some time. Chop pork into little pieces and fry it till it is brownish. Add spices to it and mix it well. Then add this to the boiling soy beans and cook till it is heavy. That’s all. Enjoy!


Do’o Kappa

This is a Chicken in Garo style. You would never know that such a simple yet mouthwatering dish exists unless you have tried it. All you need to do it add ginger paste to chicken then add grated onions, ginger and turmeric. Mix them well. Add a bit of soda powder and salt. Keep frying the whole thing in vegetable oil. Keep adding a little water in between so that the bottom doesn’t burn. As soon as the chicken is done, Holla! You have your dish for the night. Garnish with cream and onion leaves.


Minil Songa

It is nothing but sticky rice that we steam. What some of you have not heard about it? It is a very popular type of cooked rice in Northeastern states especially eaten during the harvest festival. They grow a kind of rice which becomes sticky when cooked. The raw rice is soaked in cold water for about 4 hours. Drain the water and steam the rice. It goes well with fried potatoes, chicken, pork or fish.


Ga’lda Na’kam

It is yet another simple and heart touching dish. Ga’lda is a zesty vegetable and Na’kam is dry fish. All you are going to do is add salt, vegetables, dry fish, capsicums, and spices in one bowl. Mix them well with three spoons of oil. Make a paste. Done! Present them with rice and any other dishes.


Wak Jo. Krapa

It is a yummy dish of pork. Boil pork without water. In another utensil, deep fry onions and your favourite spices. Add nicely chopped tomatoes, capsicums and salt. Then add pork and its fats. Cook the mixture till its dry. Isn’t it just easy and yummy? Oh yes! Don’t forget the green chillies!


Herbed Pork and Apples

Marinate pork with honey and spices. Refrigerate it for 8 hours. Then roast the same for 2 hours. Keep the stock aside. In another pot, put apples, onions and sugar. Mix them well. Add it to the roast and cook for 2 hours more. Serve it hot and dressed with stock.


Rice Beer

One of the most authentic drinks of our land. It is a must in Meghalaya weddings and celebrations. It is not easy. Grind dry brown rice, boil it then dry. Add herbs and mould it into small balls. Keep it in a large vessel. Cover it and let it ferment for four days. After that sieve the spherule and your drink is ready. Cheers!



It is dry fish which is fermented. Roast the fish on a pan or with tongs. Add smashed onions, chillies, salt and if you can then get Bhoot Jolokia of Assam. Two pieces will be more than enough. Mix all of it. Make it into a rough paste. You have a tangy soul filling dish to impress.



It is a dish made with pork belly and black sesame. To make it, simmer the belly in water and cut it into large blocks. Fry onions, spicy ingredients and pork pieces. Don’t forget to pour a bit of salt and turmeric paste. Pour powdered sesame onto pork. Cook it well and serve it hot with sticky rice.


Misa Mach Poora

It is nothing but grilled shrimp. Make sure that the shrimp is clean. Marinate with salt and keep for some time. Cook the shrimp in water for some time. Drench the water and grill it. Sprinkle lemon on it. Serve it and win hearts. It goes best with soft or hard drinks.


Egg Dal

This mind blowing dish from the land of rain is quite easy and as delicious as you might think. The Dal is Tuvar. Fry onions and garlic pieces in ghee then tomato and chillies. Add the spices and cook for 10 minutes. Pour broken eggs directly on dal. Mix till you like the thickness of the dish.


Mylliem Chicken

Oh, what can be more delicious than garlic chicken? It is a classy dish. It looks easy, but it is time consuming. One needs to marinate chicken with ginger, lemon juice, garlic and chili a night before. Fry finely chopped onions in a pan then add the chicken mix to it. Cook till the chicken is soft. Meanwhile add coconut milk, chili and coriander leaves and cook well. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves. Happy eating!



It is rice and pork cooked together in a steamer. It is a well-liked item in Khasi wedding and celebrations. Come bond over Pudoh in Meghalaya. The cloud, the hills, the rain, the lakes, the lovely weather, awaits you. Come and create memories and give your eyes the feast of Scotland of East.