Top 20 Items For Indian Wedding Menu


With marriage season round the corner, have you decided your menu? Let me suggest you some finger licking dishes which are all time favourite.

Let’s begin with soup as your first item.


Pea With Mint Soup

Cook it with fresh peas and mints, in a large vessel which has enough water boiling with medium flame. Stir continuously. Don’t overcook it otherwise Pea will lose its flavour. Use Buttermilk or sour curd for thickening. Add a pinch of Salt and Pepper. You can serve it chilled. Garnish with cream, crushed Mint Leaves and Peas. A healthy soup marks a perfect beginning of the feast.


Zafrani Pulao

Let’s have rice. As this is the first item your guests are going to take on their platter,how about Zafrani Pulao. It is a noted dish of Hyderabad and from the mountains of Kashmir. Rice being an essential part of any Indian wedding we must see to it that it is not so heavy so that guests can enjoy rest of the menu.It is a fragrantrecipe with perfect blends of traditional ingredients like Dry fruits, Milk, Saffron, Sugar and more delicious things. Your guests are going to love this.


Onion Kulcha

You can also have Onion Kulcha for your guests. It is a clichéd and simple recipe. Aromatize it with a delicious Onion and mint stuffing. Flour mould is swayed into a flat, round shape and cooked in an earthen oven until it is golden brown. Later,dress it with butter. It is undoubtedly a winner of hearts. It is perfect if you are having the wedding at night as people tend to have some Roti type item at night.


Pasta Primavera

You can have for the children family. They will love it. Originated from Canada, their main ingredients consist of Pasta and freshly chopped vegetables. Cook it in a pot filled with salted water till it’s soft yet not melted. Dressed with Garlic and Olive Oil and garnished with shredded Cheese.You are surely going to win many fans with this dish.


Dal Bukhara

It is the famous recipe of ITC Maurya Hotel. It is made only with Urad lentils. Dal is a must item in a desi wedding. It is a thick recipe with the lots of Butter and Cream used in its preparation. It is going to melt you guest’s hearts. It will go well with Zafrani Pulao or Onion Kulcha. Parents with small kids will be happy for this as even though it is heavy, it is not so spicy so a child will easily gulp it.


Sheepshead Fish

Steam this fish in a banana leaf packets with mustard paste which is not only filling but soul filling, the aroma is soul warming. It is a delicate and spicy delicacy that is perfect for a wedding. Sheephead fish is easy to eat as it has fewer bones. The recipe consists of shredded Coconut, Salt, Mustard Seeds paste, Turmeric Powder, Hot Green Chilli Pepper Paste and Mustard il. Needless to say fish is the must have item in a Bengali Wedding. It’s a dish close to a Bengali’s heart.


Caesar Salad

It has Romaine Lettuce and Croutons mixed with Lemon Juice, Black Pepper Cheese, Egg, Anchovies, Olive Oil, Garlic, and Vinegar Sauce. It is not only mouth watering but also very healthy. It is a must in a wedding between all the heavy dishes. It is a classy Salad popular in a wedding. Your friends who are conscious about their fitness will be pleased.


Dahi Baingan

You can have this for your vegan guests. It is such an Eggplant recipe. It is made of Brinjal fried in oil and dipped in the Curd. You can add Onion and Garlic in it to make it spicy. You get this as a complementary in every Oriya restaurant. It is deep rooted in their culture. It is authentic and easy dish from the land of Punjab and Orissa. Oh! Heavenly!


Butter Chicken

Let’s have some chicken now. A Chicken item is a must in a marriage occasion. What can be better than this! Chicken cooked in Tandoor with simple Curry that has Butter. There are many compositions and spicing of the marinating of Chicken. Spices include Cumin, Asafetida, Cinnamon, Cloves, Coriander, etc., the cream is used in the paste or as a garnish. Add Cashew Sauce as a thickener. Balle! Balle!


