Top 20 Desserts In Aurangabad Bihar

top 20 desserts in aurangabad bihar
top 20 desserts in aurangabad bihar

Aurangabad is a district in the state of Bihar. There are so many places where you can explore. There are so many religious places where you can visit and take blessings. Some places that you should visit are: Dev Kund, Ajmer Sharif, Umga, Deo, and many more. You already know it’s a popular food item; it’s litti chokha because it’s in Bihar State. At the end, we all need desserts after having spicy foods. It’s obvious that you’ll be confused about which kind of dessert you should try because there are so many things. So, we are here with a solution. We’ll let you know the best desserts you should have here.

1. Soan Papdi

One of the popular desserts that everyone loves to eat. Some people don’t like it because they think that it’s a very cheap material, but they are totally wrong. It is such a sweet item, and everybody should try it. Once you try it then only you know its taste. So before trying, don’t have any perceptions, in your mind. It is such an underrated food item. It is so delicious and after having one bite, it will melt into your mouth so easily.

1. Soan Papdi

2. Jalebi

It is India’s national sweet dish. Different people call it differently. It has so many names. There is a similar item called imarti. Both the items are so good and you can try either. It will give you almost the same taste and it will fully satisfy your hunger. You can eat it both ways, hot as well as cold. But, the hot jalebi will take you to another level in terms of taste. The best jalebi you can get in Aurangabad is from Kanha Sweets, which is located on M.G. Road. You should have to try it there.

2. Jalebi

3. Laddu

One of the popular sweet items is laddu. It also has variations on it, like besan ke laddu, boondi ke laddu, rava ke laddu, nariyal ke laddu, and many more. Each and every variation is fantastic and tastes delicious. Each of them has their own charm. It’s spherical in shape, so you can try all the variations of laddus at once and you won’t regret it at all. People make this with so much love, and we also eat it with love. It’s a must-try item if you are in Aurangabad.

3. Laddu

4. Halwa

We have heard so many times about it and also our mother cooks this in our home, but there is a difference in the taste of halwa from Aurangabad. The presentation of the item has changed. This is one of the popular desserts that you should definitely try. There are so many varieties of it, like: suji ka halwa, besan ka hawa, moong daal halwa, aata ka halwa, and many more. If you want to have the best halwa in Aurangabad, then you should visit Adityan-traditional and authentic. This place will satisfy you by serving the best halwa.


5. Shahi Tukda

This is one of the authentic desserts. It tastes so good that you can’t control yourself from eating it twice. You can have this dessert in any good restaurant in Aurangabad. This is the item that has fully justified the name of dessert. The restaurants serve this item so well, and the presentation is nice as well. You should definitely give it a try.

5. Shahi Tukda

6. Gulab Jamun

It is one of the best and most popular desserts. This is the item that is loved by most people. Every place has its own taste, so if you have to try this item in Aurangabad, it will give you the best experience in terms of taste. There are so many places where you can have this item, but Annapurna Sweets and Restaurant’s gulab jamun is the best one to try out there. This place is situated in the New Area on M.G. Road. It is spherical in shape and tastes so delicious, and once you taste it, you’ll know the difference in its taste.

6. Gulab Jamun

7. Peda

One of the most famous sweet dishes originated from Mathura. It is also used in many religious places as prasad. Its main ingredients are khoa and sugar. It is quite similar to ricotta, but there is a slight difference in it. There are different varieties of peda also. There are so many shops in Aurangabad where you can get these amazing pedas. Its taste is so overwhelming that you will not forget it.


8. Khaja

It is one of the great desserts that you should definitely try. Basically, it’s like a pastry with sugar syrup. It tastes so yummy, and at least for once, you should definitely give this item a try. After tasting, you’ll definitely get it for your family members as well. There are many shops that offer khaja in Aurangabad and you can try it from any of the shops. All shops have the great quality of khaja.


9. Pastry

One of the most popular desserts, which is loved by all, is pastry. Everyone enjoys it, and there are numerous flavours to choose from, including chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, and red velvet. The people behind this food item make this with so much love and the presentation matters a lot. Different people show different types of creativity to attract different types of customers. There are many bakery shops that offer it. Not only bakery shops, but restaurants offer this as well. You can find this easily, but you should definitely try the pastries of French Classical Bakery and Pastry. It is located on Old GT Road, behind Shiva Mandir, Kargil Chowk.


