What Do Cyber Sportsmen Eat? Interesting Facts


Modern online casinos don’t limit themselves to slots and live dealer games. Instead, they expand their markets by performing as virtual bookmakers packed with numerous online sports betting options. Football, basketball, hockey, and other popular sports allow fans to bet on favorites and benefit from matches’ outcomes.

Still, not only classic sports tournaments won punters’ minds. Cyber-sports started triumphant progress several years ago and kept growing. Today, former nerds and geeks have turned out into iconic celebrities, demonstrating huge talents for playing video games at a professional level.

Cyber-teams include the most skillful players, making them the persons of interest for mass media and fans. So, let’s look behind the scene of their private lives.

Modern Cyber Sportsmen’s Lifestyle: What Research Reveals

Most people see gamers as homesitters living a very sedentary life. Scientists at the German Sports University in Cologne found that average cyber athletes eat better than others. Moreover, they proved that professional gamers’ physical activity is even higher than the World Health Organization recommended.

It turned out that cyber athletes eat less sugar, especially sweet food and soft drinks, than an average person. However, gamers tend to use more energy drinks. “Power drink is really a part of the diet for many. Yet, in general, cyber athletes eat better than the rest of the population,” a university Professor, Ingo Froböse, tells the EurekAlert edition.

Scientists also have found that vegetarians or vegans are 15% of all cyber sportsmen. The rest eats meat every day. At the same time, only 15% of male and 25% of female gamers use the necessary amount of fruit and vegetables. Still, they rarely eat junk food.

On average, cyber athletes are physically active 9.5 hours a week. This indicator significantly exceeds the World Health Organization’s recommendations. At the same time, gamers spend 36.5 hours a week playing games.

“We expected that the pandemic and associated limitations would have a negative impact on our own assessments of the respondents’ health and well-being. Instead, the target group was able to maintain the level of previous years and even improve it in some cases,” Ingo Froböse states.

Final Thoughts

When jumping into esports betting, cyber teams’ efficiency is the key thing fans consider. However, what stimulates cyber athletes’ productivity? As doctors and psychologists believe, sportspeople’s relationships with friends, families, and love partners influence their performance. Besides, their lifestyle plays a role. Those who are caring about health feature higher response speed, better physical coordination, and the ability to make prompt and non-standard decisions.

So, do you want to win money? Then, start following cyber athletes to learn more about their habits and preferences.