Mouth Watering Traditional Barnyard Millet Food Recipes

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As the world settles into the age of technology and the widespread trendy lifestyle had brought new diseases, the traditional grains offer us a sustainable and healthy food option. Millets show us a variety of items and the resultant is healthy food habits. Earlier, natural and organic cultivation was in practice and that gave highly nutritious, healthy food that improved immunity. Even now, we can maintain good health. Here we are providing some healthy snack recipes out of millets.

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Barnyard Millet Murukkus or Chaklis
Barnyard Millet Murukku is a good tea time snack. The crispy millet murukku will impress the kids and make them want more. Here is the recipe:
Ingredients :
Barnyard Millet Flour1 Cup
Urad Dhal 2 Table Spoons
Roasted Gram 2 Teaspoons
Cumin Seeds 2 Teaspoons
Red Chilli Powder 1 Teaspoon
Salt to taste
Oil to fry
Roast barnyard millet flour for 5 minutes. Roast Urad dhal separately and powder it. Further, powder the roasted gram. Add salt, cumin seeds, chili powder to this. Pour two tablespoons of hot oil into this mixture and mix it well. Make a soft dough with adequate water. Fill the greased chakli mold and make small chaklis and deep fry in oil.

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You can do these Murukus with any millets.

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Millet Pulao
Have you ever tried, Millet Pulao? We have brought a healthy and tasty recipe of Millet Pulao that not only tickle your taste buds but make you healthy. This Millet Pulao will definitely make your family forget the junk food and pull them back to traditional healthy food habits. We are sure that the kids would love this. Here you go…

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Barnyard.. 1 cup
Cinnamon.. 1 piece
Cloves.. 4
Marata Moggu (Kapok Buds) 4
Green chilies 6
Garlic 8 flakes
Ginger 1 piece
Cardamom 2 pieces
Scraped Coconut 1/2 cup
Mint leaves 1/2 cup
Beans 1/4 cup 1″ pieces
Carrot 1/4 cup 1″ pieces
Potatoes 1/4 cup 1″ pieces
Peas 1/4 cup
Oil 2 Tablespoons
Salt to taste

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Soak Barnyard millets in water for 30 minutes. Drain the water. Take a frying pan or cooker with a lid. Pour oil in the pan/cooker and fry the soaked millets. Add all spices and roast them for 5 minutes. Grind the scraped coconut, green chilies, mint, ginger and garlic and make it a paste. Add this mixture to the roasted millets and fry them for 5 minutes. Add vegetables, 2 cups of water and salt to taste. Mix them well and close the cooker lid and after 2 whistles, remove it from heat. After half an hour, open the lid and mix the Pulao gently and serve.

We can do this Pulao with any millets, rice, or biryani rice.

Top 20 Dishes to satisfy your midnight cravings


1 Butter Naan with Chicken Curry

The first thing that hits our mind when we think about midnight cravings is hot butter naan with soft creamy chicken curry. Chicken always satisfies your cravings.


2 Biryani

Biryani can satisfy any type of craving. Steaming hot biryani at late night fast food centers for people who attend midnight parties but are not interested in emptying their pockets.


3 Paneer Butter Masala

Here comes the all time favorite paneer butter masala and roti. It is everyone’s comfort food and satisfies the midnight craving too.


4 Saag Chicken Kebab

For winter nights, one should try saag chicken kebab. Kebabs are made with minced chicken, and barbecued on charcoal. They satisfy midnight cravings for chicken lovers who tend to explore different varieties of chicken.


5 Pav Bhaji

This dish itself is a whole meal. The soft crunchy bread with bhaji masala and slight touch of butter & onion will satisfy your spicy cravings when you hangout with your friends.


6 Kathi Rolls

These tortillas are filled with mixture of onions and chicken. The piping hot tortillas along with chicken can satisfy your midnight cravings.


7 Vadapao

Being the only breakfast, lunch, and dinner for many mumbai people, vadapao can even satisfy your midnight cravings. The soft bread is stuffed with mashed potato and masalas.


8 Falooda

When you crave for something sweet at midnight, then falooda would be a great choice. Firstly, ice-cream is added along with rice noodles, jellies, strawberry and sauce. This is filled with crunchiness and sweetness.


9 Jalebi

These are made by deep frying maida flour in circular shapes. Then soaked in sugar syrup and served with chilled and sweetened yogurt.


10 Momos

These are stuffed with chicken and then steamed in pressure cooker. They are served with mayonnaise, and red chutney. One can eat them fried or steamed as per their choice. Momos are available at every fast food center.


11 Waffles

These are made with pancake batter in a special machine which are used to make waffles. Waffles when eaten along with maple syrup and ice-cream can satisfy your midnight sweet cravings.


12 Bread-Pizza

This dish doesn’t need too much effort. All you need to do is take a bread slice, add ketchup, onions, salt and some grated cheese on top. Heat the bread on the pan for few minutes and it is ready to be eaten.


13 Roasted Potatoes

Potatoes are yummy and everyone’s favorite. All you need to do is boil the potatoes for few minutes and then roast them with butter, salt, thym,e and pepper.


14 Spiced Bhujia

It consists of bhujia, tomato, onion, lemon juice, chat masala, peanuts, and chilly. This dish takes less that 10 minutes to prepare but fills your stomach to the mark. After a long restless day at work, you can make this at home and satisfy your midnight cravings.


15 Chocolate Sandwich

Chocolate is all time favorite of many people. For chocolate sandwich all you need is bread, nutella, chocolate chips, and marshmallows. Apply nutella on both sides of bread, add chocolate chips & marshmallow, and simply bake them.


16 Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is the favorite dish of many Indians. It is made with maida flour, deep fried in oil, and then soaked in sugar syrup. They are also served with ice-cream.


17 Homemade Pizza

Instead of going out and ordering pizza, we can also make them at home. These are best for people who love cheese and wants that in every food item they eat. These pizzas can satisfy your midnight cravings to a large extent.


18 Donuts

Donuts filled with chocolate and covered with brown sugar can satisfy your late night cravings because the sweet and crunchy texture of the donut and the chocolate inside will just melt into your mouth.


19 Tacos

Chicken tacos in special case can satisfy your midnight cravings because the spiciness of the taco just hits your mouth and makes you want more. Tacos are crunchy when compared to tortillas which are soft and gooey.


20 Milkshakes

Milkshakes can satisfy your sweet cravings whether at home or while you are with your friends. All you need is ice-cream, chocolate, honey, ice cubes, and milk. These items are enough to make a milkshake that can fill your mouth with deliciousness.


Top 20 Ways to decorate a Cake


1 Marshmallow

Decorating the cake with marshmallows is the best and cheap way to make your cake look like a masterpiece. You can either melt it at low heat using non stick pan or simply add them to make your cake look like a masterpiece, the choice is completely yours.


