Top 20 Must-Have Dishes In Durga Puja

Top 20 Must-Have Dishes in Durga Puja

Durga Puja is here. It means loads of fun and food. We bring to you the must have dishes in this festival. Durga Puja is etched close to each Bengali’s heart. We take it like Goddess Durga comes from her in-law’s house to her father’s place and we celebrate our daughter. We feast with her. We celebrate her.

1. Kichuri

It is a traditional and significant dish of any auspicious ceremony. It is made with rice and yellow lentils which should be primarily roasted. You can add your favourite vegetables or the seasonal ones, or you can have it plain. Garnish it with red chillies, coriander leaves and a tea spoon of butter. It is also very healthy. You will surely crave for more. Khichuri is a must have in pandals, schools and home.


2. Lucchi

It is usually deep fried in refining oil or ghee. Make it with all-purpose flour (maida) instead of wheat flour. Wheat flour is for puri. While kneading the mould, use oil. It is something you can’t resist in this festive occasion and the weather. As you will read further we will tell you which are the must have items with Lucchi. It is smaller and softer than Puri. Oh, you will say ‘oh, more please!’


3. Vegetable Pulao

It is a light yet beautiful delicacy. It is just perfect for a cosy dinner with family or friends. Cook it with ghee and with your favourite vegetables. Even the kids won’t do any tantrums with this. They will love it. You can never go wrong with this. Wish a blessed Durga Puja!


4. Ilish Bhapa

It is an extra special Bengali dish which is in the most craved for list during Durga Puja. Crafted in mustard sauce and steamed gives it such a soul warming aroma. You will get carried away by it. You can prepare it in a steamer, pressure cooker or oven. It is a finger-licking dish. You can do this dish using Shad, Herring or Salmon fish if you don’t get Ilish. It goes well with Vegetable Pulao. Don’t forget to add a bit of Kasundi!


5. Til Diye Beguni (Brinjal with sesame) 

It is a mandatory item in any Puja. You can eat it with rice or khichuri. It is crisp and tastes yummy! Serve it with curd and garnish it with chopped onions.


6. Dhokar Dalna

Bengali cooks boast of their expertise in Dhokar Dalna. It is a perfect fit for Khichuri or Puri. It is a vegetarian delicacy straight out of a bong’s kitchen. It is just a perfect add on in the feast menu. It is a hefty but equally yummy dish. You must try it if you haven’t yet.


7. Shukto

It is a very nutritious dish with all the vegetables mixed to offer the best taste. It goes well with khichuri. Substitute it with labra if you like. Both are tasty. It is a must-have during any religious ceremony. You can make it tangy or spicy. Serve it hot with Khichri garnished with curry leaves.


8. Kadai Paneer

Cook this dish in a kadai. If you don’t have a kadai, you can use a pan. You can add Kashmiri chillis, fresh capsicums, etc. and spices according to your mood. You can make your own paneer, or you can buy and then cook. You can make it without using onion and garlic for your vegan friends or with it. It will taste awesome.

kadhai paneer

9. Aloo Posto

Potato in poppy seeds. It is a favourite item for lunch with Khichdi or puri.  It is a remarkable dish in every festival. Your guests are just going to love it. You can go wrong if you roast the seeds too much as it will give a bitter taste. Otherwise, it is going to be perfect.


10. Tangra Mach Tel Jhal

The Tangra fish is of small or medium size. It has a sweet taste with the goodness of vitamins, iron and calcium. There are many ways to cook this fish. In South India, people cook it with raw mangoes. In Bengali homes, it is deep fried or used as plain curry. In occasions like Durga Puja, cook it with more of oil and less water. Make it spicy or tangy. We do not recommend this dish for fitness conscious. It is for a food lover!! Serve it hot with plain rice or Khichuri.

Tangra Mach Tel Jhal

11. Kashmiri Dum Aloo

It is made with baby potatoes in curd added gravy. It is a dish from the menu of Kashmiri kitchen. Add chopped onions and tomatoes in mustard oil with flavourful spices. It will go well with Luchi or Khichri. A similar version is there in Bengali style. You can make it very spicy or a bit sweet. It is filling in both ways.


12. Daab Chingri

It is a mouth-watering dish of prawns made in mustard sauce and fit inside a coconut. The combo taste of prawn, mustard and coconut cream is heavenly. The prawns are stuffed inside a raw coconut through a small space cut on the coconut. The coconut water is already poured out. Marinate the prawns nicely with mustard and other spices. Put it in coconut and microwave till you get the thick curry you need. Don’t forget to remove the shells. Serve it with freshly chopped onions and green chillies.


13. Kosha Mangsho

Enjoy this delicious dish with your family. Eat it with plain rice, Khichuri or Lucchi. Bengalis boast about this unique dish of mutton. It is very spicy and marvellous in taste. It is something to look forward to in a menu. It is enriched with onions, potatoes, mustard oil, chillies and lots of spices. Make sure to marinate it well before cooking.


14. Mishti Doi

It is also known as sweet curd. It is a must have dessert for fitness conscious people. They can have it a bit sour. Serve it in traditional yet cost-effective earthen pots. You can easily make it at home! It has the goodness of milk and sugar. It is healthy and tasty. It is a must-have dish on every occasion. You will get it any sweet shop. You are sure to feel nostalgic.


15. Jalebi

It is also known as Zulbia in some places. It is a worldwide famous sweet. Prepare it by frying flour mould in oil in a circular shape. Dip it in sugar syrup. It is a vital sweet in every festival. You can have it hot or cold. You can eat it with sweet curd. Make sure that the flour batter is not too thick.


16. Khire ke Pakode

It is a simple snack for a festive evening. It is a must have dish in this Navaratri. Enjoy quality time with your family and friends, as you help yourself with Pakode. You just need chopped cucumber, chestnut flour, salt and chopped chillies. Mix them all and deep fry them and garnish them with coriander leaves served with sauce. Oops! Be careful! It’s hot!

Khire ke Pakode

17. Vegetable Cutlet

Oh! A festive evening is empty without a Cutlet. Make a smooth mould of freshly smashed peas, carrots, potatoes and others. The potato quantity should be more. Make a nice filling. Mix it with spices of your choice. You can make it with egg or chicken as well. You can mould it to any shape or size. We suggest you to add bread crumbs for crunchy effect. Serve hot with Kasundi or Tomato Sauce.


18. Shondesh

It is a typical Bengali sweet dessert. It is prepared with milk and sugar or jaggery. Make it with cheese or paneer which is a byproduct of milk. Bangladeshis know it as ‘paranhara’ which means heart stealer. It is so soft and delightful in taste that it proves its name’s worth. It varies it shapes, sizes and designs. In many places, competitions for best designed Shondesh are organised.


19. Payasam

Make it with Vermicelli fried in ghee and mix cashews, almonds and raisins. Add milk. It can be made in many ways like instead of Vermicelli you can use rice. You can have it hot or cold. It is a compulsory dessert in any Indian occasion or festival. It is the favourite dessert of every Indian and surely has lots of memories with it.


20. Rasgulla

Cheese mixture is mould to small balls and dipped in sugar syrup. Make it in oven or pressure cooker. It is a syrupy sweet desert. Its origin is in dispute between Odisha and Bengal. Though the way of preparing is different so is the colour and texture. Rasgulla is a part of a Bengali’s identity.