Top 20 Dishes From North Indian That Definitely Leave You Salivating


1.Kashmiri Rogan Josh

‘Rogan Josh’ is a predominant Kashmiri cuisine, is also one among the unusual delicacies of the Kashmiri multi-course meal. This dish which was originally brought to Kashmir by the Mughals later had the influence of the Persians. ‘Rogan Josh’ is made up of ‘braised lamb chunks’ cooked and immersed in a gravy of browned onions, ginger, yogurt, garlic, and mouth-watery spices. The usage of ‘Kashmiri Tika’ has an additional impact on the red color which is quite similar to crimson red. Aroma of this dish binds people’s heart together rather than the heat it generates. Traditionalism is sometimes retained by adding saffron. Multi-linguistic nature of Kashmir can be noticed by the preparation of this dish with respect to Hindus and Muslims in the place. This dish has marked its place as one of the best dishes in the non-veg list.



One of the major ingredients used in this dish is Rice. This rice is not plain cooked, instead it is cooked with unique and amazing combination of spices. Food without garnish is not tempting. Same goes on with Biryani. Biryani is usually garnished with ginger and also roasted onion slices. Green chilies could also get your tongue on fire. Biryani is known to be one of the common functional recipes. It is thus cooked in different styles in different areas according to the variation in their food culture. Biryani also differs with individual person’s taste may it be a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian. It is offered in combination with salad or raita as per one’s choice.


3.Chole Bhature

It can be counted in every child’s favorite dishes list. Children’s love for chole is immense. This dish is a combo of veggie made of chana masala and not to be forgotten large fluffy bhature that make you open your mouth way wider than actual. It is served with various chutney and pickle combinations. Some people also prefer having curd along. The bhature look ultimately determines the yumminess of this dish. Some people tend to come up with hybrid versions by making stuffed bhature.


4.Butter Chicken

Non-veggies find everything incomplete without chicken. So, here’s this mouth watery butter chicken. This dish was brought into existence by Mr. Kundan somewhere in and around Delhi. Butter chicken also has an abbreviation namely – “Murgh Makhani”. The dish needs hard core labor as the chicken should be cooked to its integral. It’s a blend of numerous spices left to soak in for hours. Tandoor plays a major role in chicken preparation. This can be served in combination with less spicy curry to compensate and balance the presence of spices.


5.Gajar Ka Halwa

After few spicy talks, let’s move on to something that melts our heart with our tongues. Yes! Gajar ka halwa! Name itself says it all. It can be made using carrot grated together to be mixed in milk and sugar. Ghee is an adage. Some people prefer liquid pudding whereas few go ahead with creamy thickness. When it comes to desserts, dry fruits are a must. So, imagine Gajar ka Halwa with rich dry fruits garnished over and presented in front of you. Nothing can stop you from bumping. Guys, winters are heaven with this dish at your service.


6.Dahi Bhalla

North Indians are food lovers. Dahi Bhalla is one among their list. You can sight this in almost every wedding up there in the map. Many festivals also witness the same. This dish is quite versatile in its service. It can go in combination with something that is sweet as well as sour to leave your tongue in confusion. Name has Dahi in it which means curd is one of the most used service provider. This one goes along fruits like pomegranate. Chaat masala and chutneys are also preferred by few.



Moving left towards the land of desserts, i.e., Rajasthan, what is the first thing that strikes your mind? Yes, Dal Bati! It has made its place in hearts of people in and around Rajasthan especially in MP and UP. The word DAL – here is a combination of various dals including tur, moong, chana, and urad dals. Bati here is like a bread of wheat. This bread is unique as it comprises of curd, water and salt mixed in yogurt. It is not square or rectangle instead is a circular round balls. Ghee, spices and paneer is used to stuff bati. Buttermilk is one of the most common service partners.


8.Dilli ki Chaat

Delhi is always called as “Dilwalon ki Dilli”. Here, dil reminds you of something yummy, spicy, chilly, etc. that further reminds you of the mesmerizing chaat of Delhi. Delhi is famous for roadside stalls. One thinks of hygiene but you can’t stop yourself from eating once you cross or enter the lane. Some places are called as “Choupatis” where many chaat wallas come together to put you in confusion of Foodland! Delhi roads to restaurants, all are chaat makers and chaat lovers.


