Top 20 Foods With Lowest Calorie Content


Are you one of those champs working so hard to tone your body and get into that cute dress or those skinny jeans but see most of your efforts going in vain because you cannot maintain a healthy diet? Looking at the Swiggy and Zomato ads with the cheesy pizzas and crunchy chicken wings paired with biryani, you might already be drooling. But do not give up yet because, trust me, we have all been there.

I am sure that you have heard fitness influencers say that 20% of your weight loss depends on working out while 80% of it depends on eating healthy. But how do you stay healthy when you feel hungry so often and keep snacking? Well, do not worry because we are here to provide you with a priceless list of shockingly low-calorie foods to replace those carb-loaded snacks. Yes, that snatched waist is not too far away.

1 Oats

 Oats are not only a healthy addition to the diet but are also filling, which helps reduce the calorie intake in your next meal. A hundred grams of raw oats have only five calories. Well, raw oats might taste a little bland but adding some spices does the magic. Oats can also pair with yogurt or milk.


2 Celery

 Celery stalks are one of the healthiest foods you can have along your weight loss journey, owing to their low-calorie content. An average celery stick contains only 13 calories. Additional benefits include its nutritional value because of the high amount of fiber present in it.


3 Strawberries

 Who does not love a good cup of strawberries! But did you know that they are a part of low-calorie foods? A bowl of strawberries contains only 50 calories! Oh, and not to forget the vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants it contributes that keep your body healthy. So, it is a perfect fit for your diet plan.


4 Brussels Sprouts

 Researches show that Brussels sprouts provide protection against DNA damage because of their vitamin C content. And to top that, they only have 38 calories per cup. You could eat them either raw or cooked.


5 Popcorn

 As unconventional as it may sound, popcorn is, in fact, a low-calorie food. The high fiber in this popular snack helps to reduce cravings and to induce a feeling of fullness. A bowl of popcorn contains only 31 calories. However, it is essential to bear in mind that this applies to fresh air-popped popcorn only. That is because the ready-made versions have a lot of unhealthy fats and artificial flavoring.


6 Broth

 The broth is not only loaded with essential fatty acids and proteins but also contains only 13 calories. It helps in weight loss and ensures healthy bones, muscles, and blood cells. It can be eaten separately or coupled with a few vegetables and spices in a soup.


7 Eggs

 Yes, eggs are a part of low-calorie foods too! Eggs have only 70 calories and are VERY important for your diet. They are not only a source of high-quality protein but are also a powerhouse of several priceless disease-fighting nutrients. Not to mention how delicious and filling they can be with a few spices sprinkled on them.


8 Low-fat Cottage Cheese

 More protein and less fat- Low-fat Cottage Cheese packs 15 grams of protein and a mere two grams of fat into each serving. It is a nutritious snack and is tasty enough to substitute for other creamy cheeses in recipes.


9 Watermelon

A serving of juicy watermelons is all one needs on a hot, humid day (ones that are so common here, in India). The bonus, though, is its lack of calories. With only about 50 calories in each serving, they are a favorite during the hot, sweaty summers.


10 Chickpeas

 Chickpeas, a member of the legume family, are an enriching source of fiber and folate. Additionally, they are also low in calorie content. They can help reduce blood sugar and cholesterol and improve gut health. Hence, they are a perfect candidate for your calorie-free diet plan.


11 Cucumber

 “As cool as a cucumber,” I am sure you have all heard this proverb. Well, its high water content justifies this line. Cucumbers not only help in hydrating our body but are also filled with essential vitamins and minerals. Adding to that, they have only 16 calories! How cool is that?! (Did you get the pun?)


12 Beets

The deep red color of this popular vegetable is rare to go unnoticed. One of its benefits is its potential to lower blood pressure. Beets contain only 59 calories per cup and are rich in potassium. It can be eaten both as a part of your salad and in the form of a smoothie.


13 Potatoes

Opposite to the common misconception that potatoes are fattening foods, a baked potato with skin has only 160 calories and is naturally fat and cholesterol-free. Impossible to miss in almost all Indian diets, potatoes are one of the most common commodities. You may eat it directly or as an addition to your vegetable salad.


14 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts

Ah, the good stuff. This delicious food is not only a low-calorie food (only 102 in a serving) but also a great source of protein (about 20 grams!!). Roasted and coupled with brown rice, it is a fantastic addition to your diet plan. There are so many possible combinations and recipes to cook it with that you have no chance of getting bored of eating it.


15 Apples

I am sure we have all heard the phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” as a kid. Well, it is true! This juicy red fruit is filled with water and fiber, adding only 95 calories. Not only is it a healthy addition to your diet, but it is also very filling. The assistance it provides to the functioning of the body is its additional benefit.


16 Lettuce

 With only ten calories per cup of lettuce, it has high water content and is hence, very refreshing. You may use it for salads, soups, sandwiches, and wraps. One may also grill it.


17 Radish

Known as the crunchy salad vegetable, it has a unique flavor. A cup of radishes has only 18 calories. It can either be topped with salt and made a part of your salad or made into a delicious “mooli paratha.”


18 Asparagus

This giant veggie is one of the most well-balanced vegetables. It has high folic acid, potassium, fiber, thiamine, and vitamins A, B6, and C. To top it all, a serving of asparagus has only 20 calories.


19 Tomatoes

 How could we ever miss this?! An irreplaceable component of Indian cuisines, an average tomato has only 22 calories. It has high volumes of water, fiber, and air, which gives it the title of an appetite suppressant.


20 Beverages

Last but not least, beverages. Tea and coffee are known to be foods with almost zero calories. A cup of either has only a little above two calories. However, it is essential to bear in mind that this applies to only black tea or black coffee (i.e., without sugar cream or milk)