2 Icing Sugar

Dust the icing sugar over your cake to make it look perfect. You can also make templates of different shapes and dust icing sugar to get different patterns over the cake or make a paste of icing sugar using water and decorate the cake. One has to make sure that the cake is cool before dusting icing sugar otherwise the it will melt.


3 Buttercream

Using buttercream is one of most popular way of decorating a cake as it can give different colour and different flavour to the cake. Also, it can be served in different manners. Buttercream comprises of butter, icing sugar, flavoured extract, and a few drops of milk. Piped swirls to a smooth palette-knife finish are some of the ways of decorating a cake using buttercream. It can also be converted into frosting by swapping butter by cream cheese.


4 Chocolates and Sweets

Best and delicious option for decorating a cake is using chocolates and sweets. Chocolates are loved by each and every person, whether a kid, an adult, or an old person. You can just simply keep them in the middle or pile them, kids are going to love a cake decorated with so much of sweets and chocolates. To decorate a cake with chocolates and sweets, it’s important to cover the cake with Buttercream so that the chocolates and sweets have something to stick to, otherwise they will fall all over.


5 Coconut

To talking about a bit healthier option for decorating a cake, coconut can be used. Rather than using sweets and chocolates and icing sugar, coconut can be used to decorate a cake which will make it look like a masterpiece with great taste. To decorate a cake with a coconut, ‘DESICCATED COCONUT’ is used as it is lighter. Desiccated coconut can be sprinkled in the same way icing sugar is used over the cake but just the difference is that here you would have to cover the cake with some Buttercream.


6 Fruits

Another healthier option for decorating a cake is using fruits. It’s again something light and refreshing. There are many variety of fruits that will be perfect for decorating a cake. Strawberries, raspberries, and dry raisins all are a perfect option for topping your cake. If adding fresh fruit, make sure to add it at the last minute.


7 Mixed Nuts

Creative mind is what, that is loved by everyone especially when it comes to decorating a cake.  Creative mind can give a new look to your cake. To give a new look to your cake, mixed nuts are the best option. Mixed nuts can be used to cover the whole cake, top to bottom which will not only give it a new look but will also taste marvelous.


8 Chocolate Fingers and Cigarillos

We sometimes face problem while taking our cake out from the utensil. Sometimes the cake gets spoiled while sometimes the cake gets burnt from the edges. To cover your flaws in the cake, chocolate fingers and cigarillos are the best option to be used. This technique will not only hide the flaws but will also make the cake look marvelous with great taste. To cover your cake with chocolate fingers and cigarillos, first cover it with royal icing or chocolate. Just apply it around the edges of the cake.


9 Sprinkles

Sprinkles can also be used to decorate a cake. This technique will also hide your flaws in the cake and will be loved by each and everyone. This technique will make your cake look good. Using sprinkles will save time and money and is easy to use without much efforts needed.


10 Dum Dums

Another time and money saving technique is using Dum Dums. It is a very tastier version that is loved by kids a lot. It’s easier to use over the cake.


11 Cookies

They can also be used in decorating a cake. Using cookies will give crunchy taste to the cake. Decorating a cake with cookie will give you a dual taste of cake as well as of a cookie with flavours. Cookies can also be used in giving different designs over a cake which will give a different look to your cake. Cookies like Oreo can be used.


12 Fondant or Sugar Paste

Cake can be decorated using fondant or a sugar paste. They are easily available in market and it’s really easy to work with fondant. They are available in different colours or food colouring can also be used to white fondant. To work with fondant, it’s important to have a clean and dry surface. To stop it from sticking, dust with icing sugar.


13 Fondant Shapes

Fondant shapes can be used to give your cake a completely different look. With a little bit of practice, you can make impressive fondant.


14 Flowers

You can also use flowers. Crystallized and fresh flowers like mint, lavender, rose petals, pansies, primroses can be used to decorate the cake.


15 Candy Corn

Another easy way to decorate the cake is using candy corn. It is easy to use and gives a unique flavour to the cake.


16 Gummy Bear

One can also use gummy bears to decorate a cake. They are colourful and cute and is one of the easiest ways to decorate cake for a child’s birthday party.


17 Edible Glitter

Edible glitter can also be used to decorate a cake. It gives a royal look to the cake and makes it look ravishing.


18 Custom Message

Being sweet and simple also works a lot. A sweet simple message can also make the cake look good.


19 Cereals

Cereals can also be used to decorate a cake. To make it look colourful and fancy, use food colouring to colour the cereal.


20 Decorating Tips and Pens

Using decorating tips and pens are very helpful in decorating a cake and making different shapes out of it. It can be used in decorating a cake.


Top 20 Foods from the streets of Ramnagar


Each state has its own cuisine since India is a land of diverse culture. Not many people know this, but there are plenty of delicacies in Ramnagar to satisfy your hunger. While walking down the road, you’ve got different aromas from the road front vendors to the fancy restaurants. What is peculiar about Ramnagar’s cuisines is that they are cooked mainly on burning wood or charcoal, giving them additional nutritional qualities.

1 Kafuli

This dish is a boon for all people. Kafuli is a dish which all the Ramnagar residents swear about. Essentially, Spinach and fenugreek leaves are used in the preapration that are prescribed even by doctors. It is an exotic dish, made in iron kadhai with the help of hot steaming rice. It is the nutritious and most healthy food in the country.


2 Mint Chutney

In Ramnagar, mint chutney is quite famous and favorite of all. It simply adds to the taste of food and, its fresh aroma and taste lingers in the mouth. It is essentially made of Hemp Seeds which gives it the typical aroma.


3 Garhwal ka Fannah

This sky-like dish is an essential element of Ramnagar and is sufficient to satisfy your eyes and stomach. It turns out to be one of those foods that just leave you wanting more. Garhwal Ka Fannah has become a must-have food item.


4 Phaanu

Phaanu is a dish mostly known in the Garhwal region. It is a sort of sweet food. Phaanu’s special scent is sure to make your taste buds a treat.


5 Baadi

Baadi is a dish with long-lasting aroma and pungent flavor which has fascinated the locals of Ramnagar. It is legacy of all the essential nutrients which are difficult to find in a single dish. When we get nutrients and taste in one delicacy, what more can we ask for.


6 Kandalee Ka Saag

The most popular dish among visitors and tourists is the Kandalee Ka Saag. It’s a leafy green herb that is produced in an ordinary manner like every other plant, but what makes it different is the leafy vegetable known as the Bicchu Ghas.


7 Chainsoo

The dish of Urad or Kali Dal, which consists of a lot of protein is a very famous Garhwali dish. Many people find it difficult to digest, but this dish has a completely earthy taste worth try.


8 Raita

Raita is another dish which accompanies all other Ramnagar cuisines. The locals of this state cannot complete their meal without the curd, turmeric, and cucumber raita.


9 Dubuk

Duduk daal is made and served with rice. While the ideal time to eat it is in Winter, but who can prevent you from enjoying it all year round.