Paneer Pasanda With Corn Pasanda

For your vegetarian guests, why not include this one? Fill Paneer pieces with green Chutney, shredded Paneer and your favourite Nuts are mixed and cooked in a delightful Onion-Tomato curry to give your guests a royal feel. Vegetarian guests will enjoy this lavish dish. It is such a dish that no one can refuse it.


Amba Khatta

Let’s have some Chutney. This dish is from Oriya kitchenette. It is appetizing tangy chutney of mango. This flavour is subtle and meticulously spiced that will delight your guests ‘palate. You can switchover mango with grapes. It is all the more apt for a summer season wedding.We bet that your guests are going to come to you again for the recipe. Keep it handy.



Now that is something without which a wedding buffet is incomplete..!! It is candied Dessert treat. Make it by putting crushed Carrots in a vessel containing a measured limit of Water, Milk and Sugar and then cooking while stirring in uniform intervals till it’s in the way you like. You can have it dry or with its stock. Garnish it with Cashews and Almonds. Pair Almonds and Cashews in Ghee for some time before you do the garnishing. Let’s make your guests fall in love with you.


Fruit Kesari

Maybe you would like this one as dessert. The core ingredients are rava, fruits and dry fruits. Fruit Kesari is the South Indian form of Sooji-ka-Halwa. One of the two puddings is a must have. It is the most loved vegetarian dish which is not only healthy but soulful in taste. Let it be any festival or occasion; Fruit Kesari fits well everywhere.



How about this one? The Jaggery-stuffed Chapatti can be savoured with ghee or with a variety of Gravies. It is one of traditional dishes of Maharashtra. It is equally famous with Gujaratis. Marathis use Bengal gram while Gujaratis use split Pigeon Peas. They call this dish Vedmi. You can serve it with Jaggery or Potato Gravy. Oh! am hungry!



A sweet is a necessity in Indian ceremonies.This sweet is made with Khoya and Paneer. Khoya or Mawa is used to prepare Gulabjamuns. Khoya is dry evaporated milk which is obtained by continuously stirring the milk on a less flame till moisture evaporates. It is then mould to round shape fried till it gets its rich brown colour and soft when you take a bite. It is dipped in Sugar Syrup to get that glace and that extra sweetness. Let’s make your guests crave for more. Grab a bite.


Wedding Cake

Last but not the least you can have wedding cake which was invented to bring fortune to all visitors and the couple. Nowadays, chefs and cake artists use different things to create a cake that usually depicts the theme loved by the couple. Gum Paste, Fondant,Cream, Marzipan and Chocolate are among the common ingredients used. Enjoy the wedding! And rest assured that your guests are completely satisfied with you.


Pinot Gris

Let’s say cheers to the couple with this grape wine. Oh, it’s a sweet wine famous in the land of France, the land of good food. ‘Gris’ means grey in French describing the fruit which is a grayish-bluish fruit. The chilly climate and volcanic soil of the of its birth place are perfect for its perfect sweetness. Cheers! To the newlyweds!


Blanc De Bleu Champagne

Let’s open a bottle of champagne for our lovely couple! A marriage function looks empty without champagne. It adds a classy element to the wedding menu. Men will surely love it. Make sure that you have enough glasses to meet the demand. Let’s have something blue. Have a good time.


Strawberry Shortcake

Use it as a Dessert or as an Appetiser. It is a twist on the usual Desserts that we have. It is a very heartwarming dish. The Strawberry and Cream Combo gives you such a pleasurable taste that it will make your heart happy. It is simple to prepare and great to eat.



Ah! Did it just make you mouth watery? What can be better to end a wedding menu than our very own GolGappa. Child or adult, everyone will love it and thank you for adding it. I am sure they are going to look forward to it. Make sure you get the hygienic GolGappe wala so that people don’t hesitate to munch them. Trust me you will be doing a nice favour to kids. Have a blessed wedding.