70 Indian Sweets And Desserts

70 Indian Sweets And Desserts

India is known for its rich culture and the food that it offers. The country provides with beautiful delicacies that leave everyone hungry for more. As much as we are known for the spicy food, Indian sweets and desserts are a must for any and every occasion. We celebrate all our good deeds and start our new beginnings with sweets.

Right from Jammu Kashmir to Tamil Nadu, each state has its own significant dish and is a must try for every tourist.

Nearly all the Indian desserts include milk or ghee as their main constituent. Most desserts are made by using fruits and nuts. Usually, the southern states of India start their meals with sweet dishes, as it symbolizes a sweet beginning of the occasion. It ends on a sweet note as well.

1. Aamras

Starting with the most savored dish is ‘aamras’. Aamras is a sweet dish that is made from extracting the pulp from the fruit, Mango. Being a tropical and seasonal fruit it comes once a year and brings delight, and leaves everyone smacking their lips and licking their fingers clean.

Aamras is usually served with ghee and milk to enhance the flavor and sometimes adding sugar helps it become sweeter. This dish is famous in the States of Gujrat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. A must try for any tourist visiting these states in the summer times.


2. Peda

Pedas is a sweet that is usually made in semi- soft thick pieces. The main ingredients are khoa (khava), sugar and some traditional spices to spice up the taste. Pedhas come in various types and they differ with their ingredients also. Pedhas come in various different colors.


3. Carrot Halwa (Gajar ka Halwa)

As established from the name gajar ka halwa is made from carrots. Carrots are grated and with several other ingredients, the dish is prepared. The dessert is famous all over Northern India. It is eaten in various functions or festivals in the states. It is served hot during the winter.


4. Kaju Katli

Kaju katli is an Indian sweet dish. Kaju in Hindi is known as cashew nut. Ingredients such as Ghee, saffron, and one can add dry fruits to each one’s taste.  The shape is usually a diamond shape. The final product sometimes has an edible silver foil for decoration purposes. It may come in various colors depending on the ingredients used. Kaju Katli is traditionally eaten during Diwali. The dish is famous all over India.


5. Gulab Jamun

Gulab jamun is a delicacy, popular in every state and a savoured dish in every nook of the country. It is often served along with garnishing of dried nuts like almonds to enhance flavor. It is a pretty famous dessert and in the menu at multiple festivals, weddings, birthdays, etc.


6. Ladoo

Laddu are ball-shaped sweets popular in the. Laddus are prepared with flour, kneaded dough and sugar. There are various other ingredients that are put in and differ from each person’s liking. Laddu’s are a usual sweet delicacy for festivals, family events, and births as well, or given as a prasad at Hindu temples.


7. Kulfi

Kulfi is a famous frozen dairy dessert, often described as “traditional Indian ice cream. As popularly understood, Kulfi is a similarity to ice- cream. It is garnished with multiple traditional spices which may include ground cardamom, saffron, or pistachio nuts. Right from the beginning of time, kulfi is sold on the streets of India by vendors known as kulfi wallas; they keep the kulfi frozen for a long time by keeping the moulds inside pots known as matkas which are usually filled with salt and ice for better results. The dish is presented on either a leaf or a stick.


8. Modaks

Modaks are a Maharashtrian delicacy. The sweet filling inside a modak is of fresh grated coconut and jaggery, the outer cover which is soft is prepared by using rice flour or wheat flour which is mixed with either khava or maida flour. The modak can be fried or steamed. It is said to be the favorite food of Lord Ganesha. It is a tradition to offer 21 modaks to the lord.


9. Puran Poli

Puran Poli known as sweet flat bread is from South India and Maharashtra. The dish is prepared using yellow gram, flour, jaggery or sugar, cardamom powder ghee and water. The sweet dish is served with ghee.


10. Jalebi

Jalebi is made by deep-frying the maida flour batter which is mostly in circular shapes, which is then dipped in sugar syrup to add more sweetness. These are popular in the southern states of India, mostly during the festivals of Ramdan and Diwali. The sweets are presented warm or cold. Jalebi is eaten with curd or rabri.


11. Kheer

Kheer is a liquid delicacy made using rice, sugar and milk. It is made with various. It is mostly served as a dessert or the last course meal. Kheer is a Jammu and Kashmir speciality. It comes in different types and flavors. These are usually made from vermicelli noodles.


12. Rasgulla

Rasgulla is a semi-solid dessert popular in India. They look like balls made of the ingredient chhena, it is made in light syrup made of sugar. The dish traces its roots from Odisha and West Bengal.


