Top 20 Famous Dishes of Delhi


1. Chole Bhature

This dish is prepared from Kabuli Chana and served with fried bread called bhatura. A Very popular dish of Delhi. You will get to see this dish on the menu list of every hotel. A spicy and tempting dish served with onions and lemon. Chole Puri is also another variant of this dish. A blend of masala and chili powder, makes it even tastier. Every special occasion or festive season in India is celebrated with great joy and the most important part that makes it even more special, is the food.


2. Fish Fry

This is another famous dish of Delhi, made for non- vegetarians. A must try dish for them. Vegetable salad or chopped onions with plain rice or jeera rice served alongside with provide great taste. This is another tempting dish of Delhi. Fried fish is coated with garam masala and pepper, to give it a red texture and spice is added for taste. This is a traditional dish in southern parts as well as throughout the country. Fish fry is served on big banana leaves with sliced onions and lemon.


3. Aloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki is a dish made from boiled potatoes which are deep fried after dipping into various curry spices. This is also a northern Indian snack. It tastes great with sauce and tamarind leaves. Tikki means small fried cutlet. This is a vegetarian dish, alternative name is hamburger. Aloo Tikki is served with red sauce or green chutney and tamarind leaves.


4. Paranthas

The main ingredients used are flour, ghee and Maida (all-purpose flour). Paranthas are very popular flatbreads just like chapatti or roti, the only difference is that they have a thick texture to them. Various types of paranthas are available such as Aloo paranthas, Gobi paranthas, paneer paranthas and many more. Some restaurants even serve 100 different types of paranthas. The melting cheese on top tastes best with paranthas.


5. Dal Makhani

Every hotel, restaurant will surely serve this dish in Delhi and many other northern places in India. This is a traditional spicy dish garnished with coriander leaves. Some hotels also give smoky flavor to it by infusing smoky charcoal in a small bowl, and keeping it just above the dish. Nowadays restaurants also serve this dish according to the customer’s choice i.e., very spicy, medium or very less spicy. But majority of them order most spicy dal makhani.


6. Paneer Tikka

One of the most famous dishes of paneer (tofu), is Paneer Tikka. Small pieces of paneer are fried like barbeque and it takes on a brown texture. They are pushed into a long stick along with different vegetables like tomato, green or yellow capsicum etc. This mouth-watering dish is famous in the whole country. Its roasted texture and the spices sprinkled on it gives you an amazing taste.


7. Chicken

This dish is not only popular in Delhi, but also throughout the globe. Chicken being the main ingredient is cooked with gravy. Gravy consists of masala and Indian spices. It takes on a thick texture, with dark red color. It is served with small piece of cheeses and coriander leaves. This is an authentic dish, where they even sometimes put grilled chicken or tandoori chicken. There are many recipes by famous chefs. This dish tops the list of dishes in non-veg department. The roots of this dish are in Punjab.


8. Mutton Korma

One of the top-most favorite dish of non-vegetarians is Mutton Korma. The gravy is the main part. Its texture and taste brings tears of joy to those who taste it, but still no one will stop eating, unless they finish the whole plate even if there tummy is full. Mutton is cooked first and the gravy is prepared separately. The Indian spices are added along with red chili powder, salt and herbs. Also many more ingredients are added to make an awesome gravy. Then boiled mutton is put inside the gravy prepared and boiled again. Most mentioned dish on the menu in hotels. This dish is served with pudina (mint) leaves.


9. Dal Tadka

One of the most popular and famous dish served in Indian restaurants and hotels. Cooked lentils are sautéed oil/ghee, fried spices and herbs. Tadka or chaunk is the Hindi word used for tempering. The flavors bring amazing aroma throughout the place. Who can resist to eat this? Dal tadka is a must try dish for visitors and even for Indians who have not tried it for even once.


10. Kaju Masala

This recipe is always served in combination with Paneer butter masala. Another north Indian famous dish. It has roasted cashew nuts cooked with tomatoes, spices and herbs. Actually the tomato puree and creamy sauce give it a thick texture. Also some restaurants prefer kasuri methi and cinnamon and avoid using artificial red color. Beetroot, Indian spices, red chili powder can do the coloring work along with giving it a superb taste.


