Top 19 Most Far-Fetched Expensive Food Items That You Should Think Of Trying Atleast Once

Top 19 Most Far-Fetched Expensive Food Items That You Should Think Of Trying Atleast Once

1The Most Expensive Dessert

One of the most expensive ice cream is Golden Opulace sundae. It is enlivened with palatable gold and served in a challis fixed with edible gold. As if all that weren’t sufficient, there is an 18 karat gold wrist trinket with 1 carat of jewels in the base of the sundae, and the treat is presented with a brilliant spoon brightened in white and chocolate precious stones, both of which run home with the burger joint. It costs approx. US $1000.


2The Most Expensive Curry

The Samundari Khazana (signifying “fish treasure”) contains lobster, gold leaf, covered with the plating of gold along with four abalones and four quail eggs. This dish is worth trying atleast once in a lifetime.


3The Most Expensive Pie

This meat pie contains $870 worth of Wagyu hamburger filet, dark truffles. Two jugs of vintage 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild are utilized as an ingredient of the sauce and the outside layer is canvassed in consumable gold leaf. It costs around US $17000.


4The Most Expensive Frittata

It is called as Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata. All the ingredients used in this dish are some of the world’s most expensive items. It is packed with lobster and caviar. It costs around US $1000.


5The Most Expensive Bagel

Executive Chef Frank Tujague finished the most costly bagel with white truffle cream cheddar and goji berry-injected Riesling jam and gold leaf. It is termed as Luxury Bagel. It costs around US $1000.


6The Most Expensive Pizza

Louis 13 pizza is one the most expensive pizza. It is the creation of Chef Renato’s Viola of Salerno. It takes 72 hours to make the dough and is topped with buffalo mozzarella, three types of caviar, lobster, and handpicked grains. It costs around US $12000.


7The Most Expensive Hot Dog

This hot dog is known as Juuni Ban dog, It came in Guinness World Record in 2014 as the most expensive dog. It contains Waghy beef, Black truffles, foie gras, Brioche, cheese brat, teriyaki onions, maitake mushrooms, and Japanese mayo. It costs US $169.


8The Most Expensive Ramen

This isn’t the ramen you nibbled on amid your school days. Proprietor/gourmet expert Shoichi Fujimaki opens the ways to his menu-less, reservation-just eatery to the individuals who have just feasted at one of his different eateries. It costs US $180.


9The Most Expensive Soup

The Buddha Jumps Over the Wall contains shark’s blade, abalone, Japanese blossom mushroom, along with other ingredients like pork, chicken etc. Requests must be put five days ahead of time so that the cook can source each one of the ingredients.


10The Most Expensive Sushi

Well, what made this dish expensive is sushi wrapped with gold leaf and finished with caviar. It contains premium pink salmon and foie gras. It is decorated with three pearls at the top and one diamond as well. It costs US $2000.


11The Most Expensive Ham

The Albarragena Jamon Iberico de Bellota is produced using pigs that were just bolstered, oak seeds, and roots to give them an unmistakable flavor. The ham is then cured for a long time before being placed in a high quality wooden box with a cover handcrafted by a Spanish tailor. What’s more, to make sure you realize what you’re getting, each ham accompanies its own particular DNA authentication affirming its genuineness. It costs  $ 150/pound.


12The most expensive potatoes

La Bonnotte potatoes aren’t regularly viewed as an extravagance sustenance, however these little yellow potatoes from the little French island of Noirmoutier are the most costly on the planet. La Bonnotte potatoes just develop in the island’s mineral-rich seaside soil, and they’re fragile to the point that they must be deliberately developed and collected by hand amid a short time of pinnacle readiness in the beginning of May. It costs approx. USD $700.


13La Esmeralda Especial espresso

If you’ve turned out to be numb to the stun of what a substantial Americano costs you from a uber chain bistro, envision paying about $25 for your morning joe. That is the thing that the beans for a 20 some Esmeralda Especial espresso would set you back when it achieved its most noteworthy cost of $350.25 a pound at sell off in 2013. Since few cafés really serve Esmeralda Especial espresso over the counter, you will be paying nearer to $40 for a 10-ounce pack of beans from a roaster, so you might not have any desire to present yourself with a venti!


14Da-Hong Pao tea

If costly espresso isn’t to your tastes, perhaps you’d favor some tea? That is scarcely enough to get you during a time of breakfasts. It has medicinal properties and kept as a Chinese national treasure. It costs approx. $1.2 million per 1000 gms.


15The most expensive cheese

Donkey cheese is one of the most expensive cheese. Each kilo of cheese is being made by 25 kilolitres of donkey milk. It is called as Pule cheddar. It costs approx. US $1000 a pound.


16Yubari King melon

It is a one of the most expensive variety of cantaloupe grown in Japan. It is grown only in the city of Yubari, Hokkiado. Yukari is generally sold at auctions. It is generally given as gifts. Last auction was USD 23000 a pair.


17Fullblood wagyu meat

Japanese Kobe hamburger turned into a hot sustenance incline a couple of years prior, as individuals all of a sudden ended up plainly mindful of a classification of sensitive, scrumptious, all around marbled steaks they hadn’t inspected some time recently.


18Quintessential Grilled Cheese sandwich

A great deal of eateries stand out as truly newsworthy with costly dishes and the greater part of them appear like novel approaches to keep running up a cost account instead of the best utilization of extravagance ingredients.At $214, it’s been known as the world’s most costly sandwich, and given the fixings, it may likewise be one of the world’s most heavenly dish. Tragically the fixings are special to the point that you need to arrange it no less than two days ahead of time to ensure everything can be sourced.


19Box Bay King shellfish

Coffin Bay ruler clams are so tremendous and costly on the grounds that they’re permitted to develop for up to six years. They have significantly more meat than a regular clam. It costs approximately USD 40 per pound.