10 Kheer

How can we not mention the desserts when we talk about delicacies. It’s a renowned state sweet dish. Kheer here is prepared with a type of millet that is this dessert’s main ingredient. The rich texture and milk value will cause you to ask for more.


11 Gulgula

Gulgula is a pleasant Ramnagar’s sweet, yet another dish highly popular among visitors and tourists. It’s a sweet local jaggery snack that traces its origins in the region. This is a very common dish in the State because it uses very basic ingredients which are immediately available to the population.


12 Arsa

In the region of Ramnagar, Arsa is the most popular dessert. In every household in the state, it has been placed permanently. This sweet dish is high in the taste and low in the calorie meter and is very popular.


13 Singori

Singori is a well-known sweet dish in Ramnagar, also called Singodi / Singauri, which is prepared with Khoa, a dairy milk product wrapped in Maalu leaf. The sweet savoury is cone-shaped and is available in Almora.


14 Ras

A fine soup with a mixture of rice paste, stock of lentils, and iron vessel pulses. The pulses are soaked overnight in water that is then boiled and baked in iron kadhai with herbs and masala. It is best served with hot, damp rice and is a high protein dish.


15 Aloo Tuk

A typical Indian dish, made in each household, but it is called Ramnagar’s regional meal. This dish will give your soul what it wants, along with Chutney, Poori’s and Kamaoni Raita. A simple dish of cooked potatoes with coriander and red chilies is a must try for this recipe.


16 Aloo Jhol

Aloo ka Jhol is a potato recipe with many variants, served with poori’s or chapati’s. The name is also Aloo rashar, mathura ke dubki wale aloo, poori bhaji, poori masala, etc.


17 Churdkani

The local Bhatt lentil is soaked in the water during the evening and then cooked with powdered spices and served as a soupy dish with rice.


18 Chaat

The street food in Ramnagar has everything, from golgappa’s, papri chaat, dahi vada’s, to aloo tikki’s. Indubitable lip-smacking are these chat options, and we bet that you won’t be satisfied with one. And even if you can enjoy them at any time of the day, it’s best to have them at noon before lunch or in the evening before dinner.


19 Aloo Gutke

Aloo Gutke is one of the state’s most common and fundamental dishes. It’s a very delicious meal prepared from simple dry spices roasted and covered over potatoes. This dish is loved by everyone around. You can eat roti or paratha with this dish.


20 Roat

This sweet dish is cooked in mustard oil with jaggery and wheat flour. Fennel and dry cocoa are added to make it more flavourful. Roat is a sweet dish in Ramnagar you can complement and eat it with mint chutney. You will find this dish at every restaurant.


Top 20 Types of Poha in Madhya Pradesh


In Madhya Pradesh you can eat the delicious Poha at every corner. This is one of the most famous dishes of Madhya Pradesh. Poha is beaten rice and has different names in the various parts of our country, such as Poha in North India, Chuda in Orissa, Atkulu in Telugu, Aval in Tamil Nadu, Avalakki in Kannada.

1 Tomato Poha

The best choice of quick buffet breakfast on rushed mornings is poha or flattened rice. Flattened rice is also light and easy to digest, and it is perfect for losing weight. Tomato poha tastes good and added green peas can enhance its quality.


2 Karwar Style Poha

It is a nutritious and basic dish made from poha. Phodni means simple or garnished temperament. A delicious crunch is added by the use of cashew nuts. You cannot find this Poha easily, you will required to do little research.


3 Mixed Vegetable Poha

This sweet, spicy, and tangy poha is the perfect choice for a weekend breakfast. The addition of roast peanuts together with the flavor of lemon along with the roasting vegetables is a delight for this dish.


4 Curd Poha

In your poha they will add lots of curd and spices which is quite delicious. You ask them to add less or more curd in your poha according to your choice and preferences.


5 Upma Poha

The Poha is easily made with flattened flakes of rice, which are sprinkled with the fresh and aromatic coriander paste. In this poha, toast peanuts give it extra crunch during your meal.


6 Oatmeal Poha

Oatmeal Poha is a healthy breakfast choice in Madhya Pradesh. Peanuts, Coriander, & Gingers is added in Oatmeal Poha. Adding oats together with various vegetables, makes this poha a nutritious and healthy snack.


7 Indori Poha

Indori Poha is a tasty, light, and popular breakfast in Madhya Pradesh. It is a great way to change your regular poha. Fennel seeds will make this poha even more tasty.


8 Matar Poha

Matar Poha is a delightful winter cuisine; the vegetable which can bring every dish to the next level. Peas are the best winter vegetable, and this Matar Poha is made of fresh peas and s an ideal and healthy breakfast or snack.


9 Bengali Poha

This Poha is simple and slightly sweet. It is packed with nutrients and is also a healthy menu for the school lunch.


10 Kanda Poha

Kanda Poha very popular breakfast or tea snack. This super-fast dish is just right for you if you prefer to eat a light meal in the morning. Depending on your taste, you can always spice it up and down.


11 Khara Avalakki Poha

Khara Avalakki Poha is very popular in Madhya Pradesh for breakfast or evening tiffin. It’s a fast snack made from spicy rice flavored by coconut and aromatic seasoning. You can enjoy this Poha with a good filter coffee.


12 Aloo Poha

The Batata Poha also known as Aloo Poha offers wonderful tastes and spicy, soft, & crunchy texture. It is made from green chillies and lemon juice, together with boiled potatoes, which further improve the texture. This is also a popular Madhya Pradesh breakfast dish.


13 Gojju Poha

Gojju Poha is a preferred Poha in every household in Madhya Pradesh. You will get this Poha served mostly during fasting time especially during the time of Maha Shivaratri. In this poha, Tamarind is added, which makes it taste tangy and distinct from other Poha. This Poha is served with Masala Chai.


14 Goan Poha

Goan Poha is prepared with milk and mixed with curd. This Poha is little sweet in taste. The sweetness of sugar and cardamom flavour makes this dish really taste good. For a quick breakfast with Masala Chai, you can simply whip this dish in a few minutes.


15 Avalakki Poha

Avalakki Poha is eaten during the time of fast. This Poha is made with thick or thin red or white poha. This Poha also tastes sweet. It will be best for you if you love sweet dishes.


16 Idli Poha

You will find Idli Poha only in Madhya Pradesh. It is prepared by adding idli slices in the Poha, and garnishing it with different specially prepared spices. Taste it once and praise it forever.


17 Chapati Poha

You might have heard this name before. Chapati Poha is prepared by mixing chapati and poha together. You will find chapati poha in every local restaurant and market of Madhya Pradesh.


18 Cutlet Poha

Cutlet Poha tastes same as the cutlet you eat. You will get confused whether you are eating a cutlet or poha. Cutlet poha is deep fried and prepared with lots of chillies in Madhya Pradesh.


19 Gujrati Poha

As the name suggests, Gujarati Poha is prepared keeping in mind the typical Gujarati taste. If you are from Gujarat, but living in Madhya Pradesh then you should surely taste this Poha to recall the Gujarati taste.


