Top 20 Dishes Of Uttar Pradesh

Top 20 Dishes Of Uttar Pradesh

Not only known for its domed, colossal, white-marble monument Taj Mahal but the third largest state, Uttar Pradesh is prominent for its Lucknowi or Nawabi or Awadhi exotic recipes. Cuisines of Uttar Pradesh are wide ranging from sour, salty to the sweet astringent. Cooked in the earthen vessel called handi, Uttar Pradesh food has perfection in every variety of its food.

Do you know from where the chatkara of our Panipoori has come? Yes, blatantly, its origin is from Uttar Pradesh.

So let’s spice it up our moments with some of the best mouth salivating dishes of Uttar Pradesh.

1 Nimona

Pea has remained the side-kick in many of the dishes but it is the typical recipe of green peas wherein they are grounded into paste with various spices. It is the traditional dish of UP. So, all the pea lovers out there, it is the time to have your favorite dish.


2 Tahri

Spicy taste of this plain yellow rice gives the dish an another direction when potatoes are added in this Awadhi cuisine, making it exceptionally yummy. It is the vegetarian version of Biryani also sold as the street food in lanes of UP.


3 Shami Kabab

Popular snack throughout the state, it is composed of small patty ground or minced meat with egg and chicken pea to hold it together. Serving it with raw onion as a salad and a coriander chutney add a toothsome taste to this cuisine.


4 Tokri Chaat

Want to add little spice to your monotony? This is just the proper go-to snack that will satiate your taste buds as well as stomach. The crispy basket of this delicacy is so delectable that you will be bound to become the regular customer of this appetizer. It is one of the best street food in Uttar Pradesh.


5 Keema Dum

Cooked and marinated minced meat with innumerable spices in mustard oil makes this dish the winner on the dinner table. This recipe makes a satisfying meal for your exhausted day.


6 Vazakai Chops

Exquisite preparation with urad daal and raw bananas even out the spiciness of flaming chillies and team up with other elements to create this scrummy treat.


7 Dahiwale Aloo

There is nothing more enjoyable than watching potatoes smothered in a creamy gravy. Whipping the curd well on room temperature before adding it to the pan gives the greatest texture to this cuisine. This forms the signature dish of Uttar Pradesh.


8 Badam Kulfi

The fragrance of Almond lends a considerable degree of love to the atmosphere. It is something which is hard to resist when you enter Uttar Pradesh. The state is largely defined by serving the glass of this mouthwatering dish after your food.


9 Kulcha Nihari

Best served with Rumali roti, it has the curious way of bringing the smile on any foodie’s face. Also served with Biryani, it adds rich platter to the already gastronomic delights.


10 Banarasi Lassi

If you are true food- seeker, then you must be aware of the epitome of the food in Uttar Pradesh. It is none other than the Lassi served in the earthen vessel called Kulhads. It is the perfect example of icing on the cake phrase if Jalebis are added with the glassful of Lassi. This combination is famous in divine city Banaras which indicates its rich diversity in food culture.


11 Banarasi Pan

Your trip to Uttar Pradesh will remain incomplete unless you add this true royal cuisine in your mouth. It’s sublime attribute of dissolving in mouth in a blink of time give it the not so- ordinary term in the food dictionary.


12 Ras Malai

Uttar Pradesh has some irresistible flavor in terms of sweet which cannot be resisted. Commonly known as cheese cake without a crust, it is the king of the dinner.


13 Nargizi Kofta

Talking about the specialty, this non- vegetarian dish is proudly served in all parts of Uttar Pradesh. One only needs to dig his teeth into this richly succulent cuisine because later its effect will remain all over heart and mind.


14 Moong Dal Kachori

One of the finest cuisine to be listed in the breakfast. This spicy dish with hot serving masala tea will give you the goosebumps as well as with the energy to travel every corner of this spicy place.


15 Peda

Mathura kapeda has been considered as the best Peda and the most authentic of all. Originated in the birth place of Lord Krishna, it is considered as the simplest but the most wonder delightful sweet of all.


16 Imarti

Frequently consumed as breakfast with the dahi, it is the prominent dish of Mughal era. It is the richer and thicker variant of old jalebi. With the wonderful fragrance, it adds the warmness to the winter morning when served with kachori.


17 Bharwa Chicken Pasanda

Stuffed with the khoya-cheese mixture, chicken breast turns out to be a royal delicacy drizzled with luscious cashew coconut sauce. Its richness lies in the variety of spices including ginger and cinnamon.


18 Bedmi

It is a flat bread originated in Uttar Pradesh. It makes a happy combination when paired with chana or potato curry. It is the easiest and the speedy meal for the lazy day. Served with mixed pickle, it makes the satisfying meal. It is also the most famous vegetarian meal served during festive seasons.


19 Zamin Doz

It is the traditional dish from the kitchen of Awadh. It is the oldest cuisine for cooking fish where fish is stuffed with varied range of ingredients and spices. Earlier it was employed with different rustic technique. Though it is six to eight hours’ recipe but worth the wait.


20 Rajma Tikki

Believed to be the creation of Lucknowi Nawab’s chef, it has the interesting story behind it. The Nawab said to be suffering from liver problem so doctor advised him to cut down all the fatty food but he cannot resist the taste of this dish and began to feel better after eating it.


These are some of the mouth-watering cuisine from the state of Uttar Pradesh. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy your tour with all the tantalizing delicious cuisine from the state.