Top 20 Café To Hang Out With Friends In Indiranagar Bangalore


Indiranagar is one of the many cosmopolitan hotspots in Bangalore. That said, students and IT professionals are the hustle-bustle of the area. For a locality without a mall, the cafés, bars and restaurants fill the busy zone giving the people their much-wanted quality time. Something about the cafés here fills you with happiness and love. The nightlife here sparkles with several events in various joints. Indiranagar is an ideal place to spend some crazy time with your friends, lovely dates with your better half or quality meetings with your colleagues!

1.TATA Cha now Qmin

 Tata Cha is now Qmin in Indiranagar. If you are someone who loves Indian flavours, this is the right choice! Adrak Waali Chai or Masala Chai Tata Cha reminds you of your mom’s chai. Adding up, a wide range of snacks and desserts are available. Not to forget, the crunchy chicken samosas and vada pavs are worth a mention.

tata cha now qmin 1

2. Eddy’s Café

 Take your pups for a date at Eddy’s café! Our little animal friends always look out for a happy time with us. Let’s surprise the doggos by bringing them to this amazing café named after a food-loving dog itself! You can also visit this place with friends or maybe alone to get some work done in a cosy corner because guess what! Free wi-fi is available! The menu here is very unique with varieties of sandwiches, pancakes, salads and many more. A perfect place for brunch or an evening snack after a tiring day.

eddy cafe 1

3. Boba Tree Café

 Crash Boba Tree on a sunny day and quench your thirst with frozen bubble teas. Soups, salads, and appetizers add to the menu for a spicy touch. Boba tree is one of the best for romantic dates and for brewing engaging conversations. You can grab a couple of beverages and go for a walk on the nature-filled streets of Indiranagar.

boba tree cafe1

4. Yogisthaan

 A theme-based café to welcome people who wish to relax, rejuvenate and seek solace. The ambience is set in a way to calm your mind and brings peace to your body. The café is specifically designed to portray the age-long dietary sketch of ancient and traditional India – typically a yogi kind of dining. There is also a carrom board to keep you entertained with your friends! If you are on a diet and don’t want to have anything unhealthy, Yogisthaan is quintessential.


5. Smoor Chocolates

 Chocolates!! Chocolate lovers, ATTENTION! Surprise your better half who loves chocolates to Smoors! They are going to go crazy and will love this place! Chocolate brownies, chocolate cupcakes, hot chocolate, chocolate milkshakes, Belgian dark chocolate, and whatnot! It is known that the goodies here are made from single-origin cocoa beans. The best place for someone who’s got a sweet tooth. The Smoors studio goes beyond just the chocolates and offers pizzas, sandwiches, soups, and wraps too.

smoor chocolates

6. The Teal Door Café

 A mix of Indian and western menus is the Teal Door café menu. The Anglo-Indian menu makes this café unique. If you are a person who wants to try new and different food items, this place is for you! Surprise yourself with the interesting flavours. The beautiful ambience is Instagram-worthy. Also, not to forget, the Prawn ghee roast with Malabar Paratha is a must-try!

the teel cafee

7. The Mad Tea Pot Café

 100 points for the décor here! Oh, what a fairy tale this is. This café is all in for a romantic date! The flower pots, the bookshelves, and the vibrant colours fill you with positivity. If you want to spend “alone time”, you can crash into this beautiful paradise. Ideal to grab a book with a cup of coffee. It is a vegetarian café with a massive menu of yummy salads, sandwiches, desserts and more.

the mad tea pot cafe 1

8. Lavonne

 Lavonne is an award-winning café which has a wide range of European dishes and beverages. It is an academy of baking science and pastry arts. Visiting this high-class café can surprise us with a range of Danish pastries! One of the best places to order Pain au Chocolate.