20 Jalebi Poha

Jalebi poha does not look like jalebi but it tastes like jalebi. Jalebi poha is sweet in taste. Nuts are added in this poha to enhance the taste. This poha is so sweet in taste that little will be more for you.


Top 20 Famous Dishes in Ayodhya


The food options in the Ayodhya may be quite limited because the food is vegetarian only, and the small town does not have many fancy restaurants. You will mostly find Aloo Tikki, Pani Puri, Kachori, Papri Chaat, Samosa, and many more that have the color and taste of the region.

1 Veg-Biryani

Whether you love rice or not, you are bound to stir up the excitement of your palate by the fragrance of a veg-biryani in Ayodhya. The infusion of spices and seasonings together with the Basmati Rice is a feast itself. Veg Biryani is made often with cooked vegetables and served with raita.


2 Chole Bhature

Crisp fried bhature and spicy gravy that are prepared to relieve the pangs of hunger. Add a butter dollop and a pinch of lemon juice to the gravy and to take the dish entirely on a different level. The scrumptious dish is served with pickles and onions. Chole Bhature, which originated in the North West, has developed into a favorite of millions throughout the country.


3 Rumali Roti

Rumali Roti has become part of the Indian grub. This is one of the most famous dishes that you will find at every corner of Ayodhya complimenting it with some gravy dishes.


4 Litti Chokha

Another delicacy from Ayodhya, which will make you want more, is a fine smoking litti, mashed potato, and brinjal bharta. The stuffing is made of sattu or powdered gram, chili, and achari masala, made from wheat flour dough, and screened inside balls. Once baked, the litti is served with chokha and chutney, preferably on an earthen stove.


5 Baigan Bharta

This simple dish can be enjoyed with the help of rice or rotis and is a favourite in the chilly winter. The aubergine is usually made with mustard oil and then grilled with carbon or firewood, over a red-hot smoking boiler or a steel stove. A smoky aura of the freshly roasted eggplant is an attractive sight, and the Bharta is covered in chilies and onion.


6 Dum Aloo

Dum Aloo involves the concoction of spices that give the dish a spicy taste; the baby potatoes are deeply fried up to golden brown. The main component of the original dish is a powder made of dried Kashmiri chillies or pepper chillies, but chillies are taken off and replaced with cassava-nuts or watermelon seeds.


7 Veg-Tikka

Veg-tikka is made by roasting the vegetables in tandoor, which is marinated with curd and mixed with spices, including cayenne and red chili powder. This is one of the tandoori delicacies.


8 Paratha

Without a paratha, Ayodhya’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be unfinished. The thin flatbread is a wholesome meal choice and can be enjoyed with pickle or curd. The most amazing thing about paratha’s is their generous stuffing. You can eat a variety of paratha’s according to your choice and preferences.


9 Rajma Chawal

The Rajma is slowly cooked in the gravity of a kettle of masalas and is soaked overnight. The dish moves to another level with a dollop of fresh cream added to the sauce. Rajma Chawal is a favourite dish of everyone and you can find it in every restaurant in Ayodhya.


10 Papad Ki Sabji

Either roasted or fried, the crispy papad can change the flavor of the whole dinner. It can be even your saviour when you decide on the menu for the night, or you want to quickly construct something for the famished and fussy children. The unsuspecting papad is twisted and served together with rice or roti in this recipe.


11 Sarso Saag

Sarso Saag plates blend all of Punjab’s fragrance on your table. Makki ki roti is a mixture made with maize meal flour, and Sarso Da Saag is made from the tender stalks of mustard leaves. The pungent mustard aroma is balanced with the ginger, garlic, and onion in the meal.


12 Dal, Baati, and Churma

This is a typical dish for your taste buds and your tummy. The Baati Dal is made of wheat flour dough and baked with coal or firewood in an earthen or brick stove, alongside a Dal with a variety of pulses. This wholesome and balanced meal completes the sweet Churma, which is made from coarse wheat flour, and Rava deeply into ghee with almonds and cabbages for garnishing.


13 Dahi Vada

This delicacy in Ayodhya has grown into the favorite snack of many Indians. The deep-fried vada is immersed in curd and is surrounded by imli or dhaniya. The Dahi Vada tastes tangy and is supplemented by a sprinkle of black salt or chaat.


14 Kadhi

Although curd is used in many recipes as an ingredient and even accompanies many dishes, this unsuspected food in the form of kadhi has a delicious twist. The curd mixed with grams of flour can be cooked, and the asafoetida pinch can work its magic. Add a couple of pakoras or papads, and the delicious kadhi is ready for consumption.


15 Rabri

Unlike other sweets, the stunning dessert which originated in Mathura and Ayodhya is also easy to prepare. A low flame brings to boil the milk mixed with sugar, and the cream layers are accumulated until the volume of milk is reduced to one-third of the initial. Many people like a little Kesar, which gives the sweet dish a lovely hue. The rabri can also be garnished with almond slivers.


16 Chaat

It’s Ayodhya’s favorite street food. It has a wide range of flavors, various toppings, and masala. The most well-known of all the variants are the samosa chaat, tikki chat, and matar chaat.


17 Kebab Paratha

Kebab paratha is one of the most favorite dishes of people in North India. Kebab is served with green and spicy chutney complimented with paratha. This one of the most loved evening snack.


18 Gujiya

Gujiya is made of cardamom-flavored mava and dried fruits and is deep-fried. They are a big part of the Holi color scheme series. It is one of North Indian culture’s favorite and essential dish. Whether an infant or an elderly person, everyone loves it.


19 Kulfi

It’s a well-known dessert, usually served in summer. It is made of cardamom and saffron, with churned milk combined with dried fruits. A thin, saffron-colored falooda is served in the kulfi.


20 Kofta

This platter is offered in both vegetable and non-veg food. Curry-based dish is soaked in meat or vegetable balls. A great combination of spices are added in the curry. It is served with chapati or rice.


Top 19 Places in Delhi to enjoy Delhi’s Special Chaat

CMF 5 (1)

We all know how popular Delhi is when it comes to food. The city covers a large part of Indian cuisine from its glorious preparations for the Mughals to something as important as Ram Ladoo. And we can’t miss out on one of the most favourite dishes in the city that is chaat. We can explore the Top 19 Places in Delhi where you can enjoy the most delicious chaat.

1 Bittoo Tikki Wala

Bittoo Tikki Wala has succeeded in finding an imminent place in the heart of the city. Bitoo Tikki Wala is nothing less than a brand and has been offering good quality and taste of tikki’s for years with almost 16 operational outlets.

Location: Multiple Locations

Cost for Two: INR 400


2 Prince Chaat Corner

Prince Chaat Corner brings a large crowd from all across South Delhi and beyond, giving cut-throat competition to all bars and cafés in the posh GK-1, M Block Market. A decade after serving the best-known chaat in Delhi, people stop at this place and enjoy the flavor that has remained the same for years now. Do not miss the popular Palak Patta Chaat. This is one of the most famous chaat of Prince Chaats Corner. It has 2 more outlets.

