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Tag: Watermelon

20 Natural Foods to Prevent Heart Diseases

20 Natural Foods to Prevent Heart Diseases

1 Basil LeavesBasi is one of the herbs which is healthy for the heart as it is capable of lowering the cholesterol levels in the body.It prevents any cardiac weakness or strokes and is...
20 most healthiest mlkshakes

20 Most Healthiest Milkshakes

On hearing the word milkshake, the few things that comes to our mind are Yummy, delicious and juicy milk full of fresh fruits, ice- cream and lot of calories. But the below shakes will...

Top 20 Fruits Which Everyone Should Eat In Winters

1TomatoThere is a misconception that Tomatoes are vegetables but the fact is that the Tomato is not a veggie it is a fruit. The benefits of Tomato is uncountable. It is the fruit which...
top 20 energy giving foods

What To Eat When You Need Energy? Here Is A List Of Top 20

What is the primary purpose of food? To give us energy obviously! But sometimes, it so happens that the kind of food we eat is not sufficient to provide us with enough energy. There...

Top 20 Low Calories Daily Life Food

We always wonder what should be eaten to decrease our daily calories intake if you are about to lose weight. So here is the list of 20 least calories easily available foods which will...

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So how does it feels when you are lazy and hungry at the same time; doesn't want to get up from your comfort zone,...

Top 20 Places to have Chole Bhature in Delhi

“There isn’t and will never be something called “too much food.” Love for food is the purest form of love!!”The capital city of India,...

Top 20 Favorite Bengali Food you’ve been Missing Out

1 SingaraSingara is a triangle shaped snack. This is the short form of samosa. It is very popular in Bengalis. Singara is basically a...

Top 20 Places to have Biryani in Bangalore

Born in the Muslim households of India, Biryani is the ‘BAE’ of Indian dishes. It is made up of mixing curry with Indian spices,...

20 Best Restaurants in Indiranagar, Bangalore

Indiranagar is the food hub in Bangalore. You can find a lot of popular restaurants which serve a variety of dishes like Italian, Japanese,...