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Top 20 Dishes from Kerala

Kerala is a south-western coastal state in India. It is referred to as “GOD’S OWN COUNTRY”. Kerala is undoubtedly a food lover’s paradise. Their cuisine is delicious, appetizing, scrumptious, yummy, and extremely heavenly. Here...

Top 20 Must Try Foods in Kerala

1 SadhyaSadhya is a Malayalam word which means banquet and is a variety of vegetarian dishes served on a banana leaf. This is a famous dish during weddings or any ceremonies in Kerala. On...
Best 20 Dishes To Be Enjoyed While Visiting Kerala

Best 20 Dishes To Be Enjoyed While Visiting Kerala

1 Puttu And Kadala CurryIt is the most popular dish among Malayalees, and they used to take it as their daily breakfast. It is available in all the homes and hotels in Kerala. The...
20 Best Dishes Of Kerala

20 Best Dishes Of Kerala

A state on the Malabar Coast, Kerala, mainly famous for its backwater and the palm-lined beaches, and whose slopes support the spice plantations, coffee, tea as well as the wildlife is a home for...

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