Location: M-29, Greater Kailash (GK) 1, New Delhi

Cost for Two: INR 150


3 Natraj Dahi Bhalle Wala

This small shop has existed since 1940, and its popularity is only increasing every day. The bhallas sold here are soft and have a fantastic taste. The curd is thick and creamy, on the other hand, has a sweet, flavorful dash. This street food is decorated with some red chilli and chaat masala.

Location: 1396, Main Road Near Central Bank, Opposite Paranthe Wali Gali, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

Cost for Two: INR 100


4 Hira Lal Chaat Corner

Enjoy some fresh and delicious fruit chaat in the Hira Lal Chaat Corner, which is what you’ll find best in the capital. Served in a large cup of fruit skin, the chaat tastes good and is nutritious. The fruits and yogurts are sweet and delicious, are also extremely fresh, which improves the taste of the best chaat in Delhi.

Location: 3636, Gali Lohe Wali, Chawri Bazar, New Delhi

Cost for Two: INR 100


5 Vaishno Chat Bhandar

Vaishno Chat Bhandar is a pride of Kamla Nagar. Another cornerstone of our list of the best spots to eat chaat under Rs 100. The options here are diverse, and certainly worth trying, from Papdi Chaat to Aloo Tikki.

Location: Shop 66-67/E, Near Chota Gali Chakkar, Kamla Nagar, New Delhi

Cost for Two: INR 150


6 Shree Balaji Chaat Bhandar

This quaint outlet will take you to delight you with the sweet chaat, served with smooth dollops, which is one of the very few places served by Rajasthani Street Delicacy, Kalmi Vada. For almost 150 years, the shop serves its loyal customers, and even for a long time, the taste of its spicy dishes has been unchanged.

Location: Shop 1462, Near Sheesh Ganj Sahib Gurudwara, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

Cost for Two: INR 100


7 Bishan Swaroop Chaat Corner

This chaat shop is well-known since 1923, for its sweet and tangy Fruit Chaat. Here chaat is served in a dona and is flavored with spices like roasted cinnamon, black pepper, and chaat masala, together with lemon juice and chutney.

Location: 1421, Near Ashish Medicos, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

Cost for Two: INR 400


8 Roshan Di Kulfi

Roshan Di Kulfi calls out when you are looking for the one place you can satisfy your craving for Raj Kachori. We’re very suggesting you try their warm PavBhaji while you won’t get over the Raj Kachori served here.

Location: 2816, Block 34P, Ajmal Khan Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi

Cost for Two: INR 500


9 Lala Babu Chaat Bhandar

Lala Babu Chaat Bhandar will leave you wanting more, especially with its ghee-cooked food items. They are famous for their fruit chaat. In contrast to most fruit chaat joints in Delhi, Lala Babu Chaat Bhandar also has a large number of choices.

Location: Manohar Market, Hauz Qazi, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi


10 UPSC Chaat Wala

The chaat here is served only in the afternoon, but it almost always has a long queue waiting to hog on its delicious chaat. While the place aces almost everything on its menu, the Aloo Tikki is served with mint chutney should never be skipped. Add creamy Falooda Kulfi to this, and we bet that you will return smiling.

Location: Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, UPSC Office Lane, Mansingh Road, New Delhi

Cost for Two: INR 150


11 Raju Chaat Bhandar

This is the best go-to chaat place in Delhi, apart from the magnificent Dahi Bhalle, Gol Gappa, and Papdi Chaat. This chaat corner will offer you a variety of chaats which you surely don’t want to miss.

Location: 76, Srinagar Colony, Bharat Nagar Road, Ashok Vihar Phase 2, New Delhi

Cost for Two: INR 200


12 Chote Lal Chaat Bhandar

Choose Lal Chaat Bhandar is the place for you if you are somebody who likes tomato in your chaat. This stall is located in Sitaram Bazar and is famous for selling the most famous chaat in Delhi. Their specialty is Tomato Chaat, Fruit Chaat, and the Dry Fruit Chaat.

Location: 1028, Sitaram Bazar, Kucha, Sharif Beg, Sita Ram Bazar, Old Delhi, New Delhi


13 Ashok Chaat Corner

In Delhi, there are very few places serving Rajasthani street food, and Ashok Chaat Corner is one of them. You should not miss their Papdi Chaat, apart from Kalmi Vada, which has people traveling from all over the city by metro, just for a bite.

Location: Shop 3488, Chowk Hauz Qazi, Near Chawri Bazar, New Delhi

Cost for Two: INR 100


14 Padam Chaat Corner

Four different types of golgappa, amla water rather than imli water, and Dahi Papri Chaat, which makes the Padam Chaat Corner one of Delhi’s most sought after chaat spots. What we would like to point out is how humble the man behind the counter is and how his modesty and customer service improves the entire experience.

Location: Gali Barf Wali, Near Kinari Bazar, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

Cost for Two: INR 100


15 Chaat Chowk

The Chaat Chowk in Galleria should not be missed as a highly hygienic and well-maintained chaat corner. They offer a range of chaat options, ensuring that everything tastes good. We will suggest you taste their Sev Puri. It has 3 outlets in New Delhi.

Location: RZ-1, Near IBLS Hospital, Bhawani Kunj, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Cost for Two: INR 250


16 Atul Chaat Corner

Treat yourself with an Aloo Tikki, take a break from your shopping and business at one of Rajouri’s most famous chaat spot.

Location: H-44, Main Market, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

Cost for Two: INR 150


17 Bhimsain’s Bengali Sweet House

Be comfortable with an aloo chaat plate and follow it by a pakori chaat platter and end with a golgappe chaat.

Location: 27-29, Bengali Market, Mandi House, New Delhi

Cost for Two: INR 400


18 Om Sweets & Snacks

This outlet in Gurgaon is loved because of its specially prepared Aloo Tikki with lots of spices added in it, which enhances its flavor. It has 12 outlets in Delhi.

Location: Multiple Outlets

Cost for Two: INR 500


19 Haldiram’s Chandni Chowk

Bending on the chaat of Haldiram while sitting in the New Delhi aura, is an entirely different experience. Their chaat tastes different from others.

Location: 1454/2, Near Sheeshganj Gurudwara, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

Cost for Two: INR 600


Top 18 Types of Idli to enjoy in Tamil Nadu


Idli is a nutritious, delicious dish and is liked by almost everyone across the country. It is eaten by people in various ways and is accompanied by different products, such as Chutney, Kuruma, Sambhar, etc. Idli is suitable for all ages as it is made by steaming. The batter is fermented, so probiotics are very good. Have a look at the top 18 types of idli, you can enjoy in Tamil Nadu.

