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Top 20 Facts about Food Psychology

Top 20 Facts about Food Psychology

Food is a way to survive and can also be termed as a cure for a bad mood. It has links to the mind as well.Here is some research from food psychology experiments that...
How To Make Suseeyam – One Minute Videovideo

How To Make Suseeyam – One Minute Video

Here is the video on how to make the sweet Suseeyam. Jaggery, Bengal gram, Urad dal, rice flour, cooking soda, oil, and salt are the main ingredients for Suseeyam. Grind urad dal and make...

Top 20 Festival Foods In India

“Why do we prepare certain delicacies on festival occasions only?” “why milk is the core ingredient in preparations on festivals like Janmashtami or why is modak a must have sweet during the festival of...
Best Arabic Food Restaurants In Bangalore Must Visit

Best Arabic Food Restaurants In Bangalore Must Visit

Middle-eastern food is one of the most delectable joys ever. Right from their simple falafel to their baklawa, their food never ceases to amaze us. The elegance and taste of their gastronomy are simply...
Dishes Delhi

Top 20 Dishes In Delhi

Popular dishes in Delhi are collected and furnished here:What is the first thing that pops in your mind whenever you hear about the place Delhi? Except Arvind Kejriwal of course!! YES, food!! Best Dishes...

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The food options in the Ayodhya may be quite limited because the food is vegetarian only, and the small town does not have many...

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