Top 20 Food Items You Can Enjoy While Travelling To Matheran

Top 20 Food Items You Can Enjoy While Travelling To Matheran

Matheran is a beautiful hill station located near Neral, Maharashtra. Matheran is an automobile-free hill station, and you will get no vehicle here. You must walk or hire a horse to the hill station. One specialty of Matheran is the toy train. The toy train is a transportation medium to the hill station. It is a small town with a less population. There are no such fancy restaurants present. All you get here is local food, so let us explore the top 20 food items you can enjoy while traveling to Matheran.

1.Dried Berries

Dried berries are a quick smack to enjoy while traveling to Matheran. Local vendors sell dried berries with special masala. It tastes slightly tangy and sweet. The zingy taste of berries will help you to complete your trek more easily.



Maggie and mountains are the connection made in heaven. The everyday Maggie tastes so good in the hills of Matheran. Vendors sell different varieties of Maggie. They have masala Maggie, cheese Maggie, vegetable Maggie, and more. The price of Maggie here is a bit more than what we eat at home. Maggie is a must-try snack when traveling to the hills of Matheran.



Sandwich is a quick snack cum meal to have in Matheran. Vendors have different options for the Sandwich. It has a bread slice with the stuffing inside. It can have various stuffings such as cheese, vegetables, paneer, and potato. Bread with jam or butter is also a better option if you want to eat something light.



Tea is a must while traveling to a cold place like Matheran. Tea keeps you warm in cold weather and gives instant energy. You can choose any flavor of tea as per your liking. They have the options of cardamom, ginger, and masala tea.


5.Spicy Star Fruit

Spicy star fruit is a must-try fruit in Matheran. It has cut starfruit with special spicy masala. Sour star fruit with spicy masala strikes your taste buds so well that you crave more. They serve cut star fruit in the leaf of the plant.


6.Kachhi Keri

Kachhi Keri (raw mangoes) is a common fruit to find in Matheran. Vendors sell cut raw mango with some spice. It tastes sour, tangy, and spicy. Raw mango hits our taste buds directly. Its taste increases in the mountains.


7.Misal Pav

Misal Pav is a popular breakfast in Maharashtra made of sprouted lentils. It tastes spicy and Savory. Misal pav is served with pav to maintain an authentic taste and flavor. It also has a topping of farsan (snack). Misal pav is the love of many people. In Matheran, missal pav is an ordinary food.



Samosa is a famous deep-fried Indian snack made with refined flour. It has stuffing of spicy potato mixed with different spices. Samosa is served with different types of chutneys to enhance the taste and flavor. It tastes better when served hot. It has a crispy outer covering with soft inside stuffing.



Coffee is another popular and common drink in hilly areas. A cup of coffee gives instant energy and warmth needed in cold places. Hot coffee is preferred more than cold coffee in places like Matheran. However, cold coffee is also ordinary and favored among people.



Upma is an ordinary breakfast of Maharashtra made of semolina. Upma is a comfortable and soothing food to have for breakfast. It has lots of vegetables with mild spices. Upma is also a good option for diet-conscious people. It has low calories and lots of fibre and carbs.


11.Bhel Puri

Bhel Puri is a tangy, spicy, sweet, and Savory Indian snack. It has made with puffed rice, onions, tomatoes, chili, sauces, and spices. Bhel puri is famous in West Bengal, but it is common in all states of India. A cup of tea complements bhel puri well.


12.Boiled Sweet Corn

Boiled sweet corn is a healthy and tasty snack option in Matheran. It has made with boiled corn, lemon juice, and spices. It has a tangy and sweet taste. It is served hot for better taste and flavor. People like to eat boiled corn in Matheran.



Bhutta (Roasted corn) is a popular snack made by roasting the whole corncob in charcoal to develop a smoky taste. It has lemon juice, butter, and spices to elevate the bite of the corncob.



Amaras is summer drink made of Alphonso mango. It is a sweet Indian dessert made from mango, milk, and dry fruits. Amaras has a heavenly taste when served with hot puris. Amaras is a natural sweet dessert. It has no artificial sugar added. Amaras is a fantastic dessert to try in Matheran.


15.Vada Pav

Vada Pav needs no introduction. It is famous all over India, made from bread and spicy potato. Maharashtra is well known for selling vada pav for breakfast. It has special masala that gives an instant kick to taste buds.


16.Sol Kadhi

Sol Kadhi is a popular Savory drink in Maharashtra. It has kokum, spices, and coconut milk. Kokam has its benefits on health. It tastes fabulous and is served with a Maharashtrian meal. People also like to drink kokum as their snack or after dinner.


17.Pani Puri

Pani Puri is an ordinary snack in India made of fried puri, spicy potatoes, and spicy water. It can have various flavors (spicy, sweet, garlic, pudina, and more). Pani Puri gives an instant kick to taste buds and refreshes our mood and taste.



Modak is another famous festive dessert made during Ganesh Chaturthi. It has mawa (khoya), dry fruits, sugar, and cardamom. It can have various flavors (chocolate, pasta, Kesar, and more).


19.Maharashtrian Thali

Maharashtrian thali is a complete meal that contains different types of curry, bhakri, dessert, rice, and side dishes. Maharashtrian thali is ordinary and popular thali in all over Maharashtra. It can have vegetarian food, nonvegetarian foods, and seafood. It is a perfect spicy dish to try when in Matheran.



Shikanji is a tangy Indian drink made of different spices. It has ajwain, black salt, cumin, sugar, and more. Shikanji is a fabulous drink for gut health. It is equally refreshing and good for health.