9.Palak Paneer

Let’s shift ourselves to land of milk, Punjab! It is also known for its greenery. Thus, bringing you a green gravy stuffed with paneer – “Palak Paneer”. Spinach is the major ingredient smashed with tomatoes and garlic to get that spicy and chatpata taste without overshadowing the originality of paneer.



Now time to come back to some sweetness which is a part of every Indian family’s main course on many occasions. Once you are told that milk, ghee and rice are cooked in sugar with kesar as an adage, Kheer would be the correct guess. Dry fruits cannot be forgotten to nurture the richness of serving Kheer. It’s usually served as dessert on festive occasions. It’s an all-time consume!



Although the name is quite familiar to us, it’s distinct from any Kashmiri’s point of view. Away from non-vegetarian contents, there is this very special dish prepared with potatoes especially for pure vegetarians. ‘Dum Olav’ is another name for ‘Dum Aloo’ in Kashmir where this hits one of the most famous dishes list. ‘Dum Aloo’, which is cooked in yoghurt, funnel, ginger powder, and other hot spices gives it a mesmerizing aroma and robust taste. It can go in combination with chapatis or naan including roti, kulcha etc. This one reminds you of the ‘Desi Tadka’ feeling.


12.Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken has existed right from independence. Non-veggies find everything incomplete without chicken. Tandoor cooked at high temperature is the only checkpoint for dish. Tandoori masala and spices are a must to add flavors. Yogurt is seasonal. It adds itself in starters’ list but can also be eaten as a part of main course.



Poha is nothing but flattened version of rice. Poha is popular in entire India. People get up early in the morning to land themselves on Poha first. It has many nicknames as per states. Few are Avalakki in Karnataka, Pohe in Maharashtra, Chivda in Maharashtra, etc. It need not be cooked in oil always. It can be dry fried with spices, mixed with milk and sugar to be consumed as sweet, also roasted in ghee to preserve for longer. It maintains itself in the list of healthy dishes.


14.Rajma Chawal

Chawal again here symbolizes rice. Rajma Chawal is the most familiar type of rice. School going children make this a frequent tiffin content. It has an advantage over time as it can be cooked in very little time span. It is healthy and can be eaten as meal. Taste has no compromise on anything.


15.Sarson Da Saag

When it comes to Punjabi dhabas, what is it that people don’t want to miss? I hope you guessed it right! Sarson Da Saag it is! No Punjabi trip is complete without trying this one. It has to be tried with Makki Di Roti to experience its traditionalistic nature. Ghee or butter topping is a must. If one wishes to enhance the dish in taste and color, green leafy veggies like spinach can also be added.


16.Chana Masala

Punjab can also be called as “Land of Food”. This state is immensely rich in its variety of dishes. Chana Masala is one of them. The major ingredients of this dish are peas, onion, and tomato. To make it taste rich in spices, garlic paste with other spices like coriander seeds is also added. To add a twist to taste, fruity flavor can be used which include mango powder also known as amchur or pomegranate seeds.


17.Kadai Paneer

Kadhai symbolizes the utensil in which we serve many dishes. The word here symbolizes complete richness of something that we intend to serve. Kadai Paneer is a complete rich paneer veggie. Paneer lovers just bump into the dish as soon as they find it. Recipe consists of veggies like tomato, capsicum, paneer, and onion. Red chilli and other spices together with ghee make the dish blossom in taste and look. It has made a remarkable move in the famous curry list.


18.Shahi Paneer

“Shahi” is the word for grand or royal or something that is near to king-size. Shahi Paneer would give you an idea of the outstanding flavors, look and taste that can never be forgotten. Royal dish is thus cooked keeping in mind the paneer lovers altogether. Cheese is must when it comes to making something royal. Spicy onion gravy has to be in perfect proportion. This dish when served leaves you to crave for more.


19.Dal Makhani

It is a type of dal which can be a part of daily cuisine. Urad dal cooked with Rajma together make up Dal Makhani. “Maa ki Dal” happens to be its nickname. Making of this dish is tedious job but the end result is worth the labor.



After travelling all around to discover main course meals, landing up on a dessert is a must! Falooda has recently emerged in India and almost everywhere. Falooda gets its name from an unusual mixture of things. Kulfi-Falooda marks its place as a frozen dessert. To hold its richness, it has to be fully garnished with dry fruits and not to forget, the falooda sev. To add tint of various flavors, rose syrup can also be used. Homely version of falooda can be made using sooji sev or temporary noodles. Even with extra filled stomach, no one dares to reject falooda.