20 Ways To Use Jeera

20 Ways To Use Jeera

Indian food has lots of spices for flavour. No food is complete without spices in them. Even Indian delicacies are famous worldwide for their robust use of spices/ masala. The enchanted taste and aroma of the spices add flavour to the dishes.

Jeera known as cumin is an integral part of spices. It is a chief component of “PanchPhoran Masala (Indian five spice powder)”. Jeera has a warm and slightly bitter taste along with a pungent smell. The aroma of this tiny seeds makes the dishes scrumptious. Jeera is an herb and is available dried, grounded or brownish-green powder. Apart from being its use in Indian cuisines, jeera is also used in many other countries to flavour their food.

From its varied uses below are 20 usages of Jeera:

1. Dal Tadka

Tadka or chaunk is the process of moderating the spices and fried in oil where the spices release their aroma and taste. Dal is yellow lentils and has many types like moong, arhar, and masoor to name a few.  It is a common staple in Indian meal and served with roti or rice. Jeera along with few other spices are moderated in hot oil and then fried in hot oil to make the dal tadka. It tastes delightful because of the sharp-tasting scent of Jeera. Dal tadka is partial without Jeera.


2. Jeera rice

No matter how much we eat, being an Indian, we always crave for rice especially at dinner and so rice is a staple food in India. There are different types of rice like basmati, joha, aijung and much more. Rice can be prepared in many ways like pulao, fried rice, biryani or plain as well. Basmati rice cooked in ghee and moderated with Jeera is a savoring dish to team up with any veg or non veg curry. The sturdy aroma of jeera cooked in ghee and seasoned with cashew nuts and raisins is appetizing.


3. Chicken jeera

No chicken recipe is complete without spices in them. The taste of chicken and the zest of spices boost up the taste of the item. Jeera is one of other spices used while cooking chicken. Jeera is a common spice in almost Indian culinary because of its spicy aroma and slightly bitter taste. It is even very easy to make. Jeera fried in hot oil and then boiled chicken assorted with it along with salt and some chillies.


4. Masala Dahi

Jeera is put in preparing masala dahi. It is a yogurt dip which tastes a bit tangy and spicy. This fusion dahi is best to have with parathas, thepla or as a side dish. The creamy taste of yogurt and spices just burst their flavours when you eat them.


5. PaniPuri water

You might have tasted panipuri with a variety of flavored water. One of such flavoured water is JeeraPani.  JeeraPani is a mixture of paste of roasted cumin seed, black salt, chaat masala, lemon, and water.


6. Raita

Raita is an Indian side dish made with yogurt and chopped vegetables or other fruits and spices. It is a North Indian side dish that you can have with any snack or any way you like. There are different ways to make raita out of which the jeera raita is the simplest and the easiest one. Roasted jeera is first slightly crushed and then chilled yogurt whipped till it is smooth. A pinch of chili powder, black salt, and salt to taste added to it. Jeera raita is best explained as simple yet delicious.


7. Rasam

Any South Indian meal is incomplete without Rasam. Rasam is a type of soup and made with tamarind or tomato juice. You can find rasam served with almost every South Indian dish. It is easy to prepare and healthy too.  The resilient savor of jeera adds taste to the hot, tangy and spicy rasam.


8. Stir fried cabbage with Jeera

Cabbage is a vegetable that is eaten as steamed, fried or raw. It goes with nicely with salads, chicken or fish. Stir fried cabbage is one dish that jeera is seasoned to upsurge its taste. Cabbage leaves are cut lengthwise and then fried with jeera, onion, chilli flakes, and salt.


9. Jheera Khakhra

Khakra is originally a cuisine from Gujarat. They are thin crunchy snacks served in breakfast. Khakras are prepared in different styles Jeera khakra being one of them. Like other flavors, Jeera khakra is a crispy food seasoned with jeera to add its strong aroma and taste.


10. Jeera Chaas

Chaas is a type of buttermilk of South India. Jeera chaas is a cumin flavored buttermilk and is best to have to in summer. It is also very healthy to have during fasts. This buttermilk with the strong aroma of jeera is incredibly delightful.


11. Jeera cauliflower

The Gobi in Hindi or Cauliflower is one vegetable that merges with any food. Jeera gobi is an easy to make dish that goes with rice and roti. The flavour of spices and the crunchy taste of cauliflower is a great delicacy.


12. Jeerapani

Jeera apart from adding flavor to cuisines has also many medicinal remedies. Simple jeera pani is a cure to the treatment of anaemia, aids respiratory system, help sleeping better, helps in digestion, weight loss and lot more. It is also very refreshing.


13. Jeera Khari

Jheera Khari is a crispy and light puff flavored with jeera. It is a popular snack served with tea or coffee.


14. Jeera in salad

Watermelon, feta cheese, basil and mint leaves, black pepper, black salt and jeera – all you need to make this salad. You can have it with as a starter or as a time pass snack. Chilled watermelon, yummy cheese and the relishing scent of jeera make a healthy and tasty salad.


15. Jeera herb sauce

Not only the jeera seed but its herb is also eaten. The sauce is bright and tastes sweet and smoky. It can be served with fried chicken or as a sandwich spread or as dressing in noodles. The sauce can be teamed with any food item to enhance its taste.


16. Cumin crusted vegetables

This is another recipe where jeera primarily used for preparing. Cumin seeds are added to roasted vegetables with a little bit of oil and salt to taste. A simple dish with the flavor of Jeera is tasty indeed.


17. Cumin rubbed pork chops

Although not originally an Indian dish but this is another dish where cumin is flavored for taste. Yummy pork rolls rubbed with jeera and other spices are one that you should taste.

pork chops

18. Cumin vegetable soup

Vegetables boiled and spiced with jeera is a delicious soup to enjoy chilly winter. The strong scent and spicy taste of jeera in the soup are luscious. It is also very easy to make and can be prepared at home too.


19. Jeera in pavbhaji

Pavbhaji is a popular street food in India. It is filling and tasty too. Jeera is used in the preparation of the bhaji too. Tomato, potato, carrot, onions and other vegetables are crushed smoothly and jeera along with some other spices are added to boost the taste.


20. Pudina Jal Jeera

Jal jeera is an Indian cold drink and spiced up with flavors. This drink is very refreshing for summers. This jeerapani flavored with pudina, tastes zesty, tangy and salty and is best to have when chilled. It is also good for health because of the medicinal assets of jeera.