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Tags Kadai Paneer

Tag: Kadai Paneer

Onion and Garlic

20 Best Recipes Without Onion and Garlic

There are many delicious dishes that you can make without adding onion and garlic. Check them out:1 Paneer BhurjiIngredients: Milk, full cream- 1 litre Citric Acid- 1/2 teaspoon Tomatoes- 4 Green Chilies- 3 Oil-...

Top 20 Flavours Of Punjab

1Chicken Tikka MasalaChicken Tikka Masala is nothing but roasted pieces of chicken in a spicy sauce and a type of food predominantly in Punjabi Cuisine. It also serves as an appetiser. Usually, the sauce...
Dishes From North Indian

Top 20 Dishes From North Indian That Definitely Leave You Salivating

1Kashmiri Rogan Josh‘Rogan Josh’ is a predominant Kashmiri cuisine, is also one among the unusual delicacies of the Kashmiri multi-course meal. This dish which was originally brought to Kashmir by the Mughals later had...
Top 30 Dishes Which Is Incomplete Without Butter

Top 30 Dishes Which Is Incomplete Without Butter

1 Dal MakhaniIt is made by cooking Rajma and Udad dal together. A very protein rich dal served with rice. It can be served in coarse meals of lunch and dinner. It can be...

Top 20 Paneer Dishes To Make At Home

1 Shahi PaneerA very flavorful dish served with tandoori roti, bread, naan. Paneer dipped in the thick gravy of cream, cashew paste tomatoes, and spices. The gravy made of cashew nut paste, onion, cloves,...
Delicious And Irresistible North Indian Food

Top 20 Delicious And Irresistible North Indian Food

India, the country of diverse population and cultural ethnicity is best known for many of its attributions. But once upon a time it was known for the spices it delivered, and it still seems...
Five Rivers

Top 20 dishes from the Land of Five Rivers

Punjabis are known to live life king size. Their cuisine reflects this philosophy too. Admired worldwide, Punjabi cuisine is a favorite for many and must try for the rest. Cooked to perfection and with...
20 Amazing Paneer Dishes

20 Amazing Paneer Dishes

Everyone loves eating Paneer, and for a vegetarian, it is something that can replace all non-vegetarian dishes. All paneer recipes are loved by vegetarians and are famous in the Indian subcontinent. You can prepare...
A Vegetarian Heaven!!! 25 Best Dishes Of Punjab

A Vegetarian Heaven!!! 25 Best Dishes Of Punjab

Punjab, “Land of five rivers,” with its distinctive five rivers coursing through it, irrigating the lush fields, is one of the pioneer states in food production, feeding the Indian populations as well as outsiders....
Top 20 Must-Have Dishes in Durga Puja

Top 20 Must-Have Dishes in Durga Puja

Durga Puja is here. It means loads of fun and food. We bring to you the must have dishes in this festival. Durga Puja is etched close to each Bengali’s heart. We take it...

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