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Tag: Caesar Salad

Top-20-foods-to-try-atleast-once-in-your-lifetime (1)

Top 20 Foods to Try Atleast Once in your Lifetime

1 BaklavaBaklava originated from the Ottoman Empire. It was their national dessert. Baklava is made of dough stacked with honey and nuts. Baklava is one among the finest desserts in the world. It is...
20 Best Recipes Made with Mayonnaise

20 Best Recipes Made with Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a creamy sauce made by emulsification. Oil and egg yolks are combined, and mustard sauce, vinegar, salt, and pepper are added to give it a flavor.Here are 20 recipes that you can...
20 Restaurants You Must Head to In Ludhiana

20 Restaurants You Must Head to In Ludhiana

Ludhiana is a popular city in Punjab which was believed to be founded by the Lodhi Dynasty. It is also referred to as India's Manchester as it is popular for machines like sewing machines,...
20 Types Of Salads That Contribute To A Healthy Diet

20 Types Of Salads That Contribute To A Healthy Diet

Well everyone loves eating, Don’t they? Be it junk food, home cooked scrumptious meals or salads. Everyone consumes different kinds of meals to stay healthy. Indeed considerably the obsession for healthy. Food amongst the...

Top 20 Dishes in Novotel

1. French ToastIn French, it is known as the lost bread to indicate that it has become stale. In the ancient times, poor people had a routine of immersing the bun in milk or...

Top 20 Items For Indian Wedding Menu

With marriage season round the corner, have you decided your menu? Let me suggest you some finger licking dishes which are all time favourite.Let's begin with soup as your first item.1Pea With Mint SoupCook...

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