13. Nankhatai

Nankhatai are shortbread biscuits popular in Northern India. It has been said that it came from Surat. The main ingredients include Wheat flour, rice flour, butter, powdered sugar, milk, salt, honey and baking powder, also the traditional spices pertaining to choice of taste.


14. Rabdi

Rabri is an Indian sweet dish made with curd, flour, and a combination of bajre ki roti. Raabri is mostly made in the northern, central and western states of the country. It is eaten hot or cold but best tasted when it’s cold. Spices like cumin seeds, dry fruits, etc., can be used to garnish the dish.


15. Barfi

Barfi’s are an Indian speciality. They come in various types and colors. India’s states each have a barfi that they can brag about. They are made from different kind of flavors and some made from fruits as well. There are wide ranges of variety one can select from.


16. Lassi

Lassi is a sweet beverage that is served either before a meal or after, it differs from person to person. Lassi is a sweet beverage that has been originated from the state of Punjab. It is a blend of curd, milk and various spices. It is enjoyed mostly in the summer season as a refreshment to beat the heat.


17. Shrikhand

Shrikhand is super thick yogurt mixed with saffron and sweet milk to bring joy to the taste buds. It is a dessert that is perfect for any warm day. It can be topped with pistachios to add more flavors.


18. Shahi Tukra

Shahi Tukra is a syrup-soaked toast that is liberally spread all over in a sweetened depleting of milk flavoured with a traditional spice, saffron. These are topped with pistachios to make the dessert a bit more interesting for the mouth. A North Indian delicacy and is savoured by all.


19. Basundi

Basundi is similar to a North Indian dish which is Rabdi. It is sweetened dense milk that is prepared by boiling milk on a low flame until the milk is depleted by half. This dish is made on multiple Hindu festivals. Various types of basundi’s are sitapha basundi and angoor basundi.


20. Sandesh

Sandesh is a dessert created with the ingredients milk and sugar and it is a Bengali dessert. Many preparations include the ingredients such as Sandesh use chhena or paneer instead of milk. It is an all time favourite for the locals and anyone visiting the cities of West Bengal.


21. Pistachio Ice-Cream

Ice-cream is a dessert all around the world but a pistachio ice-cream was brought up by the Indians. The main ingredient obviously being pistachio is an all-time heat buster.


22. Petha

Petha is a soft treat from North India. Usually rectangular or cylindrical in shape, is made from the gourd vegetable. Many flavoured variants are available. Petha is said to be originated from Agra.


23. Sheera

This is a dessert that is famous in various states and has different names in different states. It is known as Sajjige in Karnataka, in Maharashtra known as sheera and in North India known as sooji. It is originally from Karnataka and can be served as breakfast or a dessert. It is also served as a Prasad after the prayers to the Gods.


24. Unni Appam

Unni appam, also known as Karollappam is a small round sweet dish prepared with various ingredients and all of the ingredients are then fried oil. It is a popular sweet snack in Kerala.


25. Shankarpali

Shankarpali is an Indian sweet dish which is famous in the Western states of India. It is enjoyed as a treat in Diwali holiday. The taste of Shankerpalis can be either sweet or spicy depending upon the ingredients and the preparations.


27. Dhondas

Dhonas is a sweet made with Jack fruit or Cucumber, Rava, Coconut and Jaggery. Popular in Goa, it is a yummy in the tummy dessert.


27. Doodhpak

Doodhpak is a dessert which is made from milk, rice, saffron, and nuts, which can be eaten along with pooris. The milk is boiled on low flame until it is thickened. The dish can be garnished with chopped almonds. Doodhpak originates from Gujarat.


28. Sutar Feni

Sutarfeni is an Indian sweet. It is described as long flaky strands of rice flour which are roasted in ghee and later mixed with sugar to form a cotton candy. It can be then garnished with cut pistachios and almonds.


29. Sohan Papdi

Sohan papdi is a sweet dish popular in the Northern state. The shape of this dish is usually cubical or served in flakes.The texture is usually crispy. Soan Papdi is said to be famous in many regions of India, some being Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Rajasthan.


30. Anarsa

Anarsa is a crunchy sweet snack commonly eaten during Diwali. Anarsas are prepared with soaked powdered rice, jaggery or sugar.


31. Poornalu

Poornalu is the famous sweet of the Telugu festivals. The Indian delicacy is made by using rice flour which is filled with jaggery, dal paste and dry fruits. The dish is usually served hot with ghee.