9. Imli Café And Restaurant

 Missing your native North Indian food? Or wanting to try out North Indian food for the first time? Home turned into a café and restaurant will make sure you feel homely with these yummy dishes. Chaats, parathas, phulkas, vada pavs, and so many more options on the menu that you might have a tough time choosing your order. You can choose to have a snack or even a meal depending on your mood!

imli cafe

10. Slay Coffee

 Have you ever wanted to stop by, grab a cup of cappuccino, go for a walk, or go about with your routine? Sometimes we may not have the leisure time to sit in a café and enjoy a coffee. Slay coffee is a takeaway joint on one of the streets in Indiranagar. A good cup of handcrafted gourmet coffee to pick up on the way to work or one for a company while you go for a walk with your date. The motto of Slay coffee is Coffee-on-the-go. And that’s good news for all the coffee lovers out there!

slay coffee

11. Café Max

 A perfect wine and dine spot in Indiranagar. The rooftop space with large windows and dim lights makes the place cosy and comfortable. The Bangalore breeze and trees make the scenery pleasant. The café has a nice collection of wine which would go well with your Italian food. Bavarian meatloaf is one of the most talked about dishes of the point. Do try it out!

cafe max

12. Blue Tokai Coffee

 This café is all about coffee. A unique fact about this coffee shop is that they use Arabica speciality grade beans, the highest quality beans in the world. That explains the slightly expensive menu. Regular brunch dishes fill the menu with a wide range of choices. The unique flavours and aromas of the coffee make the visit worthy.

blue tokai coffee1

13. Third Wave Coffee Roasters

 Hey there, coffee lovers! If you haven’t been to Third Wave Coffee roasters, then you haven’t been to the best café in Indiranagar. Witness the coffee brewing right in their café! They do everything from roasting the coffee beans to the coffee in your cup! Attend your meetings, check on your emails or have a good read while reminiscing their signature Pancakes or Avocado Toast.

third wave coffee roaster1

14. Starbucks

 And Starbucks! It is one of the best workplaces for many IT employees and business men. A group of colleagues can crash this place to complete a group project with free wi-fi in the café. Expensive but a charming bistro for many. Comfort is all we can ask for to get our office work done.


15. Glen’s Bakehouse

A hangout point for a bunch of best buddies! This place is known for wood-fired pizzas and mini red velvet cupcakes. Frozen mud pie is a must-try! Affordable and has a great open seating area. Celebrate birthdays and special occasions here to create some beautiful memories down the lane.

glen bakehouse 1

16. Chai Days

 An affordable joint to have a quick snack break during your tiring day! The vibrant lighting during the night sparkles the streets of Indiranagar. Saffron chai, banana walnut cake, and chicken croissant are the special dishes in the store. Keep these in mind if you plan on visiting this little café. Bringing back Positiv-tea!

chai day

17. White Mist Café

 If you are looking for a place to have a night out hookah party, White mist café is your best choice. Invite your friends for an occasional party night and unwind yourself after a big day. The best weekend escapes to refresh yourself. There is a variety of hookah flavours. Don’t worry if you are a non-smoker in your group of friends. The café got you covered with some mouth-watering starters, Italian pizzas, plates of pasta and a bunch of mocktails.

white mist cafe

18. Matteo Coffea

 A simple coffee shop with a regular coffee menu. The most significant part of this café is that it is very comfortable with a classy ambience. A good option for professional meetings over a cup of espresso. Mocha Shekerato, White Chocolate Mocha, and Caramel Latte are a few of the popular mentions.

matteo coffee

19. Lazy Suzy

 This candy-coloured café is too cute to ignore. Lazy Suzy deli sandwich is much talked about and is a unique store try-out. The menu comes with several desserts, sandwiches, signature pancakes, and salads. Prepare yourself to order a coffee and chill around while enjoying some music.

lazt suzy 1

20. The T Café

 If you want to go for a casual tea time with your colony gang, T café is ideal. You can take a quick refreshing walk to the café in the evenings for a cup of chai or coffee with a couple of sandwiches. The menu offers burgers, pasta and a variety of omelettes.

the t cafe 1