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Top 20 One Pot Meal

One pot meals are super easy to make and do not require too much efforts in cooking. When you want to enjoy super tasty and delicious food, and you do not want to struggle...

Top 20 North Indian Dishes made in No Time

There are some North Indian dishes which are delicious as well as made within clicks.1 Jeera AlooJeera Aloo is made in every North Indian home. The dish requires very less time as well as...

Top 20 Food Items to Make Quickly for Guests in the House

“Atithi Devo Bhava” is a saying in Sanskrit, which is the tradition of every Indian which means the guests are to be treated in the same way as God. So it is our foremost...

Top 20 Most Popular Food Items In Surat!

Surat is full of people who are crazy for food! And when I say crazy, I mean very, very crazy for food. This is the reason Surat offers such a wide variety of food...
Famous 25 Eatries of Surat

Famous 25 Eatries of Surat

1 DhoklaDhokla is famous in North-India. It made by mixing bread with suji and other seasonal vegetables like peas, carrot and other evergreen vegetables like tomato, onion, coriander leaves etc. Salt is added according...
20 Different Makar Sankranti Dishes from India

20 Different Makar Sankranti Dishes from India

India is a country that is truly diverse. One of the things that unite the people of India is the various festivals celebrated here. Makar Sankranti is one such festival that is celebrated under...

20 Items Prepared with Boiled Leftover Rice.

1 Capsicum RiceThe Capsicum Rice is made from left-over rice. The rice which is left over at night is then is reused in the morning as the breakfast dish. The item is made up...

Top 20 Dishes For A Frequent Traveller

1Puri“Puri” should officially be classified as the ‘National Journey Food’ of India. Puri is hugely popular with the masses and is the most preferred food (notice most, not one of them) for travel. Generally...
20 Famous Gujarati Dishes

20 Famous Gujarati Dishes

The state Gujarat is very famous for food. The people residing there are fond of food. It is said that if you live in Gujarat and you don't like food to eat then you...

20 Mouth-Watering Delicacies Of Rajkot In Gujarat

1DhoklaDhokla is inarguably a delicious dish of Gujarat. It is invented by the Gujarati people and the dish famously resembles the pride and authenticity of their culture. Its ingredients include Besan powder, sugar, and...

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