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best italian dishes

20 Best Authentic Italian Dishes You Must Try

Italy has a rich cuisine offering a wide variety of savoury and sweet dishes. The recipes used in the traditional Italian dishes are passed down between generations and loved by all.Here is a list...
Top 21 Vegan Party Food Items

Top 21 Vegan Party Food Items

Thinking of a party will make a cloud of delicious food items which you will get there. But, if you are throwing a party, it sometimes becomes very tough to choose the best food...

Top 20 Foods that we Love to eat but are proven to be Addictive

We need food to survive but, if we are not careful about our eating habits, then it might do us more harm than good. Few food items give us pleasure within the first bite,...
top 20 dishes to prepare for a wedding anniversary party

20 Dishes to Prepare for A Wedding Anniversary Party

A wedding anniversary is a perfect day for all your family, friends, and relatives to get together. Apart from decorations, music, dance, lightening, food is the most important aspect to look after a party....
20 Best Cafes to Try in Trivandrum, Kerala

20 Best Cafes to Try in Trivandrum, Kerala

Trivandrum, earlier known as Thiruvananthapuram, offers great places in Kerala for hanging out with friends and family.Here are the top 20 cafes in Trivandrum that you must try:1 TurfIf you are someone who drools...

Top 20 Things to Eat / Drink When Visiting Champa Gali

If you have never heard of this place before, you must know that this is a hidden lane in Saket which is a perfect place to chill and spend some quality time with friends....

Top 20 Dishes in Pushkar

Pushkar, a beautiful town in the North-East Rajasthan has a heritage of its own. A town whose name means “The Blue Lotus” attracts an immense number of people throughout out the year due to...
20 Affordable And Delicious Hangouts For College Students In Mumbai

20 Affordable And Delicious Hangouts For College Students In Mumbai

1 Prithvi cafeFull of enthusiasm, full of life, full of lights, and full of friends. The ambience here in Prithvi Cafe is well maintained. The place is always crowded, which makes it difficult to...
Top 20 Dishes of Bikanerwala Gurgaon

Top 20 Dishes of Bikanerwala Gurgaon

1 DhodaA complete health adding dessert with dry fruits like almonds and cashews added in Mawa or khoya made of milk. It is sliced in cubes. The rich look of dhoda attracts the foodie...
Top 20 Mouth-Watering Potluck Recipes Ranked In Order Of Popularity

Top 20 Mouth-Watering Potluck Recipes Ranked In Order Of Popularity

1Deviled Eggs  Coming in at number one is deviled eggs. No one ever, ever runs home with a plate of uneaten deviled eggs. My collaborator Bridget, who had three children, would bring a mammoth...

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