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20 Authentic Dishes You Should Try From Kerala

20 Authentic Dishes You Should Try From Kerala

Kerala is also called as God’s Own Country. The name is credited to the lush greens, flowing waters and scenic beauty of the state. With a cuisine inspired by the long coastline and countless...
Drinks Chennai

Top 20 Dishes And Drinks You Can Have In T.Nagar, Chennai

1Juicy Tenderloin Beef Steak Salad At Basil With A TwistAddress of Restaurant: 58-A, Habibullah Road, T. Nagar, ChennaiThe salad is very special for all the gym freaks. The yummy salad is simply grilled beef...

Top 20 Dishes Made With Eggplant

1Eggplant and Potato Potato and eggplant or aloo baingan is a Punjabi dish. Aloo baingan is very simple and quick to make a dish. Aloo baingan is a main course dish. Hence, suitable for lunch...

Top 20 Dishes Made With Banana

1Banana ShakeBanana Shake is also known as a banana smoothie. Banana Shake is very easy to make and is very healthy and nutritious. You just need to take some bananas and milk and blend...

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Top 20 Street Food of Karnataka

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Madurai referred as the temple city is also famous for delicious food. This city is called as thoonganagaram, as tyou can get the special...

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