Top 20 Foods For Sunburn

Top 20 Foods For Sunburn

How is your summer going so far? Are you enjoying the cold juices and drinks? Or are you just sick of the problems you are facing? Well, we have a solution to one of the problems you face during the hot summers. Sunburn is a problem every sensitive skin faces. Sunburn happens due to direct exposure to Sun’s radiation. The radiation damages the skin cells. They kill the outer skin cells and are very dangerous for sensitive skin. People have many methods of protecting themselves from Sunburn. However, the most prominent one is to use sunscreen cream. Other ways we will discuss in the Top 20 foods for Sunburn.


We all know how good potato is on Sunburn. You can directly apply it to the affected skin. It will give instant cooling to all kinds of burns and damages. Furthermore, you can have sweet potato before stepping out. This technique is effective against Sunburn too.

three stages of a potato being prepared for cooking as chips, or fries

2.Green Tea

Green ice tea is a healthy refreshment to the heated summers. It protects your skin from most of the damage due to the radiation. Secondly, it gives a cooling effect with its icy presence. Furthermore, you can feel energetic and hydrated because of green tea.

Close up of Green Tea Leaves


Cucumbers are next to potatoes. They are soothing and relieving ood. You can consume and apply cucumber to the affected skin. They have Vitamin C that will nourish and repair your skin gently. Furthermore, you can try some mild cucumber shakes too.

fresh cucumbers isolated on white


We must increase the water intake during summer. Keeping our body hydrated benefits our skin a lot. Eat a watermelon once every month. This technique will help you cope with many skin problems. Plus, it will give you hydration and energy to face the hot summers.

Water melon isolated on white

5.Coconut Water

You cannot apply coconut water on Sunburn. But you can put coconut oil. Furthermore, you can drink a lot of coconut water to cope with the water loss in the body due to sweating. In the summer, we lose most of the water in sweat. Hence, we do not urinate much.



Did you know tomatoes can give up to twenty-five percent protection against skin problems during summer? Yes, they can. Enzymes and nutrients in tomatoes give them this specialty. They offer protection against most diseases during summer, including Sunburn.

Red Tomatoes and slice on white background

7.Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a universal healer. It has calming power to cure your skin. Furthermore, it gives a lot of peace and calmness to the burnt part of your skin. People in ancient times used aloe vera for fire burnt skin. Hence, you can apply it directly on the sunburns.

Slice aloe vera a very useful herbal medicine for skin care and hair care


Pomegranate is one of the watery fruits. One should have it in the summer. You can eat it raw or drink pomegranate juice. They will give a cooling and healing effect. It is an excellent food for Sunburn and the heated summer season.

Pomegranate Isolated on White Background

9.White Vinegar

The acids in white vinegar are helpful for Sunburn. They reduce the pain for twenty minutes. Just add some distilled water and drink it for a more cooling effect. It is the ultimate solution to your Sunburn.



Proteins in milk help in the formation of new skin. It will help in the repair of the burnt skin. You can even apply cool milk to your skin. This technique will relax and calm your burnt skin and make you feel better.


11.Nuts And Seeds

The next item on the list of top 20 foods for Sunburn is Nuts seeds. They are rich in Omega 3. This content will help cure the skin faster and gives more relief. Furthermore, one can ensure to have them daily. Taking nuts on a daily basis gives you lots of natural protein.

Fried cashew


Cauliflower has many antioxidant properties. You can eat them more during the summer. Also, Cauliflower keeps you protected from Sunburn. It is like a protective shield. It can give natural protection against the harmful sun rays.

Cauliflower Vegetable


You must be seeing lots of berries in the summer. People sell strawberries and blueberries. These berries are too helpful during the summer. They can help you calm the skin. With that, they have a lot of Vitamin C. This Vitamin C also helps your skin.

Berries on white background


When life gives you lemons, you can use them as protection against Sunburn. Lemon is a citrus fruit. Plus, it has a good quantity of Vitamin C in it. This lemon can refresh and calm you. It can also be helpful to soothe the burnt skin. Hence, one can drink lemon juice often during the summer.

lime and lemon

15.Leafy Veggies

We know that leafy veggies have a lot of fiber in them. They are even good sources of antioxidants. They will help in repairing the skin. They also have other nutrients to help protect against the radiation of the Sun.

Various Supermarket Vegetables

16.Chia Seeds

We all know how great chia seeds are for our health. They are an excellent contribution to healthy skin. You can try consuming them during the summer. This food will cool your body and refresh it during the hot summers.



You must try eating more watery fruits in the summer. They provide more refreshments and hydration to our bodies. Kiwi is similar to lemon. It has antioxidant-soothing properties. Furthermore, you can try making different innovative dishes using Kiwi.

Kiwi fruit table background


Cantaloupe is an excellent option for Sunburn. It has beta carotene. Beta carotene helps in repairing and reforming the Sun. It will also provide a soothing effect to the affected area. Furthermore, it is an excellent food for healthy food items to have.

Fresh fruit musk melon are very sweet

19.Pumpkin Seeds

Are you too habited to eat Pumpkin seeds raw? Yes? Wow, that is great. They are a rich source of vitamin E. Furthermore, they can provide a good amount of vitamin C too. Both of these Vitamins are good for having healthy skin. Hence, you can include pumpkin in your skincare regime.

Pumpkin seeds roasted and salty on wooden surface

20.Tea Leaves

You know tea leaves have soothing properties. They are the best antioxidants. They have a lot of potential nutrients to prevent many diseases. Hence, why not the skin disease too? However, drinking hot tea in summer may not be a great idea. Hence try taking iced tea. They are a better option for the hot summers.