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Tag: Dal Tadka

20 Dishes of Lentil in India

Top 20 Dishes of Lentil in India

Full of proteins and low in calories, lentil is a staple diet for all Indians along with rice. It is a legume that can be eaten with chapatis as well. If you are trying...

Top 20 Famous Dishes of Delhi

1 Chole BhatureThis dish is prepared from Kabuli Chana and served with fried bread called bhatura. A Very popular dish of Delhi. You will get to see this dish on the menu list of...
A Vegetarian Heaven!!! 25 Best Dishes Of Punjab

A Vegetarian Heaven!!! 25 Best Dishes Of Punjab

Punjab, “Land of five rivers,” with its distinctive five rivers coursing through it, irrigating the lush fields, is one of the pioneer states in food production, feeding the Indian populations as well as outsiders....
Top 20 Yummy Dishes You Can Have In Sri Krishnapuri, Patna

Top 20 Yummy Dishes You Can Have In Sri Krishnapuri, Patna

1Patiala Tandoori Murgh At Takshila - Hotel ChanakyaAddress: Hotel Chanakya, Beer Chand Patel Marg, Sri Krishnapuri, PatnaPatiala Tandoori Murgh is simply a Patiala chicken specialty served in Patna. The chicken dish is made from...
20 Ways To Use Jeera

20 Ways To Use Jeera

Indian food has lots of spices for flavour. No food is complete without spices in them. Even Indian delicacies are famous worldwide for their robust use of spices/ masala. The enchanted taste and aroma...

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