Top 20 Foods You Can Take To The Space

Top 20 Foods You Can Take To The Space

Space and the interaction we are having with Space are developing. Day by day, we get to hear new inventions about the same. People across the globe are trying their best to maintain a presence in Space. Furthermore, they are putting all their efforts into the same. Similarly, there are developments in the lifestyle humans can have in Space. Experts are working on providing the most comfortable life to every individual. Today, we will discuss one of these comforts. We present to you the top 20 foods you can take to Space. I am sure you are not planning your trip to Space any sooner. However, this article will surprise you with the food you can have in Space.


You can be anywhere in the universe you require the nutrients from Veggies. While traveling in Space, astronauts need easily digestible food. They cannot undigestible food. Hence, people eat veggies like celery, spinach, and so on. All these veggies are easily digestible.



Similar to veggies, fruits give many nutrients. However, we need to keep them easily digestible. They should not have hard-to-digest nutrients. Also, one should ensure they are easy to eat. They must be compatible with the floating environment of the Space. Hence, experts send fruits like apples and grapes on board.



Yes, astronauts have Beef in Space. However, experts sterilize it with Ionizing radiation. This technique keeps it from spoiling for a period. Also, one can assume its taste to have not much difference. Beef is a clear source of protein for astronauts.



Sausage is one of the low-moisture foods. It does not have much moisture. Low moisture does not initiate the spoiling process. Hence, astronauts take Sausages with them. They can eat them as they like. It is a good pairing with a bread bun. Therefore, we have included it in the top 20 foods you can take to Space.

Chicken sausage cooking in purple pan


People who love buckwheat might start dancing. The expert needed something not too heavy for the astronaut. Making bread with other grains was not feasible. Hence, they chose buckwheat. It has high fiber and many vitamins.

Buckwheat with flour over white background


We humans cannot stay away from rice for a long time. Astronauts eat rice in Space. It provides them with fiber. Furthermore, they have different curries and paste available. They prefer having protein with rice. They pack it in a way to not spoil during the flight.



People have taken cheese with them to Space. It tastes the same. However, they might not get its taste direct. Human tastebuds do not work much in Space. Therefore, they have to keep food extra spicy or salty.

Cheeses, White Background, Clipping path


This dish is for all the Chicken lovers out there. Many people might have doubts about Chicken after seeing beef. Yes, you can take Chicken to Space. It might be a little hard to digest. People use different cooking techniques to cook it right and soft. Furthermore, they keep it simple and healthy for the astronauts.


9.Pickled cabbage

Pickled cabbage has a special place in my heart as well. It is a nutritional food. It has many vitamins and minerals. Also, it gives you Vitamin C for compatibility. Astronauts have them in packages or tins. They do not include liquids. It might spoil the food early.

A pile of fresh cabbages scientifically known as brassica oleracea


Ramen is in trend currently. However, did you try Space Ramen? It will be trendy shortly. Brands will come up with some funky ideas for Space ramen. Some Chinese astronauts have eaten ramen in Space. They had to make it extra spicy because of the weakness of tastebuds.

Instant Noodles for Instant hunger


Do you know what beverages people try in Space? There are many beverages’ astronauts try. Coffee is one of them. It is present in air tight pouch. It is in liquid and ice form. They do not necessarily get it hot. However, a Space Cold coffee is also good, right?



Not everyone like coffee. Tea has antioxidants to help you cope with the change in the environment. Many astronauts take herbal tea. Mostly, the tea is without sugar. It might be a little tasteless too. However, it is a healthy intake for the body.



Yes, you can drink juices in Space. How cool it would be to drink grape juice while watching the earth rotate! Man, that is a scene! In Space, one can drink different kinds of Juices. They are easy to digest and provide lots of Vitamins and Minerals. Also, they refresh the whole body.

Women holding wheat grass drink.

14.Peanut butter

There are videos of astronauts playing with food in Space. It is a fun experience. Practically, you can take anything to Space. Experts are researching how they can familiarize more food with Space. Peanut butter is an everyday food. Humans need it in Space too.



Did you check out the Christmas vlogs by astronauts? There they featured many different dishes. One of them was Pizza. Astronauts made a variety of Pizza to celebrate. Also, they used all the homely ingredients. It is worth watching the video. Do check it out.



Astronauts don’t carry small nuts to Space. It might be a little dangerous. However, they take cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, etc with them to Space. Some astronauts take nut balls too. It is a delicious snack to have. Also, it provides protein and other nutrients.

Three bowls with almonds, pecans and hazelnuts


Japanese have tried this experiment. Astronauts tried making Sushi in Space. It was intact and tasty. It stayed intact because of the pressure in Space. Since then, astronauts made Sushi using different ingredients in Space.

Organic brown rice sushi roll with avocado, cucumber, carrots and seaweed.


A few years back, Korean astronauts took Kimchi to Space. Experts required a lot of research to make the right Kimchi as per Space’s atmosphere. It took them some time and money to figure out the right recipe. At last, experts succeeded in making Kimchi and sending it to Space.

Kimchi cabbage in Korean restaurant, famous fermented food from Korea


In the movie Mars, astronauts grew potatoes on Mars. Till now, we haven’t received that technology. We are working towards it. However, you can take smashed Potatoes to Space. They will fill up the protein gap. It will help you work and perform better. Furthermore, it is a tasty vegetable to take to Space.

Peel and boil potatoes isolated on white

20.Ice Cream

Ice cream in Space was famous few years back. That is my favorite part of the journey too. How cool is it! You can eat ice cream while watching the moon. Somewhere, ice cream connects us to our planet. It reminds us of the sweet times we spent with our people.