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Top 20 Delicacies from the Streets of Mathura & Vrindavan 

Mathura and Vrindavan are the two cities known for their temples of Balgopal and Radha Rani. These cities are famous for their sweets, especially the items made by adding lots of milk in it...

Top 20 Enchanting Sweets Of Gujarat

Gujarat is the 6th largest state in India. Gujarat is not only prominent for its beauty but also for its appetizing sweets. Desserts are the best part of the meal. You know why Gujaratis...
Top 20 Popular Sweets in India

Top 20 Popular Sweets in India.

We Indians are known to have a sweet tooth. All of us have a great love towards the varieties of sweets.  From auspicious occasion to festivals, sweets is the most important part of our...
In Saket

Top 20 Desserts To Have In Saket

1 Chocolate Iced Glazed DoughnutThe taste of chocolate is simply amazing, we all love having it. The taste of chocolate iced glazed doughnut is simply amazing. Doughnuts are always tasty, and this doughnut is...
20 Indian Milk-Based Sweet Dishes You Must Try

20 Indian Milk-Based Sweet Dishes You Must Try

Food lovers are not only main course fanatics but crazy droolers for desserts too. Yummy desserts attract all our love. The main course food does not authenticate its completion without sweet dishes being served...
20 Popular Indian Sweet Dishes

20 Popular Indian Sweet Dishes

1.RasgullaMade from Chenna (Indian cottage cheese) and semolina flour. Rasgulla is perhaps the most loved and popular sweet of India and thus deserves the number one spot. Although the origins of the dish is...
20 Dishes To Make At Home In Diwali

20 Dishes To Make At Home In Diwali

1 GujiyaGujiya is a famous Indian dessert which is made in Diwali. It is a special Mithai made for all the guests who visit home. The Gujiya is made up of the ingredients like...
20 Sweet Dishes To Enjoy In This Holi Festival

20 Sweet Dishes To Enjoy In This Holi Festival

1 KaranjiKaranji is a dish that makes the festival complete. The ingredient necessary for the outer cover includes Maida flour and salt. It has stuffing which vary according to different states. Some stuff it...
70 Indian Sweets And Desserts

70 Indian Sweets And Desserts

India is known for its rich culture and the food that it offers. The country provides with beautiful delicacies that leave everyone hungry for more. As much as we are known for the spicy...
Top 20 Dishes Of Uttar Pradesh

Top 20 Dishes Of Uttar Pradesh

Not only known for its domed, colossal, white-marble monument Taj Mahal but the third largest state, Uttar Pradesh is prominent for its Lucknowi or Nawabi or Awadhi exotic recipes. Cuisines of Uttar Pradesh are...

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Top 20 Street Food of Karnataka

1 Mysore Masala DosaAs the name suggests, Mysore masala dosa originated from the city of palaces, Mysore. This masala dosa is always accompanied by...

Top 20 Most Delicious Foods of Madurai

Madurai referred as the temple city is also famous for delicious food. This city is called as thoonganagaram, as tyou can get the special...

Top 20 Places to get lip-smacking Chaat in Hyderabad

Who doesn’t love eating chaat? Chaat is Indians’ most favorite street food, blended with sweet, tangy flavors. Hyderabad, prominently known for its amazing biryani's,...

Top 20 Lost Recipes of India

As we move further with time, cuisine changes with every decade, where some recipes are modified, and some get lost with time. Also, recipes...