10. Ice Cream

It is one of the most loved desserts, which no one can say no to. It is such a delightful item. No matter how much you eat it, you won’t get satisfied at all. There are so many flavours in it, like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and so on. It is cold in temperature and people love to enjoy it. Falooda ice cream and Kulfi are two variations that you must try. The best place in Aurangabad to have ice cream is Rollick ice cream in Obra. The taste and quality will satisfy you.

10.Ice Cream

11. Ras Malai

It is one of the most popular desserts that originated in the Bengal region. It tastes so delicious that its very name is enough to make your mouth water. You can find this item easily too. Cold ras malai is preferred by many people. The presentation itself is enough to make you fall for it. The best ras malai in Aurangabad is Annapurna Sweets in M.G. Road.

11.Ras Malai

12. Kheer

It is one of the dishes of Indian cuisine. If you want to understand this, then it’s like a pudding that’s made from milk, rice, sugar, and some dry fruits. There are so many variations of kheer, such as sabudana kheer, kheer with condensed milk, and so on. The Swaad restaurant, opposite DM House in Aurangabad, is the best place to have milk desserts. The kheer of that place hits very differently. So give it a must-try.


13. Custard

One of the best desserts in every aspect. It tastes so delicious and is healthy as well. There are different varieties in it, like fruit custard, caramel custard, chocolate ganache, and many more. We can also make custard at home, but the custard of Aurangabad has a different taste. It’s magical because of the taste that you’ll get here that you won’t be able to get anywhere else. So this item should be on your must-try list in Aurangabad.


14. Balushahi

It is one of the more traditional desserts. Many of you have tasted it, but those who haven’t yet need to taste this item definitely. It is not like other sweets; it is a different item. Its texture is quite different and heavy as well. There are so many places in Aurangabad that offer this food item, but you shouldn’t fall into their trap. You go directly to Kanha Sweets, which is located on M.G. Road. You’ll have the best experience ever.


15. Bundiya

It is an Indian dessert which most people love to eat with curd. It is a favourite item and is preferred by almost everyone. It is also used in religious places as a prasad, but you can also have this as a dessert. Bundiya, which is made from ghee, is much tastier. It can be both wet and dry. You can have it according to your preference. If you are a bundiya lover or you want to try it, then you must try the bundiya of Brijwasi Sweets and Snacks in M.G. Road, Aurangabad.


16. Shree Khand

Shree khand is one of the most popular desserts that you should try. Those who haven’t tried, give it a try; you won’t regret it at all. Its name is also beautiful, and its taste is fabulous. It is not an easy task to get Shree Khand in a place like Aurangabad, but you can get it from the popular restaurants or sweet shops like Annapurna, Brijwasi Snacks, Adityan, etc. It’s tough to find, but all your efforts will not go in vain because its taste will be worth it all.

16.Shree Khand

17. Thekua

It is one of the desserts that you can get mostly in Bihar. It will be a unique item for the people who are outsiders. It is made during Chath Puja. It is one of the delicious items which you should definitely try. This will give you a worthwhile memory of the taste of desserts.


18. Chena

It is one of the desserts that is similar to rasgulla. But the taste has a difference and both of the items are delicious. You can make chena at home also, but it will not give the same taste as the restaurants will. The best chena you can have is at Harsha’s Kitchen in Aurangabad. This place is most recommended for Chena.


19. Malpua

Malpua is a food item that is served as a dessert in Bihar. It is similar to pua. It is so tasty and delicious. Generally, it is made on any special occasion. If you have a sweet tooth, then you’ll definitely like this item. The malpuas of Aurangabad are so delicious that you’ll fall in love with them. We are recommending it as a dessert for you. After eating this, you’ll recommend it to someone else.


20. Rabdi

It is one of the sweetest desserts. It is a quality in itself. It is also served in the form of ice cream. It’s a great dessert that will make your mouth so refreshing. After having some spicy food items, treat yourself with rabdi as a dessert. It will make your mood light and happy. There are so many shops and restaurants in Aurangabad that offer this item. You can find it easily, and this will give you a worthwhile experience.