20 Best Dishes Of Kerala

20 Best Dishes Of Kerala

A state on the Malabar Coast, Kerala, mainly famous for its backwater and the palm-lined beaches, and whose slopes support the spice plantations, coffee, tea as well as the wildlife is a home for its colorful and unique cuisine also. Kerala is marked on the list of a foreign influence cuisine as it has a range from Muslims to Syrian, with each religion developing their style of preparation for their cuisine. The region is mainly known for its Onam festival and for its simplicity of serving the food on a banana leaf. Because of its long coastline, it also has a lot of seafood cuisines like mussels, prawns, crabs same as its neighbors’ Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Kerala, fortunately, has an inexhaustible list of the vegetarian cuisines that are straight away served from the stove into your lap. So visit Kerala and try these delicacies:

1. Appam with Stew

Made from the coconut milk, coconut water, little sugar and fermented rice flour. The stew may also feature lamb or chicken, vegetables, mango pieces as it like thin pancakes with crispy edges. Moreover, the chefs enhance its flavor of vegetables by adding the whole aromatic spices, coconut milk and ginger. It is a derivative of European stew consisting of cloves, cinnamon, shallots and coconut milk (crucial ingredient) eaten with appams.


2. Malabar Parotta with Kerala Beef and Curry

A layered flat bread called Parotta, which has its origin in the Malabar coast is made by kneading plain four (maida), oil or ghee, egg, and water. The dough is shaped into the spiral layers after being beaten by the long thin stick. Later, the rolled flat ball is roasted into a layered flat bread (Parotta) with ghee.Eaten with beef curry, and curry made with spices like cloves, cinnamon, garlic, bay leaves, black peppercorns, star anise, cardamom, tomatoes, and onions.


3. Karimeen Pollichathu

Regarded as the traditional cuisine of Kerala. Also known as pearl spot fish, it is found in backwaters. It has its originality from Syrian Christian but is now a part of Kerala. It is a mixture of red chilies, lemon juice, and ingredients baked and wrapped in leaves giving it a nice flavor to it.


4. Kadala Curry and Puttu

Cooked in a mold with coconut. It is a cylindrical steamed rice which is usually served with black chickpeas made with coconut milk, spices, shallots, and kadala curry. It can also be served with grated coconut and ripe bananas. It is the most popular breakfast meal eaten all over the state. Included in the traditional delicacies of Kerala.


5. Palada Payasam

It is a rice kheer made in every house during Onam festival. Its traditional recipe includes sugar, milk, ghee, and rice ada ingredients only.


6. Pumpkin or Erissery Lentil Curry

It is a dish made from either sliced yams or raw plantains. It includes a sweet pumpkin, boiled in water with pepper or chilies, grated coconut, salt, garlic, turmeric powder, served on a bed of rice. Listed on every menu in Kerala.


7. Prawn Curry

Regarded as the signature dish of Kerala. Made from the Malabar region with a blend of green chilies, black mustard, fennel seeds, fenugreek, coconut milk. It includes brindleberry which give it sour taste plus it uses drumsticks, marinated prawns, and raw mango to give it a tangy flavor.


8. Fish Moilee

It is a fish stew made with coconut milk. It is a Syrian Christian delicacy which includes fried fish with spices like cloves, cinnamon, coconut milk, turmeric, pepper along with fresh green chilies giving it a tangy taste.


9. Dosa Ghee Roast

Included in top 50 delicious foods. Made from lentils, fermented rice, and cooked in pure ghee till it gets crispy. It is the best delicacy and loved by all. It has its origin from Kerala only. It is easy to cook and is a light food and makes all your worries and troubles vanish.


10. Thalassery Biryani

Rice Biryani is a common cuisine of the Muslim. But Thalassery uses a thin rice called kaima with unique fragrant. It also uses dough and charcoal above the lid. Thalassery is a seaport from where European, Malabar, and Arab came together and influenced the cuisine.


11. Idiyappam With Egg Curry

Also known as noolappam, it is a plain texture versatile dish paired with all kinds of curries. It is the famous dish of Kerala region.


12. Banana Fritters

It is a tea time snack available throughout Kerala. They are simple ripe bananas deep fried and coated with plain flour. It is a homemade recipe that can be perfectly served with vanilla ice cream. It is very easy to cook, and the best part is that it will not make you weight as it is cooked in only seventeen minutes.


13. Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu

This version is not as mundane as chicken, but when fried with chili, vinegar, garlic, coriander, it will ogle your eyes like no one. It is crispy from outside and juicy from inside, and also the benefit of this dish is the amount of oil used is less so that it tastes good.


14. Kerala Style Beef Fry or Naadan Beef Fry

The dark hue reflects the depth of this dish. The beef is coated with curry and is well cooked with mustard seeds, ginger- garlic paste. Served within sandwiches, and is often prepared as the main meal. It is also used to make hashes. It has thousands of variations and it depends upon from region to region.


15. Kilikoodu

It is the most delicious Malabar snack during Ramzan season. It is multi-layered with mutton or fish, chicken, vermicelli and mashed vegetables. It has the layer of egg and milk, which gives it a unique taste. It is an Iftar special dish.


16. Sadya

It is a vegetarian dish served on a banana leaf. It includes much varieties of dishes and is an important part of the Kerala big festivities. One can have over 64 items in it. It consists of pickle, rice (served on lower half), vegetables boiled in a gravy of onion, coriander, chilies, in addition to this, Upperi, Khichadi, Pappadam, and avial are unavoidable dishes in sadya.


17. Mutta Mala

It is the best dessert also known as egg necklace. It is a two ingredients recipe, made up of eggs sugar and is served as a side dish. It has its origin from Central Asia and Arab and is a popular Ramazan dish. It has the layer of egg and milk, which gives it a unique taste. It is an Iftar special dish.


18. Pazham Nirachatchu

It is a feast snack prepared by stuffing coconut dipped in Maida batter and fried. It is a traditional and authentic dish of the region. It will leave quite an impression on your heart. Some people use semi-ripe bananas and then dipped in a Maida batter. It is a tea time snack and is easy, simple, quick, healthy and nutritious diet.


19. Unnakai

It is a religious snack of the Malabar coast. Often prepared for weddings, Celebrations, Iftar, and many other festivals of Kerala. It is a spindle shape dessert, and is also known as Kai Ada, Unnakaya, and Kai Porichathu. The main ingredients of Unnakai are mashed plantain and Steamed plantain. They are stuffed with nuts, the flesh of the coconut, beaten egg, cardamom, and raisins.


20. Chemins Curry

It is a delicious, juicy and traditional prawn dish, blended with coconut milk. It will put a spell on anyone’s taste bud as it is one of the mouthwatering specialties of the region. Stirring it in hot spices and coconut milk with copious amount of red chilies gives it an authentic taste.