1 Regular Idli

The regular idli is made with idli rice, urad dal and fenugreek seeds. In Tamil Nadu, Idli is one of the most famous and favourite dish among people. It is loved by everyone.


2 Poha Idli

Poha is split into a perfect idle batter with rice and urad dal. Like ordinary idli, chutney or kuruma can be served with. Poha idli tastes different from the regular idli. One should try Poha Idli for a change.


3 Rava Idli

Rava or Semolina are used for this idli. This requires no grinding. In contrast to the regular idle varieties, Rava idli are rough.


4 Oats Idli

Oats idli is often a meal recommended for diabetic people. It has no sugar content and is, therefore, suitable for all. Fermenting is not required to prepare this idli.


5 Instant Idli

Instant idli mix is available that can be used for emergencies. You should try your hands on this idli blend when you do not have enough time to make the idli batter. They can be found in the stores easily.


6 Ragi Idli

This is a very nutritious and safe variety of idli. Ragi or finger millets are used in making this Idli. It includes parboiled rice, as well as urad dal. Ragi idli recipes are also available instantly.


7 Instant Poha Idli

No fermentation is required for this. Preparation is also simple. The idli is very soft and fluffy when made using poha.


8 Kanchipuram Idli

This Idli is prepared using moutar seeds, urad dal, and ginger. This kind of idli doesn’t need an accompaniment such as chutney or sambhar, as it tastes best alone.


9 Cooked Rice Idli

Cooked rice idli is just a homemade idli sold in the market of Tamil Nadu. It melts instantly in the mouth. It is not only delicious but it is also soft in taste.


10 Thinai Idli

This is another form of idli made with a variety of millet – thinai. In this idli, there is a great deal of food value and a great deal of health benefits.


11 Podi Idli

Podi idli is rendered with tiny idli’s and idle podium sprinkling. In a saucepan, the mixture is roasted to crisp the idli’s.


12 Vada Idli

Vada Idli is a delicious deep-fry meal served for breakfast in nearly every hotel. Vada’s such as Medu vada, Masala, Parupu vada, Sambar vada, Thayir vada, etc. Vada’s are available at every restaurant of Tamil Nadu.


13 Idli in Jackfruit Leaves

Very soft aromatic idlis are made from a cup of jackfruit leaves. These idli’s are called hittu or khotte in Konkani language. Jackfruit leaves steam the idli’s, and give the jackfruit leaves a flavor and aroma.


14 Okra Idli

Soft, fluffy, delicious idli, made with bhindi/okra. You can also attempt to make okra dosa using the same batter.


15 Samvat Rice Idli

Unique rice-free idli recipe you can prepare for fasting or regular days too. This is a sama, samo, samvat, vari fermented idli, which is a millet grain used in Indian fasting.


16 Idli Fry

Crisp idli fry is made of idli’s. Sambar or tomato sauce can be eaten with idli fry.


17 Idli Upma

Simple, homely frills upma is a leftover idli’s recipe. A fast breakfast recipe that can satisfy everyone’s hunger.


18 Chili Idli

Idli’s are deep fried in a saucepan and lots of chili’s or sauces are added to make the idli spicy and finger-licking.


South Indian dishes are healthy and delicious. Fermented batter idli is one of the best and soft light spongy idli’s are included in your diet, if feasible. Idli is very healthy and should be in the diet of a health-conscious person.

Top 20 Best Soya Chaap Places in Delhi


Soya chaap is undeniably a versatile dish that you can enjoy both fried and gravy prepared. In Delhi, there are numerous places where you can enjoy lip-smacking soya chaap. We have prepared the list of top 20 places in Delhi, where you will get the best soya chaap.

1 Wah Ji Wah

Wah Ji Wah is a pure vegetarian restaurant having 49 outlets in Delhi. They offer a variety of delicious soya chaaps such as Achari Chaap, Afghani Chaap, Hariyali Chaap, Reshmi Chaap, Malai Chaap Roll, Chaap Rogan Josh, Chaap Lababdar Gravy, etc. They are famous for their quick preparation and delivery. If you are a vegetarian and you want to have the best soya chaap, then you should surely visit this place.

Cost for two: INR 500

Address: Multiple Outlets


2 Sardarji Malai Chaapwale

They offer the best variants of Soya Chaap made from pure desi ghee with a good balance of spices. The peculiar menu also adds to the essence of the restaurant. You should try their Bunty Bubli Chaap, it has a great roast of spicy chaaps, tossed into smooth gravel of yogurt with slightly pungent mint chutney. You can also try their Tawa Chaap Gravy, Hariyali Chaap, and Achaari Chaap. They have 5 outlets in Delhi.

Cost for two: INR 450

Address: Multiple Outlets


3 Kulcha King

Kulcha King is a stall in Sarojini Nagar handled by the father and son Avtar Singh Bagga and Harjeet Singh respectively. They are favorite among people because of their lip-smacking Amritsari Kulchas and mouth-melting Soya Chaaps. They serve chaap, along with chutney and chopped onions with mint and coriander that complete the chaap smoky flavor.

Address: Shop 144, Ring Road Market, Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi


4 Hunger Strike

Hunger Strike is here to extend your choice by its excellent soya chaaps. The best soya chaap in their menu is Soya Chilli Chaap and Masala Roll Soya Butter. They are delicious, soft, succulent, and spicy items. The filling is savory, and the sauces are widely used. Don’t forget to try their dignified soy rolls next time you visit Delhi. They have 5 outlets in Delhi.

Cost for two: INR 400

Address: Multiple Outlets


5 Azam’s Mughlai

Azam’s Mughlai is in Khan Market that gives the Mughlai feature and flavor to their soya chaap. They prepare their soya chaap by grilling it in their tandoor until it is soft. You can have Malai Chaap, Soya Masala Chaap, and Soya Malai Chaap Roll here.

Cost for two: INR 600

Address: 1-B, Khan Market, New Delhi


6 Mitra Da Dhaba

Mitra Da Dhaba is the ultimate choice for the school and college going kids. Their Stuffed Chaap, Afghani Chaap, and Malai Chaap are unparalleled. Mitra Da Dhaba is situated in Rajinder Nagar.

Cost for two: INR 350

Address: 1/124, Shankar Road, Old Rajinder Nagar, Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi


7 Chaap Point

Chaap point is situated in Kirti Nagar; this small restaurant is known for its various types of chaap, chaap roll, and some other items. You can also eat Paneer Tikka Roll, Mushroom Tikka Roll, Shahi Chaap, and Malai Chaap here.

Cost for two: INR 200

Address: Appu Town, Ramesh Nagar, Near Gol Chakkar Park, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi


8 FCF Chaap & Kabab’s

There is nothing to overcome the magic of innovation created by FCF Chaap in the Rajouri Garden area over the years. The FCF’s are famous for its Golden Fried Chaap Special, Chaap Orley, and Chilli Chaap. They offer a wide range of fresh flavors that cannot be ignored.

