20 Side Dishes That To Go With Your Favourite Dish


The main course is the favorite meal of many. But many people dwell on the side dishes more. People like me will consume the side dish first. I am not one of those types who will wait to compile everything together and make a perfect bite. My favorite side dish so far is Chinese Bhel. Which side dish do you like? We will discuss a few of the side dishes we found interesting. You must have tired them already. However, you can check out the list and book some of them. So, Let’s check them out.

1. Salad

Salad is my personal favorite. Precisely, a mixture of thin, vertically sliced tomato, onion, carrot, cucumber, beetroot, coriander, chili, and all your favorite veggies. Salt, pepper, oil, and other garnishing spices bring it up. I would love to replace my main course with a vegan salad. Hence, we place it first on the top 20 side dishes to try.

2. Curd

Many south Indian restaurants have curd as a side dish to their whole Thali. The Thali usually consists of rice, sambar, Papad, roti/chapati//dosa/, Sabji, Mix vegetables, and curd. It is a mouth-watering combo. I am sure the local south Indians have curd in their meals.

3. Pickles

Koreans have kimchi, and Indians have a pickle. The utmost tradition of adding Pickles to the dish dates back centuries. Today, people even eat pickles with paratha or puri. It goes better with everything. Furthermore, the variety of Pickles presents now is breathtaking. You can range it from super sweet to super spicy.

4. Papad

You must have noticed the mention of Papad in the previous articles. Here, the case is the same. Papad is a traditional Indian wafer. People use Chickpeas, rice, lentil, or gram flour to make Papad. Also, it has small pieces of pepper too. They are crunchy and worth going fourth in the top 20 side dishes.

5. Pakora

Winter season brings a need to eat warm Pakora almost every day. It goes great as a side dish. Basically, there are potatoes, onion, spinach, chili, and other veggies. You can make chicken, egg, fish, or meat Pakora. Majorly, Pakora is present at drink parties as a side dish to the main course.

6. Kheema

As we are talking about chicken pakora, we can add kheema to the top 20 side dishes. Kheema is present in almost all traditional Muslim Celebrations. Kheema is a tasty side dish. Also, it goes well with any chicken main course dish. You can eat it with bread, roti, chapati, and paratha. Furthermore, some people make kheema patis with kheema in pastry sheets.

7. Kebab

Chicken seekh Kebab is a famous side dish. Secondly, we have a mutton kebab. For all the vegans with have Tofu kebab. There are around fifty to seventy types of kebabs. Hence, you have plenty of options to choose from. Kebabs are healthy to eat as they are cooked directly on the fire. Drop down which kebab is your favorite.

8. Pongal

Pongal is a festival and a popular sweet dish in Sri Lanka. Basically, it has rice, sugar, cashew, and mug bean. It is a tasty side dish. Majorly it is present during festivals in Sri Lanka cuisine. It is a traditional dish with lots of rituals attached. Families come together during festivals and make it together.

9. Allu Wadi

Every Maharashtrian knows the taste and trend of Allu Wadi. Many places in Mumbai sell them to busy routine workers. It is healthy, tangy, sweet, spicy, and crunchy. It is a good side dish to the typical Maharashtrian Thali. Also, you can have it with Coconut chutney, tomato sauce, and green chutney. Dal rice and Allu wadi are an excellent combo I had.

10. Chat

Do you like Pani puri? You will surely love Chat. It is a side dish to Pani puri. It has the same Ragada, onion, tomato, shev, coriander, chat masala, and other ingredients. Many people must be asking for a chat after having the spicy Pani puri. It is crunchy, buttery, and very delicious. Do not forget to ask for a Chat after having Pani puri.

11. Chicken 65

Now we can practically come to the non-veg part of side dishes. Chicken 65 has become popular recently. It originates from Chennai, India. Furthermore, it is boneless, spiced chicken pieces. I believe different places have a difference in the taste of Chicken 65. Majorly it is spicy, smoky, and tasty.

12. Appam

Appam once again comes from south India. It is like a pancake. South Indians make appam with rice flour batter. Also, it is crunchy, a little salty, and wonderful to taste. You can eat it with sambhar, Sabji, chicken curry, mutton curry, kheema, coconut jaggery filling, and much more. It is one of the best side dishes.

13. Khichdi

Indians eat Khichdi in the main course. Considering its usage in India, calling it a side dish sounds wrong. However, it is what it is. Five-star restaurants do serve Khichdi as a side dish. There are varieties of Khichdi present. Furthermore, Indian moms are more innovative in adding more variety to it. Hence, we include it in the top 20 side dishes.

14. Tandoori

The kebab was present on the list before. Tandoori is similar to it. Basically, Tandoori originates from Punjab. It is a tasty side dish for many families. I have been hating it all my life. However, now I love it like anything. You can eat it with roti all by itself or with a fully packed chicken biryani meal.

15. Dhokla

Dhokla is a main course dish in many places. However, some places serve Dhokla as a side dish. It has many transformations now. Basically, it can be a side dish to the heavy Gujrati meal. It is soft, sweet, spicy, and tasty. Furthermore, it is sightly health benefits too. Do give it a try.

16. Mirchi Thecha

Where are all the Maharashtrians? Mirchi Thecha is crushed chili paste. Also, it has raw peanuts, chili, garlic, and coriander. It is the spiciest thing one may have ever tasted. Also, it comes with Maharashtrian Thali. You can eat it with chapati or Bakari. Thecha is present in every hotel in Maharashtra. Also, you can make it at home and see if it fits your cuisine.

17. Muramba

Amba Muramba is a dish everyone should try once in their lifetime. It is sweet, tangy, and spicy. It is an all-in-one combo. Basically, you can call it the Indian version of Jam or Marmalade. You can make Muramba out of almost every fruit present in your home. Also, you can try eating it with chapati. It goes very well.

18. Jhal Muri

Have you ever seen those packets of Haldiram with the name Jhal Muri on them? Yes, I am talking about something similar. Jhal Muri comes from the Bengal side of India. It is a crunchy mouth-engaging snack there. Hence, people prefer to keep it as a side dish as well. Furthermore, it has spices, veggies, peanuts, and Chanachur. A good crunch to the mouth after a great meal.

19. Peanut Chat

You will find peanut chat on the streets of Mumbai. I tried it first there. At that time, I had no idea that I would be writing about it. Peanut chat is a focus dish for many people. Especially is present during Bouquet foods. Also, they serve a piece of raw mango with this Chat. It is a good combo, no doubt.

20. Curd Rice

Curd rice is its kind of comfort food. The doctor advises patients with a bad tummy to have it. Furthermore, hotels call it to be a side dish. There are many ways of many curds of rice. Probably, your granny might have a different way of making curd rice than mine. Somehow, the feelings of care and love behind each food are the same.