11. Biryani

Here comes the compulsory dish in North India, rice. There are many famous rice items, like jeera rice, plain rice, masala rice, biryani, non-veg biryani, Hyderabadi biryani, and each one has its own taste and flavor and particularly famous in specific regions of India. Biryani is made up of chopped cooked veggies, spices, kasuri methi and pudina all mixed with rice. Non-veg biryani contains mutton or chicken as its non-veg part. Non-veg biryani has more spice to make it even more tempting. For vegetarians biryani is also a special treat.


12. Litti Chokha

This is a popular dish in Bihar and Jharkhand. Litti along with chokha constitutes a complete meal, and is a traditional dish. Litti are small balls made of wheat flour and stuffed with mashed potatoes. Then it is mixed with spices, herbs and roasted, and the last part is, after the procedure is complete, they are tossed in to plate and are ready to serve.


13. Momos

Momos is the ancient dish originated from South Asia particularly from Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim and Darjeeling (India). This dish is served with various kinds of sauces like red sauce, schezwan sauce or anything which people think will make a good combination. Combination of lighter and balanced spices with more spicy red sauce tastes good. The momos are stuffed with the veggies and spices.


14. Dal Baati Churma

This famous dish is made from lentils, there is a slight difference between dal fry, day tadka and dal Baati churma. The first and foremost similarity is that they constitute the common main ingredient that is Dal. Also various types of dal can be prepared like, moong dal, tur dal, urad dal and many.  Ingredients added are green chilies, red chilies, coriander and spices. Baati is bread made up of wheat flour. Churma is the sweet that is made from sooji and rolled into small balls. It is a popular dish of North India.


15. Kebabs

Kebabs are most preferred starters and snacks in Northern parts of India. There are a variety of kebabs such as chicken kebab, chicken tikka kebab, veg kebab, also paneer kebab and much more. This is basically grilled meat or grilled veggies and thick mixture of the binding agent.  People living in Delhi are a big fan of meat kebabs.


16. Peri Peri Chicken

Over years this dish has gained popularity in Delhi and now is the top most dish amongst the list of menus in every hotel. Chicken is marinated and kept aside for some time. All ingredients are combined and blended to make a smooth paste, including red chili, pepper, garlic and herbs. You can also bake it in oven for 20-25 minutes. A Tempting dish and a must try for non-veg eaters.


17. Kadhai Paneer

This is one of the most popular dishes made from paneer and is served in almost all restaurants and hotels of Delhi. It is semi dry curry made with cheese, green capsicum also red and yellow bell peppers using Indian spices and herbs. This is little bit spicier than butter paneer which is somewhat sweet. A must try dish of India. It is served hot and garnished with mint leaves or coriander leaves.


18. Butter Paneer

This is another tempting and mouth-watering dish found in Delhi. Blended with spices, herbs, chili powder and special Indian masalas, this dish gives a flavorful delight. As the name suggests, butter is a vital ingredient in the preparation of this recipe. Small cubes of paneer are cooked with tomato puree, spices, salt and are stirred well to make a thick paste. One of the most famous and delightful dish in hotels and restaurants.


19. Dal Fry

Dal fry is another variant in the terms of dal tadka, dal Baati churma. This is usually prepared from arhar dal (tuvar dal) also known as yellow lentils. The yellow lentils are cooked and then are tempered with spices, turmeric, cumin seeds, chopped onions, green chilies, red chili powder and many other ingredients. Then it is stirred well and garnished with finely chopped coriander leaves.


20. Mix Veg

As the name indicates, this is a mixture of some famous vegetables mainly fresh beans, cauliflower, onions, capsicum, potatoes, tomatoes, French beans, peas and many more according to your choice. All the vegetables are cooked together and tossed with spices and herbs, to give it taste. All-time favorite and ordered dish in any restaurant or hotel in North and central part of India.