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Best Things To Add To Your Cakes And Muffins

Top 20 Best Things To Add To Your Cakes And Muffins

With the holiday season nearing, baking is in full swing! Creating a sweet artwork is so much fun, no wonder it's one of the most common hobbies. The joy of baking a tasty and...

Top 20 Places To Eat In Koramangla

1 Punjab GrillAre you looking for a bit of exiting North Indian non-vegetarian food? Come to Punjab Grill. Even as I just see Punjab and grill in the same sentence, all spicy food and...
top 20 ways to sweeten

Top 20 Ways To Sweeten The Food Without Actually Adding Sugar

As being of Indian origin, sweets refer to indigenous culture of our society. They represent joy among us. People celebrate every auspicious occasion with sweets and delicacy. But here's the catch with sugar comes...
Twenty Food Items That Can Prevent You From Cancer

Nineteen Food Items That Can Prevent You From Cancer

Abnormal cell growth leads to cancer which invades the immunity system of the body and spreads to other parts of the body fast. Cancer, in today's world, has become a real concern. Cancer causes...
How To Make Papad Rolls- Quick One Minute Videovideo

How To Make Papad Rolls- Quick One Minute Video

The Papad are a side dish that we usually have with rice and not a main dish at all. It is a crisp disc shaped one made from black gram flour. But the Papad...
top 20 energy giving foods

What To Eat When You Need Energy? Here Is A List Of Top 20

What is the primary purpose of food? To give us energy obviously! But sometimes, it so happens that the kind of food we eat is not sufficient to provide us with enough energy. There...
20 Most Healthiest Vegetables To Cook With

20 Most Healthiest Vegetables To Cook With!

1Pointed Gourd Or ParwalThis vegetable is from the gourd family and barely available outside India. A vegetable which is mostly prepared during summers doesn't have an English name technically. Although a lot of people...

Top 20 Low Calories Daily Life Food

We always wonder what should be eaten to decrease our daily calories intake if you are about to lose weight. So here is the list of 20 least calories easily available foods which will...

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