32. Mysore Pak

Mysore pak is a sweet dish prepared in ghee, from Southern parts of India, usually served as dessert. It is said to be a delicacy from Mysore. The sweet dish is made with ghee, sugar, gram flour and cardamom.


33. Pootharekulu

Pootharekulu is a famous sweet from Atreyapuram, East Godavari, India. Pootharekulu actually derived from ‘Pootha’ being the coating and ‘Reku’ is the sheet.


34. Palathalikalu

Palathalikalu is a delicacy made during the Hindu New Year which is Sankranthi celebrated in Andhra Pradesh. The main ingredients for this dish include rice flour and milk.


35. Kuzhi Paniyaram

Kuzhi paniyaram is an Indian sweet dish. The batter which is prepared is similar to that of dosas and idlis. The dish can be either spicy if chillies are put in and sweet if jaggery is put in. Usually, goes by the name appe, and has various other names as well.


36. Gavvalu

Gavvalu is a sweet dish prepared in Andhra Pradesh. It is a combination of rice flour and water or milk. The dough is then shaped into small rounds usually which are flattened out and rolled and then made into sea shell shapes. They are served with dipping them in jaggery syrup.


37. Dharwad Pedha

Dharwad Peda is a sweet delicacy that Karnataka boasts about because of its uniqueness. The sweet’s originated from the city of Dharwad in Karnataka. It has been over 170 years that this sweet was introduced. The main ingredients being thickened milk and sugar.


38. Ada

Ada is a traditional Kerala delicacy; the dough is made of rice flour and has sweet fillings, which is presented in a steamed banana leaf. It can be served as an evening snack or breakfast. It is usually made during the festival of Onam. It is also served during prayers in the temples.


39. Adhirasam

Adhirasam is a type of Indian delicacy from the Tamil meals. Adhirasam is an offering to the gods during puja prayers. The sweet looks like a donut and is popular in the state.


40. Balushahi

Balushahi is a dessert from the Indian cuisine. It is a popular sweet in Harnaut of South Bihar. In South India, the pastry looking delicacy is known as Balushahis. Balushahis are prepared from maida flour.


41. Boondi

Boondi is a Rajasthani sweet snack which is made from fried chickpea flour. This dish is also a savory item known as Khara or Tikha. These are also used in the preparation of boondi laddus where in the boondi is fried and then dipped in sugar syrup.


42. Ghevar

Ghevar is a Rajasthani sweet. Ghevar originates from Jaipur which is the capital city of Rajasthan. It is also popular in the neighboring states which are Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh. It is generally prepared in the month of January for Makar Sankranti.


43. Imarti

Imarti is a dessert introduced by Mughal cooks. The dish is served by deep frying the urad flour which once done is then soaked in sugar syrup.


44. Kalakand

Kalakand is a popular Indian Sweet prepared from solidifying, sweetened milk and paneer. The dish traces its roots in Alwar, Rajasthan, India. Kalakand is mostly made in India during various festivals and multiple celebrations.


45. Malpua

Malpua is similar to a pancake which is served as a snack or dessert all over India. The preparation of the dish has the same ingredients as all the desserts and can be garnished with various toppings.


46. Ras Malai

Ras malai is a dessert famous in India. The dessert is originated from Bengal.


47. Singori

Singori is an Indian dessert prepared with Khoya that is wrapped in a maalu leaf. The sweet is said to have originated from North India, Uttarakhand. The main ingredients are khoya and sugar.


48. Chhena Poda

Chhena poda is a dessert which is prepared with the help of cheese. It traces its roots from the state of Odisha in eastern India. The dish’s translation maybe ‘Roasted Cheese’ in Odia. Chhena poda is the only Indian dessert where the flavor has been mostly from the caramelization of sugar.


49. Ledikeni

Ledikeni is a popular sweet of West Bengal. The Ledikeni is a fried dish and with being fried it gets its reddish-brown color. The sweet was right from the British rule and continue to leave everyone awestruck.


50. Lyangcha

Lyangcha, an authentic sweet dish prepared in Bengal, Orissa, and Assam. It is prepared using the ingredients flour and milk powder, by frying it and dipping it into sugar syrup for a long time. Lyangcha is common sweet in regular life of eastern Indians. They are also prepared during occasions and festivals to add to the vibe of it.


51. Misti Dahi

Mishti doi is a fermented sweet curd. Mishti Dahi is popular in the states West Bengal and Odisha in India. The curd is often sprinkled with elaichi for aroma. Dahi is considered very auspicious in the Hindu religion, due to which it is served at various festivities and celebrations.


