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Top 20 Dishes Of Uttar Pradesh

Top 20 Dishes Of Uttar Pradesh

Not only known for its domed, colossal, white-marble monument Taj Mahal but the third largest state, Uttar Pradesh is prominent for its Lucknowi or Nawabi or Awadhi exotic recipes. Cuisines of Uttar Pradesh are...
Famous Food Of Uttar Pradesh Must Have

20 Most Famous Food Of Uttar Pradesh Must Have

1 Batti ChokhaThis dish most liked one in the area of eastern Uttar Pradesh. It is an authentic dish comprising of a wheat baati which is round, and chokha which is made of mashed...

Top 20 Lucknow Dishes Not To Miss

 1Bharwa Chicken PasandaBharwa Chicken Pasanda is very famous in Lucknow. Every chicken lover family has this dish on their special menu. On every small or large occasion, Bharwa Chicken Bharwa is a must. The...

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