Top 20 Places You Can Get The Tastiest Biryani In Chennai


1.Golkondas – OMR Food Street, Navallur

I went to the food street to check out food and the Golkondas attracted me with a pleasing black and orange theme. Lighting, ambience and seating were good, although it is too crowded at their peak time – but hey if the food is good there’s got to be a crowd right! And yes they had super yummy Andhra style biryani which I really liked! The pricing was reasonable too. If sometime you pass by this place and yearn for some spicy biryani, check this place out.


2.Salt –The Forum Mall, Vadapalani

Though there is only limited choice of food at the food court and your usual eateries in the mall, SALT is unique and wouldn’t fail you. The moment you enter the atmosphere completely changes into a different setting. You see the photos on the wall, the traditional chairs and even a boat! It is set in the Kerala style. And if you are in for a different style of biryani that’s not cooked in your usual way, and then visit this place! I guarantee you it is amazing! Pair it with some tender grills and it feels like food served directly from heaven! I should mention that it is a bit on the pricy side here, yet it is worth every penny.



Ah! The authentic biryani you get here simply makes you feel at home. The long grain basmati rice, the mild but perfect spices and yummy mutton all cooked to perfection since ages! I would suggest you have the biryani hot instead of taking a parcel. Needless to say the pricing is reasonable and the ambience is good. They have lots of branches and one or another is bound to be close to your place so visit it when you feel lazy to cook.


4.Dindigul Thalappatti

This place you can find authentic biryani. They use seeraga samba rice instead of the original basmati rice, as it absorbs more flavour. Perfect traditional food for your south Indian taste buds. Needless to say it is such a well known place and pricing is undoubtedly reasonable. A perfect family restaurant. They too have lots of branches so it is closer to your home.


5.Spice Crush – Anna Nagar

I got to know this place through zomato and decided to try it out. The day we went they had a combo offer of chicken biryani, chicken lollipop, and juice and carrot halwa at a pretty reasonable price. Their ambience was good, loved the service and the paintings on the walls. They have two floors and the major seating area was on the mezzanine floor. So then the food came and I didn’t expect much but to my surprise the biryani was absolutely awesome!! I loved the spice blend and the chicken bits were so soft and perfectly cooked. Even the chicken lollipop was tender and yummy. They have just recently started this shop right next to Hi Style and Metro. A must try and I strongly recommend!


6.Madurai Kumar Mess – Vadapalani

People might say it isn’t up to the original one in Madurai, but forget all that. Just taste the biryani. Especially mutton biryani. It’s my absolute favourite and I order it every time I go there. I would suggest you book a table and then go because it is always crowded, but this place is just as good for a take away. What I do on a lazy Sunday is order a mutton biryani and get set in front of the TV with a spoon. Yes you heard me – a spoon! The best part about this is that there are no bones in the mutton and no tomatoes n stuff you have to pick out. Close your eyes and slip it in spoon by spoon. Perfect spices and perfect tender mutton always make my Sundays fulfilled.


7.Hotel Junior Kuppanna

Once more bored of the food court in Forum, we decided to eat in Junior Kuppana. We went at the rush hour so we had to wait a bit before we got a table. The authentic banana leaf was placed in front of us as we had a hard time deciding between the various items on the menu. Finally settling on fish biryani and a mutton biryani with vanjaram fry as starter we awaited our food. Though it did take a bit long the food was hot and fulfilling. I would call it a hearty meal after which you should definitely take a walk to keep your body in check. Pricing was good, good ambience and food was also good. Perfect for times, when you are lazy to cook.


8.Cream Centre

As a tribute to our vegetarian friends I included Cream Centre in the list. But seriously, you should try the paneer biryani because the paneer is incredibly soft!! They make their own paneer and I guarantee, you can never make such soft creamy paneer at home and neither can you get it elsewhere! Also the biryani is amazing and absolutely lovely. Sometime if you want something veggie you should definitely try here.


9.Nellaixpress – Mylapore

If you are looking for a modern setting but traditional food, this is your place. They have a proper south Indian menu combined with beautiful interior work that sets the ambience gracefully. The biryani is great here. Have it with their soup and some starters for a fulfilling meal. It is a lovely place and quite reachable without much hassle. Also they do not have parking space but instead they have valet parking.


10.Punjab Grills – Phoenix, Velachery

This is another restaurant more on the pricy side but absolutely worth it. The rich feel of the place captivates you and pulls you in to their comfortable seats, and you can order from their extensive grills menu and must order a biryani. The grills are blissfully amazing, try it and you will know. And the biryani…. Cooked to perfection. The proper long grain basmati rice is used; some white some orange and some brown make the biryani look so tempting with flavourful chicken pieces. A must try.


11.New Andhra Meals – Arcot Road

Sometimes when you are craving for some spicy Andhra style, traditional banana leaf food, this is your go to place with a reasonable price of course. Undoubtedly order a biryani and pair it with one of their Andhra gravy for a spicy feast. You will not be disappointed. Also you should know it is very crowded on the weekends, so if you want some privacy and your own table, go on a weekday.


12.Hotel Paramount – Kilpauk

I’ve been going to this place since I was a little kid and it’s the perfect place for a lazy weekend when you don’t want to cook. Just get a parcel and you’re good. They have put up a separate counter on the ground floor where, even today people line up for a take away, plus they have a dining area on the first floor if you want to eat there. Try their biryani and you will know they are definitely one of the best.


13.Pep Hot – OMR Food Street, Navallur

This place is always abuzz with people. I went there the first day they opened the shop, and true to their logo, they have a complete south Indian menu specialising in biryani. The unique thing about this place is their live kitchen counter; you can have a peek at what’s cooking while you catch a bite at this place. Do visit sometime when you go around there.

14.Aasife Biryani

Everyone knows Aasife Biryani. It’s the perfect place for a quick bite or a take away or a lazy day when you are too bored to cook. Made with basmati rice and mild spices, this biriyani will have you satisfied. They have numerous branches, so do try it sometime.


15.Hotel Pandias

When you feel like having food that feels made at home in a simple place, then you should go there. It’s not pricy and it’s perfect for a quick bite after a long tired day. The biryani is simple but delicious and combines it with some spicy gravy if you want something hot. You can always grab a bite here after a movie at Forum or Kamala theatre.



Another perfect place for your south Indian cravings. Perfect traditional food is served here and even the person who opens the door is dressed accordingly and welcomes you with a pleasing smile. Quench your thirst for biryani and all spicy south Indian delicacies here, as they serve good quality food you can trust. Although it is a simple restaurant, it is perfect in price and taste. Visit here for a take away or a quick bite.


17.Copper Kitchen – Vadapalani

This is the perfect place for a combination of grills and biriyani at a good price along with good quality. The grills are amazing! And these are served in skewers in a pot lined with burning coal to keep it hot throughout. And the biryani is honestly yummy. If you like it with mild spices, this should be your go to place.



I used to visit this place since I was a little child; it was one of my favourites. Lovely traditional south Indian food and fulfilling biryani is a guarantee here. The service is good, food is homely and price is also reasonable. A good place to grab a bite or for a take away.



The ambience here is great and gives a rich feel. Although this place is well known for its Arabic cuisine, I would recommend the biryani here. The taste is really good. Do try it alongside some Arabic dishes and you will love the taste! The pricing is also reasonable and they have around five branches, so you can surely find one close to you.


20.Charminar – Semmancheri, Chennai

You get such yummy biryani made with basmati rice here. This is one place you will fall in love with the Hyderabadi biryani and will come back for more! It is the best one across Chennai for this type of biryani. One more plus point here is that they have ample car parking space. Ambience is good, and pricing is also reasonable.