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Top 20 Places to have Biryani in Bangalore

Born in the Muslim households of India, Biryani is the ‘BAE’ of Indian dishes. It is made up of mixing curry with Indian spices, and if it’s a non- vegetarian preparation, meat is mixed...
20-best-restaurants-in-indiranagar-bangalore (1)

20 Best Restaurants in Indiranagar, Bangalore

Indiranagar is the food hub in Bangalore. You can find a lot of popular restaurants which serve a variety of dishes like Italian, Japanese, Chinese, etc. You can also find some street food which...

Top 20 Street Food of Karnataka

1 Mysore Masala DosaAs the name suggests, Mysore masala dosa originated from the city of palaces, Mysore. This masala dosa is always accompanied by sambar and chutney. It has its very good flavors and...
Restaurants You Must Visit in Seshadripuram, Bangalore

20 Best Restaurants You Must Visit in Seshadripuram, Bangalore

Seshadripuram is one of the few areas in Bangalore where various eateries are popping now and then. The Lalit Ashok, Bangalore is one of the few reasons which has turned this area into a...
20 Indian College Canteens that serve Delicious Food

20 Indian College Canteens that serve Delicious Food

Thinking about college always makes us nostalgic but what we fondly remember is the memories from the canteen. From bunking lectures to copying notes, canteen has seen it all.Here is a list of all...
20 Best Buffet Restaurants in Bangalore

20 Best Buffet Restaurants in Bangalore

A buffet is a real treat for any occasion. We all love to celebrate our special moments with friends and family members. Inviting your loved ones for a buffet lunch or dinner is a...
Top 20 Restaurants in Church Street, Bangalore

Top 20 Restaurants in Church Street, Bangalore

Church Street is a popular place in Bangalore to hang out at night with your friends. It is a central place and the best restaurants are located here. The restaurants in Church Street serve...
Best Places in India for Indian Thali

20 Places in India Famous for Indian Thali

Hungry? Craving for a big meal? No, I'm not talking about the happy meal from McDonald's but a real meal with five to six different dishes in one. Thali is the best thing ever...

Top 20 Places to Have Japanese Food in India

India has a style of food, which is different on its own level. There are quite a few restaurants in India that specialize in cuisines of other countries. One such cuisine is the Japanese...
Top 20 Places to Have Buffet in India

Top 20 Places to Have Buffet in India

To mankind the best thing that can happen is Buffet. People have to serve themselves with food in a buffet. One can help themselves with how much ever food they want after paying a...

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