Top 20 Places to have Biryani in Bangalore


Born in the Muslim households of India, Biryani is the ‘BAE’ of Indian dishes. It is made up of mixing curry with Indian spices, and if it’s a non- vegetarian preparation, meat is mixed in it and cooked in a pressure cooker. Bangalore has a number of places that prepare varieties of delicious Biryani’s and tasty side dishes to go with it. Here are the top 20 restaurants that are must- visit if you are gaga about Biryani’s:-

1. Meghana Foods, Indiranagar

Voted the best restaurant serving the best Biryani in Bangalore, Meghana Foods has been in the league for years. The ambience of the restaurant and the behavior of the staff are the best. Visit this restaurant if you want to dive into the true beauty of the delicious taste of Biryani.

Cost for two: 800 INR

Location: 544, First Floor, Near Indiranagar Metro Station, CMH Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore


2. Paradise Biryani, Indiranagar

The name says everything!! Be transported to food paradise after tasting the restaurant’s mouth-watering Biryani. Paradise Biryani is very popular among students because of its low price. It is not open to the public on Mondays.

Cost for two: 800 INR

Location: 484, Signature Square, CMH Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore


3. Rahhams, Frazer Town

If you want to bite into some delicious Muslim- style Biryani, visit Rahhams. They serve high quality, tasty Biryani at an extremely reasonable price.

Cost for two: 700 INR

Location: 82, MM Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore


4. Nagarjuna, Residency Road

Founded in the year of 1994, the oldest Biryani place in Bangalore is an expert at preparing the most delicious authentic Biryani- the smell fulfils your olfactory sense.

Cost for two: 800 INR

Location: 44/1, Residency Road, Bangalore


5. Lazeez, Koramangala

The main attraction of the show here is the Bengali- style Biryani, apart from their lip-smacking Mughali Biryani. The strong smell of saffron and the presence of potatoes adds a different flavor to their Biryani preparations.

Cost for two: 600 INR

Location: 479, KHB colony, Near Jyothi Nivas College, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore


6. Gramin, Koramangala

Mix Gramin and Handi Biryani with mixed raita, and you’ll never get over the flavor. Well-known in the city for its great ambience and service, this restaurant serves one of the best Biryani’s in Bangalore.

Cost for two: 600 INR

Location: Ground Floor, Raheja Arcade, 7th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore


7. Gundappa Donne Biryani, St. Mark’s Road

This restaurant serves two types of Biryani- an authentic chicken Biryani and an authentic mutton Biryani, but with these two simple dishes, the place will capture your heart.

Cost for two: 300 INR

Location: 14, Papanna Lane, St. Marks Road, Bangalore


8. Ambur Star Biryani, BTM

Want to try a delicious plate of Prawn Biryani? One of the most famous Biryani places in the city, apart from its signature prawn Biryani, the chicken Biryani of this place is a big hit- flavoured rice and delicious chicken pieces.

Cost for two: 400 INR

Location:  5, Ground Floor, Dairy Circle Road, Opposite Forum Mall, Bhuvanappa Layout, Bangalore


9. Mani’s Dum Biryani, Jeevan Bhima Nagar

Vegetarians, AHOY!! Mani’s Dum Biryani has the tastiest varieties of vegetarian Biryani’s. Because of the various types of Biryani’s available here, people from every corner of the city love this restaurant.

Cost for two: 750 INR

Location: 474, Ground Floor, 10th Main, HAL 3rd Stage, Jeevan Bhima Nagar, Bangalore


10. Samarkand, Infantry Road

Famous for its Punjabi style Biryani or its Dum Biryani, combined with Yakhni Shorba; this place is crowded 24*7 because of its delicious variety of Biryani’s and beautiful ambience.

Cost for two: 1600 INR

Location: Gem Plaza, Infantry Plaza, Bangalore


11. Savoury Restaurant, Frazer Town

Want to taste brilliant Biryani with a fun Arabian twist? Savoury Restaurant offers Arabian Biryani, which is slightly less spicy with a different taste than that of various Indian forms of Biryani.

Cost for two: 800 INR

Location: 27, Mosque Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore


12. Ammi’s Biryani, Kalyan Nagar

Your delicious homemade healthy Biryani served away from home!! This restaurant serves 14 different types of Biryani, with zero processed fat, frozen meat, and added flavouring agents. They use fresh, healthy ingredients to make their Biryani, and if you are extremely health-conscious, then you just found “Your Place.”

Cost for two: 500 INR

Location: Shop 989, Ground Floor, 5th A Cross, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore


13. Shivaji Military Hotel, Jayanagar

With its origin in the Maratha land, Donne Biryani is the specialty of this restaurant. As its name goes, just like in a military hotel, the Biryani is cooked over coal and in “donne” leaves, from where it gets its name.

Cost for two:  450 INR

Location: 718, 1st C Main, 8th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore


14. Alibaba Cafe and Restaurant, Frazer Town

What’s special here? Bhatkali Biryani- chicken, tossed in tomato and onion puree added to layers of rice. It’s only available in Alibaba and nowhere else in Bangalore.

Cost for two: 700 INR

Location: 69, 1st Floor, M.M Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore


15. Lucknowiz, Koramangala

Who doesn’t love a spoonful of delicious royal Lucknowi Biryani!! Lucknowiz is one of the well loved restaurant in the city that serves authentic pot cooked Lucknowi Biryani.

Cost for two: 550 INR

Location: 1006, 7th Main, 1st Block, 80 Feet Road, Koramangala, Bangalore


16. Ranganna Military Hotel, Jayanagar

The 60-year-old restaurant serves Mandya Biryani (Chicken and Mutton), a variety of Biryani born in rural Karnataka, which is less spicy and prepared with country chicken.

Cost for two: 350 INR

Location: 61, 1st Floor, KR Road, 7th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore


17. Thalassery Restaurant, Kamanahalli

Want to dive into the rich flavour of the exquisite cuisine of the Malabar Coast, the Thalassery Biryani?  Visit Thalassery Restaurant to satisfy your taste buds. This variety of Biryani is less spicy but packed with unique flavors of the Malabar Coast.

Cost for two: 800 INR

Location: Nehru Road, Near Syndicate Bank, Kammanahalli, Bangalore


18 Shivajinagar Gardi Ustad Pehlwan Kale Bhai Biryani

Authentic Muslim Biryani at small stalls like Kale Pehelwan ki Gardi is a delicious treat.  The unique blend of spices and succulent pieces of chicken will capture your heart.

Cost for two: 300 INR

Location: 169, Shivaji Road, Swamy Shivanandapuram, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore


19. The Taj Hotel, Shivajinagar

Extremely cheap yet delicious Biryani is served by this restaurant that has been in Bangalore for almost two decades.

Cost for two: 500 INR

Location: 383, Jumma Masjid Road, OPH Road, Shivajinagar, Bangalore


20. Hyderabad Biryani House, Victoria Road

With six outlets across the city, this place is one of the most famous Biryani places in the city. You might also find a long line outside it during its peak hours.

Cost for two: 700 INR

Location:  7/1, Victoria Road, Richmond Town Area, Bangalore