52. Pantua

Pantua is a local sweet of eastern India. It traces its roots as a Bengali sweet. They are prepared with using the ingredients semolina, chhana, milk, ghee, and sugar syrup.


53. Pithe

Pitha is a type of cake or bread from the eastern states of the nation. It is popular in the states of Odisha, Assam, West Bengal, and Jharkhand. These are mostly made with using rice flour, but some are also made with using wheat flour.


54. Rasabali

Rasabali is a delicacy from Odisha, India. This sweet dish is offered to the Gods in various temples, but the most prominent one being Baladevjew Temple of Kendrapara. These are patties are soaked in thickened, sweetened milk, and then various traditional spices are added to them.


55. Ariselu

Ariselu is a delicacy tracing its roots from various states in the country. It has various names throughout, tas kajjaaya in Kanada and Anarsa in Maharashtra.


56. Kakinada Khaja

Kakinada khaja is a sweet dish originating from Andhra Pradesh, India. A coastal city in Andhra Pradesh going by the name of Kakinada is popular for Khajas, hence the name. The main ingredients are wheat flour, and sugar. It is believed this sweet is in the country for nearly decades.


57. Khira Sagara

Khira sagara is a sweet that traces its roots from Orissa. Khira sagara is made of marble sized balls of chhena cheese which are soaked in condensed milk. Traditional spices such as Saffron and cardamoms are mainly used for the mixture. This dish is best-served cold but can be served at room temperature as well.


58. Cham Cham

Cham Cham is a Bengali sweet. The dish has a variety of colors that it is served in. The coatings of this dish can be of coconut flakes. The shape of the sweet is usually oval.


59. Chenna Gaja

Chhena gaja is a sweet dish from Odisha, India. This dish’s ingredients are similar to that of the rasagolla or chhena poda but are very different at tastes.


60. Sukhdi

Sukhdi is a sweet prepared with the help of wheat flour and jaggery in ghee. It is often consumed in holidays or weddings or any auspicious functions. It is originated from the state of Rajasthan, India.


61. Til Pitha

Til Pitha is a sweet dish similar to a pancake. It is made usually on a famous festival like Bihu in Assam. A type of rice called Bora Saul, is soaked and ground. Then the rice goes through baking which is filled with various spices. After a lot of procedures, the end result is this sweet dih. Also known as Hesa Pitha is wildly famous in Assam.


62. Karanji

Karanji is a sweet deep-fried snack. These are made during the festivals Diwali, Pongal, and Sankranti. The main ingredients of these are coconut, jaggery/sugar. The outer layer made with wheat flour and a filling filled inside is how tasty it tastes. It is usually made in the State of Maharashtra.


63. Aaloo Ka Halwa

Aaloo ka halwa is made of mashed and boiled potatoes and ghee which adds to the wonderful aroma. It has various spices according to each one’s taste. It is a delicacy from the Northern side of the county.


64. Boorelu

Boorelu is a sweet dish which is popular in the houses of Andhra. This sweet dish is a sweet ball that is deep fried; the filling of this dish is that of Bengal gram, jaggery, sugar, and coconut and cardamom powder.


65. Payasam

Payasam is the one dessert that is savoured in the South states. It means milk in Sanskrit. In Kerala on the auspicious festival of Onam, it is served in the traditional thali


66. Shufta

Shufta is a Kashmiri sweet dish. This dish is made of multiple dry fruits and is mixed with sugar and kesar and is lightly spiced up by soonth, pepper and cinnamon.


67. Double Ka Meetha

Double ka meetha is a sweet that is prepared with frying the bread slices in hot milk with spices. The dessert is famous in Hyderabad, Telangana.


68. Quabani Ka Meetha

Qubani ka meetha is an Indian dessert which is prepared by drying the apricots. It is originated from Hyderabad. The dessert is garnished with blanched almonds and apricot kernels.


69. Sheer Khurma

Sheer Khurma is a dessert made during festivals with the help of vermicelli pudding. It is usually made by Muslims on their festivals like Eid ul-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. The dish is prepared using dried dates.


70. Mahim Halwa

Mahim Halwa is an Indian sweet. It has been given the name after a famous suburb in Mumbai known as Mahim It is a food speciality that Mumbai is famous for.


India has not 70 but much more of sweets and desserts that the nation or state can brag about. It is with a dignity that we can boast about these dishes to other nations or tourists that visit the country or the state.