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Top 25 Maharashtrian Dishes that would surely satisfy your taste buds!

Steaming hot vada pav with spicy garlic chutney is the first thing that comes to your mind when we speak about Maharashtrian dishes. Whether it is hot and spicy Kolhapuri  Misal or a chicken...
Top Maharashtrian Dishes

 Top 20 Maharashtrian Dishes You Should Definitely Not Miss.

Maharashtra lies in the western part of India. Maharashtra cuisine shows variety in flavor, cooking style and even names. Slight variation in the cooking style brings out different flavors. Maharashtrian cuisine has 3 types...

Top 20 Maharashtrian Foods That Will Make You Drool Instantly

1Alu VadiIt's colocasia leaves that are steamed to make this delightful nibble. It is otherwise called pathrode. The leaves are spread with a sweet and zesty glue, which is made of besan and come...
20 temoting food from roadside thellas

20 Tempting Foods From Roadside Thellas

Want to have good food but suitable to your pockets? Well, in Mumbai you can manage that. The thela walas are here to help you. We are here to tell you which one to...

Top 20 Most Delectable Street Food Items of Mumbai

1 Misal Pav This is a full-flavored mouthwatering dish, which is made with the help of sprouted beans and eaten with the Indian bread, which mushroom its taste. You can reach out to your...
Top Street Foods At Juhu Beach

Top 20 Street Food To Enjoy At Juhu Beach

1 Pav BhajiThe fast food dish consisting of a thick vegetable curry usually served with butter and bread (Pav) is the much-loved fast food of the Mumbaikars. It is a dish which is available...
20 Dishes To Buy At Less Than Rs.50 In India.

20 Dishes To Buy At Less Than Rs.50 In India.

1 Vada PavVada Pav in Mumbai is famous among the people in Maharashtra. Kunj-Vihar in Mumbai serves the best Vada Pav in the city. Their Jumbo-Vada Pav is famous around the city, and people...
29 Tasty Dishes You Must Try From 29 States In India

29 Tasty Dishes You Must Try From 29 States In India

No other country in this world is going to offer you so much diversity in Cuisine that India does. Each state has its own unique cuisine. Each of them uses their vivid taste and...
20 Best Recipes You Ought To Try With Bread

20 Best Recipes You Ought To Try With Bread!

1Bread SandwichOne can make so many different types of sandwiches with stuffing. One may use a paneer or corn or mashed potato stuffing. If you want a non-vegetarian dish, then you can easily use...

Top 20 Street Foods In Maharashtra

1 Vada PaavIt is the most favorite snack and dish of everyone living in Maharashtra. It's so tempting that people just can't resist themselves from eating.Its smell just pulls you towards it.And each and...

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