Cost for two: INR 500

Address: 11/92, Near Surya Continental Hotel, Subhash Nagar, New Delhi


9 Shiv Tikki Wala

This place is open only during the evening hours, they serve soya chaap with their special chutney. The Malai Chaap and Afghani Chaap melt-in-the-mouth are what you will really like when you will visit this place.

Cost for two: INR 250

Address: Ground Floor, Pramesh Tower, Karkardooma Community Centre, Karkardooma, New Delhi


10 Gupta Chaat Corner

It is one of the oldest restaurants in the area. They are famous for their chilli chaap, achari chaap, and tandoor chilli chaap. The quantity they serve is the best part of this spot. They have two outlets in Delhi.

Cost for two: INR 300

Address: Punjabi Bagh and Vikaspuri


11 Veer Ji Malai Chaap Wale

If you are on a diet, then you will have to tell them to put less butter on your chaap as their chaaps are full of butter. They have 27 outlets in Delhi. Their chaap list is endless and full of different flavors, from Sunny Leone Chaap to Masala and Malai Chaap.

Cost for two: INR 300

Address: Multiple Outlets


12 Chawla’s

Chawla’s offers the ideal evening snack that you may want in the city, filled with crumb-sized soya with mayonnaise and green chutney. If you like spicy soya chaap, then Achari and Pudina Chaap are made for you. They have 2 outlets in Delhi.

Cost for two: INR 800

Address: Preet Vihar and Geeta Colony


13 Kake Da Hotel

Kake Da Hotel is a classic dhaba in Delhi. They are famous for their Chilli Soya Chaap and Soya Chaap Makhani. Their chaaps start from Rs. 230 and are quite expensive, but they are surely worth the price. They have 24 outlets in Delhi.

Cost for two: INR 700

Address: Multiple Outlets


14 Roll King

We know nothing of chicken or mutton, but in the city, no one makes soya chaap better than these guys. The next time you are here, Order Malai Chaap Roll, and you will be delighted to eat that.

Cost for two: INR 250

Address: Shop 19 A, A-4, DDA, Gole Market, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi


15 Soya King

These men go far beyond tikkas or rolls and serve delicious foods such as Korma Keema Chaap and Keema Paranthas. You should surely visit this food joint to eat the best-of-best soya chaap.

Cost for two: INR 500

Address: Shop 25, Market 2, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi


16 Chaap Le

Chaap Le is famous for its Achari Chaap with Rumali Roti. This combination may sound awkward, but when you eat it, you will surely praise it.  Their achari chaap is a go-to snack for school and college people. The price set by them is quite reasonable. Their chaaps start from Rs. 50, which is affordable. With Chaap Le, you can enjoy good food just with a little money in your pocket.

Address: Near ASN School, Mayur Vihar Phase 1, New Delhi


17 Savour ‘D’ Flavour

This famous chaap corner is renowned for its delicious chaaps in Laxmi Nagar and provides the chaaps with authentic Indian flavors. This place will make you forget the potato and paneer or even the non-veg.

Cost for two: INR 250

Address: B-20, Guru Ram Dass Nagar, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi


18 Veggie’s Kitchen

Veggie’s Kitchen in East Delhi is a vegetarian restaurant serving delicacies like chicken tikka, fish tikka, chilli chaap, tomato chaap, etc. Take a metro reach to this place and enjoy the best soya chaap.

Cost for two: INR 450

Address: 16, Guru Nanak Market, Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi


19 The Masala Potli

The food at Masala Potli makes you feel scrupulous and happy. The best spices combine into mouth-watering dishes with the right ingredients and condiments. The Masala Potli, especially are famous in the city, especially for their Stuffed Crispy Chaap, Mughlai Chaap, and the Afghanistani Chaap.

Address: G 17, 18, Plot 1, United Plaza, Karkardooma Community Centre, Karkardooma, New Delhi


20 Mitra Di Chaap

Mitra Di Chaap has 3 outlets in Delhi. You would be happy to see the chaap choices here like Garlic Chaap, Achari Chaap, and Ajwaini Chaap. You can ask for a customize chaap from them if you wish to.

Cost for two: INR 400

Address: Mayur Vihar Phase 1, Vasundhara Enclave, and Mayur Vihar Phase 2


Top 19 Restaurants in Kanpur


A rich, diverse melting blend of cuisines from all over the world is offered for you to dine in the Indian metropolis of Kanpur. We have highlighted the top 20 food restaurant in Kanpur to get the best food.

1 Aromas

For the residents of Kanpur, Aromas is the best dining restaurant. Before becoming the fine dining restaurant in Kanpur, Aromas were famous for their burger and pizza. Today Aromas offers a wide range of dishes for lunch or supper; they have plenty of surprises to keep you going from your favorite Indian food to your most loved Chinese delights. The service is swift, and the flavor perfectly suits everyone around.

Cost for Two: INR 400

Location: 7/135, Opposite Indian Overseas Bank, Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur

Must Try: Chicken Pizza, Chicken Frankie, Spring Roll, Burger


2 Dhuaan

Dhuaan is situated at Status Club, and is recognized for its diverse menu and facilities. Their Northern Indians, Italians, and Mexicans draw large numbers of people who are fortunately housed by the adequate indoor and outdoor sitting area of the restaurant.

Cost for Two: INR 1500

Location: Status Club, 58 Cantonment Area, Tagore Road, Kanpur

Must Try: Thin Crust Pizza, Risotto, Pasta, Cocktails


3 Little Chief

The warm, friendly atmosphere and service of the restaurant will certainly attract you when you come in. In Little Chief, you will find great cuisine across the board, be it after North Indian classics or fast food within North America. Everything here is well prepared, the naan (Indian bread), kadhai paneer, or pizzas. Burgers will particularly be recommended by us to you if you are planning to visit this restaurant.

Cost for Two: INR 1000

Location: 15/198- A, Near Civil Court, Civil Lines, Near, Mall Road, Kanpur

Must Try: Pizza, Chilli Paneer, Butter Chicken, Mojito, Chocolate Sundae


4 Chin Mi

If you want delicious Chinese food in Kanpur, then you should surely visit Chin Mi. In Chin Mi, you can detect subtle Indian spices during some of their preparations, but this presence has been overwhelming and gives a tone to traditional Chinese flavors. Start with their appetizer of pepper potato and go to the chinese vegetable rice and talumein soup.

Cost for Two: INR 1500

Location: Rave 3, Plot 11, Block 6 Parwati Bagla Road, Tilak Nagar, Kanpur

Must Try: Hakka Noodles, Tea, Kung Pao Chicken, Chop Suey


5 Cawnpore 1857

Cawnpore is the former colonial name for Kanpur, used when the British rebellion in 1957 began. Cawnpore 1857 offers its customers a careful combination in its atmosphere and cuisine in memory of Kanpur’s role in this important turning point in the history of India. Here, from smartly picked furniture and glittering old-world lights to the informative photo-displayed historic Kanpur activities, you will dine in an atmosphere rich in both visuals and cultural heritage. The menu is an old North Indian, made new, prepared in genuine pots of Awadhi earthen, which are then served with a contemporary spin each seasoning.

