Top 20 Dishes in Novotel


1 French Toast


In French, it is known as the lost bread to indicate that it has become stale. In the ancient times, poor people had a routine of immersing the bun in milk or eggs and then fry it, so it becomes easy to eat. The bread is known as the toast as it serves as the perfect combination with the drinks.

2 Smoked Salmon


Smoked Salmon is a Salmon prepared when the flesh of the meat is made edible and then flavor and brown color are added by hot or cold smoking. It is one of the oldest methods used in preserving the food.  Novotel holds the reputation for the natural process of the chamber containing smoke and hanging meat in it.

3 Beef Satay


This Satay is a small piece of beef, pork or chicken which is mixed with coconut milk, lemon extract, and ground pepper and then enclosed in a bamboo stick. This whole arrangement is set up on charcoal for roasting to give the taste and essence of how it is worth that much.

4 Olio Pizza


The name Olio is known as the Spanish stew. This item is quite popular because of the natural ingredients used i.e. flour, natural yeast, and salt and then preparation starts by the method of wood burning or brick ovens. These are the kinds of pizzas where you cannot find easily, and Novotel group proudly offers you this famous dish.

5 Beef Sandwich


This Sandwich consists of bread with roasted beef with slices of tomato on both sides, topped with lettuce and sometimes red onion with added mustard, salt, and pepper. It is a perfect combination with barbecue sauce or cheese. It usually looks like a hamburger bun.

6 Lamb Kebab


This item is easy to prepare in which the lamb or sometimes beef is roasted on the barbecue with red wine vinegar, cayenne pepper, and coriander until a rusty brown color appears on the exterior side. Pepper is added to enhance the spiciness and for a meal, garlic rice is preferred with it.

7 Watermelon Salad


This salad is an evening snack at the time of summer or in the parties. Even people prefer the juice in the salad. Butter serves as a nice combination of it. Watermelon Mojito has originated from this sort of idea. This dish is a summer favorite of everyone at all times.

8 Tom Yum Goong


This dish is indeed unique from others due to the distinct hot and sour taste with added spices and herbs. Tom Yum is a Thai soup which is widely served in Malaysia and Singapore and has become quite popular ever then.

9Tandoori Chicken Tikka

tandoori-chicken-tikkaTandoori Chicken is the preferred one among all the tikkas. It is easy to cook and is healthy and always pleases the customer. Nothing is better than making your day precious by cooking tikkas on the barbecue. Also, the smell of the chicken cooking with its moist juices is quite mouth-watering. To perfect this dish, it should be served in flat bread with chaat masala and some salad.

10 Chicken Dum Biryani


Chicken Dum Biryani actually originated from Hyderabad and is a classic dish of the Mughals. The main ingredient is fresh aromatic rice. Raita is preferred as a good combination with it. This dish is one among the people cravings, and you will have the moment while tasting it.

11 Subz Biryani


It is a combination of vegetables, fresh aromatic basmati rice with added saffron and spices in it. The recipe includes cooking of rice with spices and garnished with coriander leaves and roasted cashews. Subz Biryani is a tempting dish which is known to satisfy everyone who has tasted it.

12 Caesar Salad


Caesar Salad is a mixture of lettuce and croutons with the addition of cheese, lemon extract, and eggs with a traditional preparation method. An Italian immigrant made this recipe who runs restaurants in the United States and Mexico.

13 Masala Mutton


This curry is complete with rice or roti. It is filled completely with gravy as the ingredients include onions, tomatoes, and yogurt. As the mutton requires a lot of time to cook well, and so you need to wait patiently but at the end, the quality and taste will suffice everything.

14 Spring Rolls


Spring rolls are special kind of wrappers with cooked fillings in it or more like rolled appetizers which are of East Asian Cuisine. In Chinese Cuisine, this dish contains cabbage and other cooked vegetables. The specialty of the Novotel group is that they serve rolls with dipping sauce.

15 Continental Toast


This type of toast is crispy and crunchy varying in different styles. It consists of muffins, cereal, milk or eggs. This kind of breakfast mostly shows the Western culture which is born from it. The term Continental is not just the food they serve but it is more like a concept which every hotel has adopted where there will be free breakfast while booking a room.

16 Lamb Pepper Fry


The name itself is just mouth-watering being one of the famous all time dishes in the hotel.  The recipe is pieces of Lamb cooked and fried with crushed black pepper and curry leaves. It is the one dish which you cannot miss in your life.

17 Beef Cheese Burger


It is a hamburger topped with cheese the slice on the meat piece with many toppings such as lettuce, onion, tomato, and mustard. The cheese is added to the whole setup right after cooking as to allow it to melt and give an appealing taste to it.

18 Aloo Tikki Chaat


This dish is a North Indian and Bangladeshi snack which is made up of mashed potatoes, fried onions and some spices and also become a popular street food. It will be delicious with tamarind or cilantro chutney.

19 Gulab Jamun


It has become one of the famous desserts in Novotel and serves with a nice combination with ice cream. Even as buffet option, it has become a trend for a nice way of concluding the dinner or lunch. The hotel also offers its new variants which include Halwa and jelly.

20 Strawberry Sorbet


This dessert is a treat to your taste buds. There are varieties of recipes out of this item which mainly includes the Strawberry gelato. This preparation is a good one to refresh yourself.