Top 20 Food To Try At Richie Rich, Katraj, Pune

Top 20 Food To Try At Richie Rich, Katraj, Pune

Richie Rich is a go-to place for students at Katraj, Pune. This place remains crowded with students, whether it is day or night. Richie Rich is one of the old shops you will find at Katraj. They have a little sitting area with a massive menu. They do not have menu cards instead; they have printed everything on their wall. Let us discuss their Top 20 dishes to try when you go there.


Coffee is the selling item on their whole menu. Richie Rich serves one of the best coffees in Katraj. They also have various options such as Cappuccino, latte, ginger coffee, and classic hot and cold coffee.



A sandwich is a snack you will find anywhere but trust me when I say a sandwich like Richie Rich is hard to find. They have various options for sandwiches. They have veg, paneer, cheese, club, multigrain, healthy and many more.



Softie is a creamy and mouthwatering dessert to try in Richie Rich. It is tasty and of a reasonable price. They have three options for a softie. You can have vanilla softies, chocolate softies or mixed ones. You can also take a cone or cup.


4.Ice Slush

Ice Slush is a cold dessert made from fruit juices. Richie Rich serves multiple options of ice slush. They also have cola flavour, and it is their best-selling item. They serve slush in cups only, and students love to eat slush here.

colorful slushy ice drinks


Mastani is also a cold dessert having chilled shakes topped with ice cream of the same flavour and sprinkles of Choco chips in it. Richie Rich has various flavours of mastani. Everyone loves to eat mastani during the summer season.


6.Fruit Ice Cream

Richie Rich serves fruit ice creams to its customer. They make these ice creams by themselves. It has small pieces of fruit and fruit pulps. You can find ice creams of different fruits, and the most common fruit they have here is mango, strawberry, orange, and berries.



Waffle is a mouthwatering, chocolatey, and tasty dessert. Waffle is a perfect food to satisfy sweet cravings, and liked by most people. They have various flavours of waffles, such as chocolate waffles, brownie waffles, white chocolate waffles, and many more. Prices are also reasonable as per the quantity they serve.



Faluda is another tasty cold dessert that fits everyone’s palate. Faluda has kulfi of different flavours, rice noodles, and chocolate sauce. It can also have different toppings of dry fruits, chocolate, and other things.



Shakes of Richie Rich are the most famous in this area. They serve perfect sweet and thick shakes to their customers. They have different flavours of shakes that you can change according to your taste. You can also change your toppings in the shakes.



Chai is a comfort and a perfect evening drink for many peoples. Richie Rich serves tasty and freshly made tea to its customers. They also have different flavours of teas, which you can change as per your taste. It includes ginger, plain, and cardamom tea.



Richie Rich is known to serve hot, sizzling brownies to its customers. They give brownies on a hot metal plate. They top the brownie with an ice cream scoop. This hot and cold flavour gives a heavenly taste. You can also put toppings as per your taste.



Nothing can beat the happiness we get after having a burger. The burger is so simple yet tasty food to have every time. Richie Rich serves mouthwatering burgers to its customers. They have multiple options of burgers to choose from. Their best seller burgers include paneer burgers, veg burgers and many more.



Fries are the best snack to eat while watching a movie, or people love to eat fries with burgers. Richie Rich serves tasty and crispy potato fries to customers. They have options of plain Fries and peri-peri Fries, for those who love extra spicy food. They serve fries with cheese dip and sauce.


14.Ginger Lemon Tea

If you have a cold or cough, try ginger lemon tea from Riche Rich. It will give relief to your throat. However, you need not have a cough or cold to appreciate ginger lemon tea. It has a soothing and little bitter taste of ginger. Ginger lemon tea is common as an evening snack for most people.


15.Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a milk-based drink that is served hot. It is a tasty and sweet drink topped with a lot of chocolates and chock chips. Richie Rich serves freshly prepared hot chocolate to customers. The expense of the hot chocolate is also very reasonable here. It is a must-have drink at Richie Rich’s.



A good pizza is enough to change your mood from sad to happy. Richie Rich prepares fresh pizza for customers. They have multiple topping options from which you can choose. Their veg cheese pizza is the best seller. Their other pizzas include cheese pizza, chilli cheese pizza, paneer cheese pizza, and soya cheese pizza.



Everyone’s favourite Maggie, is also there on the menu of Richie Rich. They serve multiple options of Maggie to customers. They have plain Maggie, cheese Maggie, veg cheese Maggie, masala Maggie and many more. Prices are a bit high, but quality and tasteareunbeatable.


18.Flavoured Milk

Flavoured Milk is yet another drink you should try at Richie Rich. Flavoured Milk is plain milk with some flavours. Pista, Badam, Kesar, chocolate, and vanilla flavours are some of the flavours that they serve. Every flavour has its taste. All the flavours taste good.


19.Fruit With Cream

Fruit With Cream is an easy, simple dish to prepare. It only requires fresh cream and cut seasonal fruits. Richie Rich serves good quality fresh cream that goes best with fruits. No extra seasoning is needed to make fruit with cream. It tastes so fresh and yummy.



Sundae is a sweet dessert made from cream. It also has fruit and nuts. Richie Rich serves good quality Sundaes in tall glass. It tastes lip-smacking, and people love to eat it.