Location: The Landmark Hotel, Landmark Towers, 10, Near Naveen Market, Mall Road, Kanpur

Must Try: Mutton Biryani


6 Rasam

In Northern India, finding a restaurant for authentic South Indian food can be daunting, but if you are in Kanpur, your quest in Rasam will be rewarded. Rasam is one of the best restaurant in located in Kanpur so that prices will be slightly higher accordingly, but it will satisfy your cravings. .

Cost for Two: INR 1100

Location: Rave 3, Plot 11, Block 6 Parwati Bagla Road, Tilak Nagar, Kanpur

Must Try: Rajasthani Thali, Mysore Masala Dosa, Andhra Thali


7 LIV at the Deck – The Landmark Hotel

The Deck provides a relaxing dining experience for its guests, whether you’re going for the outdoor pool, terrace, or a luxurious indoor sitting area surrounded by elegant glass windows and lush green panoramic views. Their staff is professional and always available, although we would encourage you to go directly to the pizzas and the sizzlers here. This is an excellent choice for a special dinner in a classy yet fun-filled atmosphere with friends and family.

Cost for Two: INR 2000

Location: The Landmark Hotel, Landmark Towers, 10, Near Naveen Market, Mall Road, Kanpur

Must Try: Mocktails, Pizza, Sizzler


8 Mithas

The best sweets and street snacks in Kanpur are served by Mithas Sweets. This is a simple and well-known fact among local people, so it is always mobbed and is difficult to take a seat here. Stop on the night when the rock has died, relax in the fun-looking atmosphere of the sweet shop and prepare to eat flaky samosa, creamy lassis, rich tikkas paneer, and so good gulab jamun.

Cost for Two: INR 250

Location: 7/1081, Near Khanna Motor, Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur

Must Try: Lassi, Jalebi, Samosa, Raj Kachori, Chole Bhature,  Gulab Jamun


9 Terrazza 9

It is one of Kanpur’s romantic rooftop-restaurant. Here you can select various cuisines. The blue lights add to the night views of Kanpur in an ethereal setting. Terrazza 9’s menu is starring with its delicious pasta dishes and its crispy, cheesy pizzas. This offers an imaginative array of drinks for your dinner – so sit back, drink, and enjoy a truly special view of the city.

Cost for Two: INR 1500

Location: Rave 3, Plot 11, Block 6 Parwati Bagla Road, Tilak Nagar, Kanpur

Must Try: Pasta, Pizza


10 Baba Foods

Baba foods are famous for their Biryani, which is delicious and tasty. That’s not going to be found elsewhere. The quantity of food is much cheaper, which any individual can afford.

Cost for Two: INR 500

Location: Food Court, Rave Moti, 117/K/13, Gutaiya, Kakadeo, Kanpur

Must Try: Chicken Biryani, Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Stew, Chicken Korma


11 Sweet Affairs

Sweet Affairs is a small restaurant in Kanpur with has a fresh atmosphere and super cute ambience. The lights are enough to photograph you and your food picture. They are famous for their shake and badam kulfi.

Cost for Two: INR 600

Location: 112/245 B, Khairabad hospital lane, Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur

Must Try: Burgers, Sandwich, Kulfi, Pizza, Slush, Waffles, Pasta


12 Talk of the Town

The talk of the town is a restaurant which is the talk of the town. They are famous for their noodles, chicken soup, paneer noodles, manchurian dry, and chilli chicken. They offer dishes at affordable prices.

Cost for Two: INR 350

Location: 118/164, Kaushal Puri, Gumti 5, Ashok Nagar, Kanpur

Must Try: Noodle, Chicken Soup, Paneer Chowmein, Manchurian Dry, Chilli Chicken, Sweet Corn Soup


13 The Hidden Lounge

The Hidden Lounge offers excellent food and great music. It is a perfect spot if you want to dance and eat in a pleasant atmosphere. Their Oreo shake and Chicken Lollypop are the must-try.

Cost for Two: INR 700

Location: 113/340 A, Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur

Must Try: Cold Coffee, Murgh Patiala, Malai Chaap, Oreo Shake, Dahi Kebab, Dal Makhani


14 Éclair

Éclair is a small restaurant in Kanpur, which is famous for its cakes and pastries. The ambience in éclair is quite classy and modern, and the environment is quite pleasing. Apart from cakes and pastries, you can try pasta, spring roll, and chicken noodles.

Cost for Two: INR 400

Location: 117/H-1/481, Pandu Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Kanpur

Must Try: Spring Roll, Pizza, Chicken Noodles, Donut, Pasta, Mushroom Burger


15 Haveli Restaurant

This place is just great for dining. This place is quite busy and filled with people, but the amazing food is worth the wait. We recommend you to try Dal Makhani of this restaurant as it is a mouth-watering dish of this place.

Cost for Two: INR 400

Location: Near Hariharnath Post Office, Lajpat Nagar, Kanpur

Must Try: Dal Makhani, Paneer Butter Masala, Amritsari Kulcha, Sweet Corn Soup, Naan


16 Sagar Ratna

If you are looking for a South-Indian restaurant in Kanpur and want to eat an amazing Dosa, then you should surely visit this place. They offer a variety of Dosa with mouth-licking chutney and sāmbhar. This is the perfect family restaurant.

Cost for Two: INR 500

Location: 120/601, Near Mariampur School, Lajpat Nagar, Narainpurwa, Kanpur

Must Try: Rava Masala Dosa, Medu Vada, Idli Chaat, Filtered Coffee,  Chettinad Dosa


17 Pandit’s

Pandit’s is the restaurant in Kanpur, which is everyone’s favorite because of its affordable prices and variety of countless dishes. It is a perfect family restaurant with fine lighting and old school ambience.

Cost for Two: INR 450

Location: Opposite Mariampur School, Shastri Nagar, Kanpur

Must Try: Chaat, Pasta, Raj Kachori, Jalebi, Thali,Aloo Tikki, Hakka Noodles


18 Latika’s Thalia

Latika’s Thalia is one of the best places to satisfy your hunger. All items which are in demand can be found here. What you will surely like here is their mouth-watering pastries at an affordable price.

Cost for Two: INR 600

Location: 44/319, Meston Road, Parade, Kanpur

Must Try: Honey Chilli Potatoes, Pasta


19 Bazooka

The environment is quite pleasant in Bazooka, and the menu is quite elaborate and varied. They are famous for their pizza from their Veg Chakhna Platter and Veg Extravaganza. They take very well care of the spices, which make their food even more amazing.

Cost for Two: INR 500

Location: 7/191, Near Gastro Liver, Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur

Must Try: Paneer Tikka, Burgers ,Butter Chicken, Momos, Burger Platter


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