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Who We Are:

Launched in November 2016, crazymasalafood.com is an Indian website committed to providing all things related to food and cooking; be it Indian cuisine, Chinese, Italian, Filipino, etc. we offer our readers, viewers, subscribers, and followers the best and finest cuisines from around the world. Crazymasalafood.com acts as a handy reference tool for all aspiring cooks. We are sharing an enormous list of nutritious recipes and the best restaurants to dine at, from Central to Western India to all places around the globe.

We are a group of food enthusiasts who are passionate about healthy food eating, as we believe that it is the main stay of good health. Crazymasalafood.com is the answer to the increasing desire for more content dedicated to food and cooking from local to international cuisines. Our food portal, www.crazymasalafood.com, is a cookery manual with a collection of more than ten thousand tried and tested recipes, tips, videos, and an abundance of information about the art and craft of cooking, all written and presented in English. Our collection is updated on a daily basis to ensure that our readers, viewers, subscribers, and followers will be greeted with fresh menus every day.  All the contents such as images, recipes, videos, articles, and tips about the restaurants where you can dine at, are provided by our talented recipe developers, writers, and food experts.

Our Mission:

They say, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”; there are lots of different clichés that centres on one of the most important necessities of a man – FOOD.

Crazymasalafood.com is divided into different categories; all aims to give the fundamentals in cooking different dishes. The combination of written recipes and video tutorials will help novice cooks to understand the essentials of cooking. Even the experienced cooks or chefs will find a lot of tips and suggestions to enhance their cooking skills.

Every day, crazymasalafood.com is updated with the Top 20 daily articles about food and restaurants. We aim to provide quality home cooking, good recipes, and to give you some tips about the best places to dine at. Whether you are just searching for healthy inspiration or you wish to discover how to cook decadent meals, crazymasalafood.com is a reliable guide for all your foodie needs. We will not just help you decide what to cook, we will also help you with cooking.

Sources of Our Recipes:

The Crazy Masala Food is developing our own recipes in-house, based on the seasonal crops available in the market. We are also pulling recipes from various sources such as cookbooks, newspapers, and magazines. Others are submitted by our readers, viewers, subscribers, and followers, who are also food enthusiasts. If we pulled a recipe from other sources, we are giving credit to that source.

The photos and images we used:

Crazy Masala Food owns the right to use the photos and images on our website. You may contact us to acquire permission if you wish to use our photos and images. Remember that when using our photos and images, you must insert the link from where you obtain them, and you should not publish the recipe without our consent. Some images may not be ours so do check with us.

Mobile Site:

Crazymasalafood.com is mobile-friendly so viewing our website using your Smartphone is so much easy. The mobile version consists of all the stuff that our main website has, which you can access in an easily-accessible format. The mobile version of crazymasalafood.com also gives everyone the access to all the videos posted on our website.

YouTube Channel:

Our YouTube channel, Crazy Masala Food, has a large number of subscribers currently. We have over 1000 videos; each will give you an idea or tips on what to cook for the day. Every video contains an explanation of the benefits, recipes, and the cooking instruction of the food you are watching. This is to give our subscribers a visual idea on how to simplify the preparation of even the most complex recipes.

Social Media:

Crazymasalafood.com enjoys interacting with our readers, viewers, subscribers, and followers through our social media pages. Every food enthusiast can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We are open to your comments or suggestions on how we can improve our website. Anyone may contribute their own recipe; if you wish it to be published on our website, you may send us an email at [email protected]. We would love to hear from you!

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