Best Arabic Food Restaurants In Bangalore Must Visit

Best Arabic Food Restaurants In Bangalore Must Visit

Middle-eastern food is one of the most delectable joys ever. Right from their simple falafel to their baklawa, their food never ceases to amaze us. The elegance and taste of their gastronomy are simply exquisite, which is why Bangalore has brought itself to own some of the best Arabian restaurants in the country. So, if you are looking for somewhere to end the night with a relishing plate of shawarma or kebabs, don’t worry, you have numerous choices! Arabic Food is Yummy and a great treat especially for all the non-veg lovers .

Arabic Food Restaurants


Savoury Restaurant

This place is a spectacular and fun- filled destination for the entire family who are looking for Arabic Food! They have a wide range of shawarmas including Mexican shawarma and the very special Iffa Dhajaj. Their Fig milkshake is a must-try and a great compliment to all their dishes. Don’t worry about their prices. Everything here is quite affordable.

Arabic Food


Fanoos Restaurant

Just a whiff of the delicious aromas coming from this place will make you want to feast on everything they have to offer. The beautiful ambience of the place goes well with the authentic middle-eastern Arabic food and will make you fall in love with the dishes instantly! Be it the beef or the chicken shawarma, both are simply mouth-watering here.

Arabic Food


Kabab Magic

From the shawarma to the kebab, everything here is brilliant. Cooked over a slow flame, the meat is deliciously succulent and heavenly in taste. Try their kebabs with some of their pita bread, and you will come here for dinner every day! The ambience is also soothing. It is a place where you can take the entire family or your gang of friends for a peaceful dining experience.

Arabic Food


Al Bek

If you are looking for the best grilled chicken in Bangalore, you need not look any further! Their roasted golden brown chicken made with the most authentic Arabian spices will take you to heaven and back! Have this with their fresh handmade khobos and you will find yourself feeling immensely satisfied!

Arabic Food


Savoury- Sea Shell

Savoury Sea shell is an amazing place to chill out in the evening with Arabic food. The place has a peaceful look to it and the serene surroundings calls to you. Their grill prepared outdoor gives out the most tempting aroma. Try their majboos and pepper grilled chicken; it is absolutely phenomenal! Don’t worry about the price tag. Fulfilling food at pocket-friendly prices is quite the rage here.

Arabic Food



Their food is as great as is their air. This restaurant serves purely traditional Arabic food in a brilliant combination of tastes and flavours. Spend a night feasting on perfect grilled chicken or lamb kebabs with a side of the finest date-fig milkshake. Their mayonnaise is made by their own chef and is the best compliment for an Arabian dish; one could hope for!

Arabic Food


City Bar

If you are looking for the perfect kheema or grilled steak, you needn’t look any further. City bar is the place to make all your food fantasies come true. Their timeless fame for being one of the best restaurants in the city guarantees that you will have a fabulous meal at their place!

Arabic Food


Imperial Restaurant

Yum is the name here. Food is so exquisite; it will make your mouth drool. The place is insanely famous for its kebab squires. Make sure to try the falafel too. The typical Arabian setting gives the place all the more glamour. They offer takeaway too, so that you can take some home for the family or more for you! Yes, you will love it that much!

Arabic Food


Alibaba Cafe And Cuisine

This place is a classic Persian style diner offering traditional Persian cuisine. The interiors are warm and cosy making the place all over beguiling. Their falafel is superb, with khobos and vinegar soaked pickles, the whole meal is vastly satisfying.

Arabic Food



Located at Queen’s cross road, this little restaurant offers just the best in Arabian gastronomy. Sheesh kebabs and Shami kebabs are quite the thrillers here! They have a wide variety of dishes all waiting for you to take a taste of it, so go right over and have your fill of some of the best Arabian food ever!

Arabic Food



This little place has the best ever humus you would have ever tasted! Other Middle-eastern cuisine here, is incredible too. If you stay in Bangalore or are visiting, eating at this place must surely be on your to-do list.

Arabic Food


Khaafila – Authentic Indian & Arabian Restaurant

Stunning food and interiors here will blow your mind away. Their tandoori chicken and fatoush, in particular, are relishing. Make sure to taste their Arabian grape fruit juice too; it is entirely worth it. This Arabic food restaurant sits on Krishna Temple Road.

Arabic Food



You will fall in love with this place at once! The interiors are plush with the authentic feel of old Arabia. And the food mirrors the heritage the place emanates, just the same. Try as many dishes as possible, for all of them, are just marvelous.

Arabic Food


Zaks Arabi Khana

Who doesn’t love grilled chicken? Slowly cooked, tender meat bathed in the authentic Arabian spices and herbs, it tastes like heaven on your plate! The chefs are stunningly skilled and know how to work a grill and a shawarma machine to perfection. Have their Egyptian roti while you are there and feel your tummy being incalculably gratified.

Arabic Food


Raidan Restaurant

Food here is particularly famed. Be it the barbeque fish or the Iranian chicken, the place is always in demand. The meat is tender and is served in large pieces with complements of fatoush or humus. The Shawarma is quite popular and as such the place gets crowded quickly during peak hours.

Arabic Food



If you are a fan of the Arabian food, you ought to try this spot. They have everything, ranging from main courses to Arabic desserts. Try the falooda here before you leave, it is the perfect appetizer.

Arabic Food



This lovely little place is located at CMR Road, HRBR Layout. The restaurant provides a posh Dining experience akin to a much higher cuisine hotel. The sandwiches are flavorful and well-made and are accompanied by a wide variety of meat dishes.

Arabic Food


Just Shawarma

This place has the best shawarma in Bangalore. Probably the most famous shawarma house in Bangalore, this place is known for its aromatic cuisine, which has a warm colour and succulent taste.

Arabic Food



This trendy little shop is the buzz in Bangalore. It is near IIM-Bangalore and sports a variety of Arabian Dishes. Order their food online, and avail amazing discounts! If you are on the hunt for chic and cool place to throw a party, Fattoush is perfect for that too!

Arabic Food


Sterlings Mac Hotel

Don’t look further, if you are searching for the ideal place to have a kebab. You have found your ideal restaurant! Take the whole family here, and have a blast, eating some of the best food ever.